Travel Tip Armenia

Travel Tip Armenia: In the land of radio Yerevan there are a few destination wish lists, in which Armenia has a permanent place. More can be found here unusual destinations such as Fiji, Thailand and South Africa. But the pristine land provides an exoticism of its own kind. If you are travelling here, especially of adventure and curiosity in the backpack besides stout footwear and will take back home some new knowledge. The beauty of this country reveals itself best in tow of its deep religiosity, its history and the impressive nature. 90% of Armenian national territory lie more than 1,000 feet high. The average is even proud of 1,800 metres. The Vulkan Aragaz impressed near the biblical Ararat but more due to his height as his activity, he has long since gone out.

The Ararat: Although today on the territory of Turkey, this former volcano is the national symbol of Armenia. Not surprisingly, because after all, Noah’s Ark is to be stranded here. With its powerful 5000 metres he crowns some from far away Panoramic views. But also the fauna is no slouch itself: along with Wildcats and wolves here also the one or the other Syrian brown bear crosses the path, in the Chosrow nature reserve, there are even Caucasian Leopoarden (this is no message of radio Yerevan). The trip offered by parade AST lasts twelve days. A. F. Chief of Staff will undoubtedly add to your understanding. An important stop is the monastery of Khor Virap, which was built in the 17th century.

Its legend dates back even further. According to her, is plugged Gregory of the Illuminator by King Tiridates III in the year 288. n. CHR. in a cave. But even after 13 years imprisonment may not rob his Christian faith him. When he released Tiridates from an incurable disease, can be convinced to baptized this 301 and has the Armenians as the first people of in history to accept Christianity as a State religion. Also away from religion and monasteries Armenia offers surprising: on the way back to the capital of the possibility of an Armenian wine tasting finally invented the wine around the corner, in the present-day Georgia. Also profane, but not less interesting is the visit to an Armenian family. “There is the traditional flat bread Lavasch” manufactured and eaten together with the guests for lunch and dinner. In Yerevan itself finally bibliophile on the visit to enjoy the Matenadarans (old Armenian for library). Thousands of manuscripts with incalculable value are kept here. In addition to the collection of ancient knowledge, the books feature mainly by its fineness and the luminosity of the colors. The collection contains outstanding examples of Armenian miniatures. The Codex of Echmiadzin by 989 comes close to a national relic. “Our recommendation: Armenia – In the land of the apricots” trip details/Armenien_-_Im_Land_der_Aprikosen_3025.php more travel by Armenia under: travel / armenien_reisen.php