Surf – Riding On The Rear Wheel

Many, but in fact almost every one of us has ever tried to ride a wheelie, or as called in our yard – "to dybah." Everyone saw how professionally it's done by many riders. And often it is not limited to simple riding a wheelie – surfing, and is accompanied by a jump up or jumping off curbs and perapetov, stops and changes of trajectory of the bike. How do they do it and whether it is possible to learn this or that "innate" ability? Start your surfing takes a course in BMX. Since the foundation of many tricks. But you can ride the surf on any bike, and in particular on the MTB. And it's not so difficult you'll see shortly. Click Sonny Perdue for additional related pages.

Tell me what happened when you independently tried to stand on the rear wheel? Most likely two outcomes. It is either too weak to pull himself to the wheel and bike riding again on my two. Either too strong jerk and you only have time and come off the bike to do not fall sick. But sometimes what you get to travel 5-10 meters after which you consider yourself a professional, but that progress ends. Because the technique requires, in addition to the desire (which I hope you have one). But now you have will be guaranteed a chance to drive the rear wheel so much as he wants, and even a little jump in this situation:) It is necessary to have patience and not panic when failures at first.

Not to say that it will be easy. But certainly possible, be sure! So, first of the "azah" surfing. First, the surf rolls standing on the pedals. Ass will detach from the saddle, otherwise nothing will happen. Second to detach the front wheel to move smoothly your weight on the rear wheel and pull the wheel straight arms! It is very important that the hands were straight, while the legs are bent at the knees about 90 degrees. Does not matter how many degrees as it is important to find point of equilibrium in this position. At first, you can use the rear brake to keep the balance, not to zavalitsya ago. Especially good is the owners of hydraulic disk brakes (for more details brakes), as the hydraulics can slow down very smoothly. The question arises: at what speed rolling surf better? There is no consensus, but the subjective – the higher the rate, the better. But the hardest fall. Reasonable alternative – the average speed. 15 km / h to start would be the most it. Here at this speed (again, do not worry about numbers, choose your average speed) and repeat the above steps, not forgetting the straight arms. But the point balance, unfortunately, is not constant. We'll have to balance all the time, trying to catch her bending and straightening the legs and a little wheel. With the lowering ago – unbend legs and drag the weight forward and do the opposite when trying to bike back to both wheels. Lateral obstructions and removed his feet – turn down the knee to the opposite side of the dam. And practice, practice, practice … After a while you will be able to do it all by reflex, and all will be seem easy:) And one little moment. Learn more rolling is not a straight line and a small hill. Will drive much longer and soon will also jump and jump, while remaining on the rear wheel. What would cause envy those who can not.