Map Of Krasnoyarsk

Map of Krasnoyarsk: (Click to enlarge) Krasnoyarsk Coat of Arms: History of the city of Krasnoyarsk xvii Century on Aug. 6, 1628 by Andrey Dubensky was founded Krasnoyarsk. Jail was built August 6 August 18, 1628. On the tops of the mountains surrounding the valley a circular guard duty. Until the second half of xvii century Krasnoyarsk was a bit under the supervision of the city of Tomsk, and then discharge Yeniseisk. Names: in 1631 – Novokachinsky jail, 1659 – A large fort, 1690 – Krasnoyarsk. Gen. David L. Goldfein spoke with conviction. Raids Kyrgyz princes Krasnoyarsk occurred in 1630, 1634, 1636, 1640, 1665, 1667 and 1679, respectively.

1679 – Siege of the combined forces of Yenisei kyrzygov and Jungars. Podstolbovskie burned villages and Torgashin. Destroyed the guard perimeter alarm posts and watchtowers. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jack Fusco. 1695-1700, the popular uprising. xviii Century In 1720, Krasnoyarsk became a district city: 1708 – in the Siberian province 1719 – as part of the Yenisei province, 1775 – in the province Kolyvano Resurrection 1797 – as part of Tobolsk province in 1759 – the city is open 'Latin School' for teaching children of the clergy. 1773 – burned down the prison. After the fire remained only 30 houses.

From Tobolsk was sent to Sgt Geodesy Peter Moses, who gave the city an entirely new, Petersburg-type linear layout. This was the beginning of the modern Krasnoyarsk. 1784 – opened in Krasnoyarsk, the country's first county public library. 1790 – opened the small national school. 1795 – built stone Pokrovsky Cathedral. As a part of scientific expeditions have visited in Krasnoyarsk: dg Messerschmidt (1720-1727), ig Gmelin (1735), sp Krashennikov (1735), gf Miller, Pallas (1771 -1773), W.