The Musicians

In the main hall, one way or another, will play a musical group that works there, and you will hear music. I will say unequivocally, that option I do not advise you, and explain why. Celebrating its solemn event in the hall you are not alone, and it is most important. Customers who are likely to be many, are unlikely to welcome your holiday. They came to eat, relax, talk, and now your master or toastmaster constantly utters some speech, congratulations, jokes, contests and sweepstakes. Do it all this is likely to be a loud voice, or a microphone, and other visitors that it will probably be disturbed.

They will be for you approach, make comments, say that your wedding is to get them and claim that the toaster would shut up. You are, instead, that would be glad and rejoice, will solve the problems. The administration should not expect, they will not do anything. Or give you “advice” to celebrate quietly. Unpleasant emotions you are guaranteed. Then come the musicians, and here, too, may start some difficulties.

Of course, the administration of the restaurant you solemnly promised that the musicians will play light dance music. And even if at first so be it, they are unlikely to be able to play just for you. Indeed, in the hall there are other people, and it is quite possible that they like is very different music. These people will approach the musicians and order that suits their tastes and desires. And they will order? Yes, anything! “Prison,” “Confessions of a Thief”, “Accord barbed wire”, “” – this is a possible list of indicative “Wedding” songs that will be played on your holiday, and maybe more than once. You need this? Well, I can not mention another possible aspect of such an option weddings. The presence of absolutely unfamiliar people on your holiday often fraught with unexpected consequences. From their friends and acquaintances who migrated to strong drinks, we usually know what to expect. Of strangers this will not tell. Development scenario can happen on the principle: ” Brawl ordered? “In common rooms are a good social events, birthdays and anniversaries. Only going to have to advance before the arrival of the musicians, so that would not have to make speeches, competing for volume with the sounding music. All that suggests the presence of lead, a scenario definite direction the music program to celebrate in a separate room.