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Thus, we wait to contribute, leading given of research and education on the importance of if humanizar the normal childbirth. This research is directed to the academics and professionals of Nursing, so that the same ones are felt motivated to carry through scientific reflections and research in this area. 2 – METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical descriptive research. For Gil (1991) the bibliographical research is that one elaborated from published material already, constituted mainly of periodic and disponibilizados books, articles of in the Internet. The research was carried through by half electronic where if it searched to identify the incidence of scientific publications, in the period of 2002 the 2009, that it approaches the humanizao of the assistance in the normal childbirth, in the database in health: Caribbean Latin American literature and (LILACS), Scientific Eletronic Library Online (SCIELO) and Database of Enfermagem (BDENF). We use for this research the following ones describers: Nursing, humanizao of the childbirth, normal childbirth and obsttrica nursing. After the election of indexados articles, was made a superficial reading of the gotten material, to select what age of interest for the research; after that, a minute reading was become fullfilled, in order not to be lost important points for the enrichment of the study and composition of this article. Quantitative distribution of bibliographies found in the databases LILAC' Described S, SCIELO and BDENF in picture one: After to carry through the individual search of the describers, made of associated form the used describers, in order to reduce quantitative of studies generated, through a refinement directed for the focus of the study and respecting the understood chronological order the 2009 enter 2002. From these results picture one was generated: DESCRITORESLILAC? SSCIELOBEDENFTOTAL Obsttrica Nursing + Normal5304295 Childbirth Normal Childbirth + Humanizao in the Parto1901130 Humanizao in the childbirth + Enfermagem59053112 Obsttrica Nursing + Normal Childbirth + Humanizao in the Childbirth + Enfermagem83920 Picture 1: Consultation LILAC' S, SCIELO and BEDENF with association of the used describers.