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With one click in over 250 download portals with the tagline – load up your music – the operators of presented her latest project feiyr.com. feiyr.com stands for the realization of a request of many independent musicians, producers and DJs: no label or recording contract, quickly and easily the own title in the Internet to publish and to offer all interested parties to download. How does feiyr.com work? After free registration is 10-minute title upload as well as the subsequent presentation in the world’s largest download stores like iTunes, Musicload and Napster MP3. Thanks to the network of over 250 download synergies portals, which were usually only with a large financial risk be realized. In addition to the actual music upload, the developer of have created other important features for the user. So title sales are credited to daily an online account and download statistics and reports provide transparency How many times, E.g. a title was called, belongs to, and ultimately bought. For artists without a record contract, it is often difficult and expensive to publish their songs.

Feiyr.com creates the opportunity to present his title for example on within a very short time professionally and ready for sale to the food requiring download for anyone interested. Thanks to this development are neither contractual nor financial risks for the user, as Armin Wirth, Managing Director of DANCE ALL DAY musicvertriebs GmbH. Feiyr.com is the dance all day Vertriebs GmbH for the consistent further development of your marketing strategies in the global sales of phonograms. The dance all day musicvertriebs, Ltd., with headquarters in Traunstein, Germany, was founded in 1993. We have offices in Vienna, Budapest, Moscow and Prague. Our company is a leading systems service provider in the field of vinyl and digital distribution. The range includes now about 720,000 items of more than 400 manufacturers and publishers. With our team of 45 employees are we grown to one of the largest music distributors and distributors in the field of vinyl and digital (mp3) worldwide.