Brazil Traditions

Created magical amulets for protection from the guards, brewed potion that gives stamina, which was much needed on the plantations under the hot scorching sun, conducted ceremonies honoring the new and old ghosts. Most historians suggest that it is a group united slaves "Bantu" was the medium in which Capoeira was born. This group consisted of people from many parts of Africa such as Angola, Congo and Mozambique. They possible, and brought their traditions of capoeira. Although modern capoeira for a long time to dissolve them in themselves, but still be careful if it is possible to find a striking resemblance to some of the traditions of Africa.

In the period colonial wars in Brazil from 1624 to 1654 years in the territories in the north-east coast, the slaves began to take steps to return to their freedom. They appeared more opportunity for escape, the more so because burdened by the war the Portuguese no longer chasing fugitive. Many of the slaves after their flight united and established independent settlements, which was nicknamed kilombush. Kilombush played a very important role in the development and formation Capoeira. Here, slaves had more opportunities to follow their ancient traditions.

In kilombush Capoeira has evolved and improved with a large sloping towards the martial arts. Is given the opportunity to show themselves as a means to combat and to demonstrate their inner strength, which led the Portuguese in the horror of its extraordinary form. In such settlements could be found not only the African culture.