According to history, in this day had four hundred natives with which the Portuguese had passed the day dancing and singing. According to Isaac, this officer of the Portuguese navy (magic with the exuberncia of the landscape in the aphrodisiac stoppings of the Island of Vera Cross, with benesses of the climate and the complacncia of the natives) chose that pretty woman, of black eyes as the night, and made of it the first native to be deprived of virginity by an foreigner. Officially, he is clearly. To the ending of the speech, Isaac had the honor to receive the manifestations, the public applauses for the way as if it had. In that climate of party, watered the beer and shrimp, had entered night adentro to the sound of the Araketo band and others. With 22 years, one unless Mariana, Isaac were considered the gala of group. He was high, amorenado for the black sun, hair and eyes chestnuts. According to mexeriqueiras, it, married has two years, namorava the brother-in-law, a blond one of green eyes that a parade of fashions in the city of Itabuna had gained.

They said until it are the woman of Isaac that the sister advises (still virgin to the time) to make sex with it. There for the 8 of the night, when they had given account, they had perceived that they were solo to the table. Mariana said: It knows, he is funny, always I found that when we found in them, we would be together. Also it found this. The friendship between them, has eight years, was strong. After marriage of Isaac, after it to pass in vestibular contest of medicine, in So Paulo, fact occurred has three years (exactly time where Mariana was married), they if had not found. Previous to everything this, had boyfriend one year almost. However, the boyfriend who it more likes, in special for its skill being, without preconceptions fools, freshness was Isaac: accepted it of its skill.