Visual Library

Use the program on several machines in network (one with the database and several executables in different machines) if desired can be done that the machines do not have the database are read-only password to use if the user wants it, activate it, deactivate it, and change it to use reader of barcode in the field inventory or use isbn data depending on the query changes a single grid of results in a single window only that can be in four tables (existence, borrowed, sold and history) or consultation in all tables, (displays the current table in the title of the program) searches can be in any field, in different tables, all tables, and between a range of times (beginning to end) view the totals of amounts and prices run the query add the record selected loaned or sold, to delete these records from provided or sold are passed directly to the history table, also you can delete history show all records in a table with a single button (show all) adding records to the table existence from a single button (add registry) add an image to each record to add records to edit the registry directly selected or with the button (Edit selected) clear the log selected from a single button (delete record) add or edit the registry from a single button image (edit image) see the image in full size Since the image of the record seleccionadoImprimir queries performed passing queries to excel set up the program to taste (colors, texts, objects, images etc.) View help in online videos sort records by any field change table on the table menu to (existence, borrowed, sold and history) rename place all records with that place name search records with any text in the title if the saved log has content digital online url Uniform Resource Locator you can access it by selecting the logTo find on, go to url registration and open internet explorer to the url of the selected record. Google. com / site / bibliotecavisual / related Blogs I like Epicurus worry Inventory backlog of two centuries in the floristic inventory in Mexico Stadium of the plain over 40 years later (the plain Stadium Bookkeeper / Office Manager the field Texas ) Does Wine Lovers Guide Tita and Rhodesia change of packaging – Google May Slay Your First Born Child, According To This Video Google Calendar completo Smart Rescheduler Searches For The Best Meeting pirates change their modus operandi: the Tracker of news Will Shays Leave Russo On The Beach? Plus: not liking Against Musto Jerk: Bitumen Eto are another level!