Data on Pigs

The pigs usually are despised by many people, but what they do not think it is that thanks to the pigs they are very important within the nutritional chain of great part of the humanity. The pigs enough are desired by thousands of people who love the kitchen and the preparation of foods based on pig meat. The pigs are one of the animal of farm easier to raise and to reproduce, they have a very short period of gestation in comparison with other animal of farm. In addition, the majority of healthy pigs produces a great litter. Nevertheless, if you wish to obtain the maximum benefit of his pigs, it is to have to learn good techniques of reproduction. The pigs female reach the sexual maturity at the age of 5 or 6 months. The young females are called young bristles. The male or verracos pigs, manage to reach the sexual maturity at the age of 6 or 8 months.

In the deposits, it is normal to find images of pigs indicating the correct ages for the reproduction processes and gestation. The time of reproduction of the pigs is characterized by the period of heat of the female. During a cycle of 21 days, a female is in fervor by 3 to 4 days. A female in fervor is easy to identify, since it exhibits an anxious behavior, with the tail in stop or, sometimes it tries to mount other bristles. Also a remarkable change in his will be seen vulva, that generally fan is made greater and when a bristle is in fervor. The period of gestation of the pigs is of approximately 113 days. During this time, it is very important to protect to a pregnant bristle of diseases and infections. The treatment of the bristles for the lice or the parasitism is due to at least realise 2 weeks before its date of victory.

In addition, the immunization against erisipela, a common infection of the pig species is due to realise opportunely. When the people who study porcicultura are seeing matters related to the medical treatments that are due to realise in the processes of reproduction and gestation, usually they know images pigs that suffer the diseases that they can produce in the childbirth, in order that they can know and identify each possible problem that can be gotten to present/display. the people of the common one are not you allow of all the processes that are realised so that the pigs that consume in their foods, are of good quality, with good flavor and in addition, that they are healthful, it is for that reason that the porcicultoras companies make constants campaigns in which they show images of pigs in his atmospheres of process, so that they can know a little more about the subject and to buy the meat of pig with greater confidence.