Mountain Area

Km occupies an area of 1.033 and is drained by the rivers Claro and Caiap, Brook Saint Marta and Santo Antonio, being this last one, the water course that of the name the study area. The present study if it justifies for presenting aspects that favor to the planning of the use of the natural resources, a time that the environment is one> open system where its elements closely are related. MATERIALS AND METHODS the development of the work counted at first moment with a theoretical and cartographic survey on the area and pertinent topics to the subject to be boarded. The cartographic base of the study had as reference the mapping carried through for Sousa (2006) for the hidrogrfica basin of the Brook Saint Antonio, where the maps of ground and use and occupation had been analyzed mainly, this last one, for containing the mapping of the types of vegetation of the area. These mappings had been carried through by the author in all the basin, that presents a total area of 630 km2 and encloses three cities. However for this study, clipping of the area was made, to work only with the basin in the limits of the city of Ipor.

This clipping was elaborated assists with it of software Spring 5,0, that also it served to make the overlapping of the ground maps and use of the land. The physical characteristics of the basin as geology, geomorfologia, had been extracted of information of Sousa (2006) that it had as base mappings of the old agency of mining of Gois (Metago, 1970) for the case of geology, of the Radambrasil project (1983) for the geomorfologia, and of hypsometric information of topographical letter SE-22-V-B-IV (Ipor) for the case of the relief, beyond information on the basis of images of Landsat satellites 7 TM, (RGB) and pancromticas air photographs of the Air Force of the United States (USAF, 1965) in scale 1:60.000. On the basis of the map of ground and use of the land was made the crossing of the information alone native vegetation/, generating a map of integration between the two information, since the central idea of the work was to verify the relation type of vegetation with the type of ground. RESULTS AND QUARRELS the basin of the brook Saint Antonio in the city of Ipor more presents a wavy average topography with topos sharpened in the alignments of Mountain range, and convex in the dissecados relief zones, Vegetation: the fitoecolgicas regions, its economic nature and its resources. Radambrasil project (Leaf SE.