Training A Boxer

Punching Bag develops power endurance training technique. There are many types of training on the bag. The bag can strike the maximum power – use it from time to time, spending combinations and focusing on the final blow. Novice boxers spend ten rounds of 1-2 minutes with a break of 1 minute between sets. Experienced fighters while working on the bags may be more than an hour 1. Work on the bags free style, reminiscent of shadow boxing. Move around the bag, hitting, make a variety of movement.

Try different combinations, beat both sides, and direct blows. Do not forget about defense – after each combination try to evade an imaginary attack or block it. Imagine that you are in the ring and you have to defend the 10 rounds – plan the tactics and connect the imagination. 2. Work on a strictly defined algorithm.

Compile it helps the coach who sees very things which you need to work separately. Work can go on such an algorithm – Round 2 in the canoe, with jabs and twos of the two lines. Then 3 rounds of training side – moving Apply around the bag left and right hooks and swings. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chase Koch. After that – a few rounds of training defense: after a deuce-three mandatory withdrawal from the line of attack. And the final round – work in free mode. One of the most important rules Work with a bag – do not overload! If you're tired, going to strike, then your technique is unlikely to be at the highest level.