The Repair

Prices of course vary greatly. If you want to buy coffee, do not forget that you do not buy the premise, namely coffee. Why, we focus our attention on this? Because of the market value of the premises in which it is located, it is necessary to add a) the cost of repairs, and b) the cost of promotion of business. These are not empty words. One ventilation, made by latest technology, even in a small cafe can cost 20-50 thousand dollars.

If the repair cost is more or less easy to calculate that the cost of promotion is more complicated. Read more: Buying a cafe in the rental premises This is the most complex transactions for understanding both sellers buyers and brokers. Too many people even in the 19th year of capitalist development in Ukraine can not simply understand how you can buy in a cafe rented premises. This is no joke. Indeed, calling, asking, “Do you sell coffee?”. Answer that, yes, we sell coffee in 30 thousands U.S.., Cafe area 100 sq.m. in Kiev! Rejoice to think that it goes on sale in room coffee and angry, and offended when three or four minutes trying to explain that this is a cafe in a rented room.