Technology 3D

In the 21 century, we have thriving technology 3d. Most already know what it is, but do not understand how it works. Now I will try to explain it. We humans have binocular vision. What does this mean? This means that our brain receives two images, from which he creates three-dimensional space.

Thanks to the two eyes come to us are the same image. The word 'three-' indicates that this space is measured in three dimensions. Now the reader it may be puzzling. Now you try to get rid of it. In school, you say something measured.

The measurements are found throughout our lives. 'How many miles to Moscow', 'What is the speed of this car', etc. So, three-dimensional image has three dimensions: latitude, longitude and altitude. Possible and in another way: the width of the length and height. How exactly call measurement – your desire. Once heard the phrase: '3 D is not in vogue. 5D is now. " Of course, do not understand what these words, but on summer vacation, I saw 5D cinema. It shocked me. There is a wonderful theory of relativity, Albert Einstein. She taught in the course of physics in grade 11. The theory states that the universe is a four-dimensional. She measured: latitude, longitude, altitude, and TIME. Yet I decided to go to this theater and was convinced that it – lies. Marketing ploy, so to speak. Not vidites. Remember that the 5D – no. Proved that we can see the volume was in the late 19 th century. On Currently, there are many types of three-dimensional images. This anaglyph, stereo pair of horizontal, vertical stereo pair, and much, much more. With anaglyphs and stereo pair you can find here. Some people who had not seen three-dimensional image, (although we all see in the interior) can not distinguish the real picture when looking at objects from a flat photo. Some 'otmazyvayutsya' that the quality of picture is worse. This is true, but not the number pixels are distinguished picture. Tell about the distinction is very difficult. This is a must see! All you good for new beginnings and good luck!