IQ Tests

This question interests many. An employer, conducting test runs the risk of losing a good employee, if the test results are wrong or, alternatively, to hire an unqualified expert. Competitors are in the same unenviable position. You can play the worst candidate simply because they can pass tests for erudition and logic. School students and university applicants – is a separate risk group. Many problems require innovative approaches and intuition in the decision. Here a question arises.

Is an iq test to objectively reflect the knowledge, intuition, ability to think creatively outside the box and, in general, everything what is called human intelligence? The answer is very simple – no. and reasons for this are obvious. 1) Tests are made by people who also make mistakes. The problem is that the test result really shows the degree of correspondence between your logic and the logic of the originator. If your training better – you have accumulated fewer points. But, as you know, in most real situations, to prove that the answers in the test are wrong – it is useless. Especially if it's a psychological test. 2) To test, you can prepare for and improve For example, this (link in the notes).

Professional skills of human remains virtually unchanged, but that test results are much better. 3) No single test can not determine the level of creativity rights, as the work involves creating something new, but the test provides ready answers, among which is the right one. That is, to answer correctly, you need to understand the logic of the originator, rather than engage in creativity. Recommendations. 1) An employer may be advised to conduct iq tests together with a professional. In this case, you can filter the experts on passing the test, who know little about their future work. 2) In addition, it is useful to combine tests with other types of inspections, such as interviews. 3) the applicant is desirable to have regular tests for the sake of training. Is very disappointing to lose because of any test that has virtually no relationship to your future work. Also find a good online tests (referred to in the footnotes) is not difficult, and time spent on their passage, would feel much more confident.