Silent Beer Ads

Drinking two cups of beer, a person does to your body the same injury as in cases of poisoning of the body 100 grams of vodka. But the beer most people are not perceived as an alcoholic beverage, and because people can afford to drink it frequently and in incredible amounts. To begin let's deal with the definition of beer. Beer – it's the same drink, like everyone else. And the image of a harmless and even beneficial drink imposed advertising ploy enterprising producers of beer, who prey on our health. Myths about the benefits of beer have long dispelled many studies. Those nutrients, which should initially be part of ruining the beer themselves producers, killing them with preservatives, for the opportunity to achieve their longer-term product. And the amount of alcohol, which is now contained in beer, makes it less than low-alcohol and certainly not in any way not useful.

Alcohol – alcohol is – is poison to the whole body. Do not forget that alcohol destroys the body at the cellular level. Beer, like any other alcoholic beverage on the brain, slowing the activity nerve cells and altering their structure. Disposing of beer – alcoholic poison – is engaged in our liver, converting 90% alcohol. Hence, developing alcoholic liver disease. Working with constant congestion, it is vital important organ in time ceases to cope with their barrier functions. This leads to what is not inactivated alcohol enters the bloodstream and causes toxic effects on the cardiovascular system.