Optimization Resource

Besides the fact that attendance is often a resource which depends on the work of the optimizer, there are some key moments which also play an important role during promotion and advancement. Visitor “longs” interesting fascinating, useful and comprehensive of its needs, something – information. Trust visitor will not be so if not followed three basic rules: Rule number 1 “Gold content” project is to be filled, as was mentioned above – quality information, which will satisfy the needs of the individual who came. At the same time, the content must be original and easily susceptible, calculated on a wide range of audiences. Rule number 2 “Software Optimization Resource site should run like clockwork, loaded fast enough in order that a visitor who came had a wish quickly close the page. Ordering and nesting site as an important point.

Search Form materials category headings – should be left in plain sight. They should not “stretch” the user at the time of finding the information he needs. Rule number 3, “Design From design depends on many things. Beautiful design, attractive appearance, the correct combination of colors as the visitor will not leave indifferent. And perhaps in some way, forcing him to stay on the site or “root” here forever, earn more target audience. Evaluate the performance of these three key rules to help a careful analysis of effectiveness. Particularly pressing issue is getting, when other methods of promotion do not bring the expected results. That should assess: – the pages (which ones were most popular) – time that visitors spent in a particular part of the site – interested in the project (adding to favorites, subscribe to the news) – interest granted goods and services to monitor the above indicators, a good option is to install special software or develop their own by which to measure and adjust the work resource.