Real Estate Crisis

US financial crisis and the German real estate market real estate market in Germany: Does the global financial crisis, which was triggered by US Immobilienenkredite on Germany’s prices for real estate? In Spain, England and the United States, the prices are through the US real estate crisis considerably take down slipped. In Germany, there is such a scene is not in sight. The granting of housing loans by the savings banks and other financial institutions has become a harder by the real estate crisis, and on the other hand government subsidies are no longer to get to the usual extent. Overall is less newly built on the basis of these vertices, and exactly this is unlikely to occur with falling real estate prices. Total by far fewer construction projects and due to falling down real estate prices vacancy rates in the long term high held, so that the real estate market in Germany is still slow, but in the long term to fear no blatant price drops are. However, how it looks in 2008-2009 for the United States? Purzelnde real estate prices make consumers uncertain and press the number of the new buildings.

Moreover, the ever-increasing price of oil: captures Americans paying oil prices in dollars of the strong euro, but need major price increases in Europe and are affected by Hi of the strong fluctuations. According to estimates by experts, the probability is over 40 per cent, that s the economy in in fact in the United States into a recession. That in turn could further weakening in the construction industry do, which however in the long term will lead to a recovery of in house prices in the United States. Also in Germany, a shortage of housing supply leads in the long term to stabilien House prices? Lena Schmidt