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Like any vehicle, trailers also need their maintenance tasks, especially when they are destined for the transport of live animals by road, such as trailers or vans for horses. To keep the trailer in an optimal state, you must simply follow a series of useful tips, that will make the journey a trip safe and stable. Also if after every trip we make the relevant checks we will verify if it is necessary to replace any of the items. Then we will detail some suggestions on maintenance that will improve and optimize the State of horse trailers:-firstly it is advisable to disconnect the stability control when it is dark using the trailer as a complement, if the motor vehicle that drives it. -Prior to the start of the March, it is essential to pay special attention to the correct fixation of cable safety chain, that unites the towing of horses with the vehicle engine.

-Is of vital importance to conduct a review regular tires, to check that the pressure of inflation is correct, so how to measure the tread depth to confirm that it is the regulatory. In case you notice any type of damage or excessive wear is recommended to replace by wheels exactly equal in the same axis. -Also it is recommended to carry out at least every 2 years, a complete review of the braking system of the trailer. It is important to review exhaustively all elements and components of the system, to detect if there is a need to replace one. -Approximately every 10,000 km or every 12 months maximum you should lubricate with multi-purpose grease hitch head, as well as kept clean and also greased the hitch ball, thus ensure that not show slacks which may jeopardize the safety of the occupants, both the vehicle and trailer, during the trip. You can also request that professionals perform the corresponding maintenance tasks, as well as a full review of each of the elements that compose the van for horses.

There are companies specializing in manufacturing and in trailers for horses for after-sales services. For example in the Valencian Community we find horse trailers, a company belonging to the Prokit Sport S.L. group specialized for years in offering repair, restoration and sale of spare parts for after-sales services and spare parts. Through companies like this or other similar we can entrust our horse trailer maintenance, professionals who will guarantee us good condition and proper operation of the same.