College Issues

The admissions committees and the implementation of the readers are neither stupid nor naive, and are to this scam. Estudiantesnunca should have the opportunity to launch your future away from the lack of a better paper! If you are qualified to enter university, you have enough talent to write your own essay. Some years ago a wealthy family who decided not to follow my advice in this regard, did just that. Apparently, he thought it would be the safest way for your child to enter into an exclusive school on the East Coast. He had good grades, good results that I sat down and would otherwise have been acceptable, but their writing skills were, at most, slightly below average. So I hired a professional, and his son was accepted into the college of their choice. After the third week of English Comp, his teacher could not believe that someone with his limited writing skills had never been accepted. The professor went to the admissions office and discussed the student's application and essays.

Their suspicions were confirmed after reading three very professionally written essays that were on file. It concluded that none of them could have been written by the student. The young man was summoned to the dean's office and confronted with the evidence. We have no choice, reluctantly confessed that his parents had hired a professional for your essay writing. Consequently, he was given the option to immediately withdraw from classes? or be expelled for the fraud that was perpetrated at the school.