Malaga International Airport

The town of Mijas is an exclusive attraction – the donkey taxis. In taxis 20 animals, which accompanies the drover in the Spanish national costume. Tourists are offered a ride on a donkey to the monastery Virgin Virgen de la Pena, who was in the 17 th century carved into the rock, and has in the opinion of local residents healing properties. The city has everything you need for a fulfilling life and leisure: shops and restaurants, cafes and bars, banks, hospitals and parks. From Mijas to Malaga International Airport (Malaga) 25 km. Beaches in Mijas sand, punctuated by rocks, which in some places down to the sea. For nature lovers in Mijas is a botanical garden.

In its territory freely walk roosters, and their loud cries are a kind of business card of the city. Mijas long been chosen by wealthy Europeans – the British and the natives of Western Europe. Why not follow their example and do not buy real estate in Mijas? The average price of apartments ranging from 135.000 (1 bedroom apartments) up to 300.000 (apartments with 3 bedrooms). Cost Townhouse – from 300.000 , and villas – from 630.000 . Estepona (Estepona) Estepona (Estepona) – a city on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol), part of the province of Malaga (Malaga).

Malaga Estepona separated 100 km. Occupies an area of 137 km2. The city population is 60,328 people (as of 2007). Sandy beach stretches for 23 km, there are 17 beaches.