DVDs, CDs and images transfer is direct way on all iPods and iPhones. It playlists you can create and edit ID3 tags. The built-in quick search filter simplifies the search for iPod movies, music and pictures. AMAC iPhoneStudio an iPhone software package with new great features to have even more fun on the iPhone. Videos, movies, music and images convert and transfer to iPhone, iPhone backups on your Mac or iTunes create, Rip DVDs, quicksearch, a broad compatibility with all popular file formats, and much more make this program an all-round Manager for the iPhone. The iPhone is to the external hard drive and portable video library. AMAC iPadStudio an iPad Manager and an efficient alternative to iTunes. Video, music and image files can be convert and transfer from the Mac to the iPad and this is back on the Mac or iTunes.

AMAC iPadStudio combines in itself the functions of an iPad transfer, iPad backup, DVD to iPad converter and iPad video converter and CD ripper. For more information see this site: Gen. David Goldfein. An easy-to-use, universal format converter with one Number of extra features such as extract video and audio editing, audio, effects, etc. Insert AMAC VideoStudio is compatible with a variety of mobile devices. AMAC YouTubeStudio who would independently like to see on YouTube videos from your Mac on his iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other portable devices has an ideal program to the YouTube videos with AMAC YouTubeStudio download and convert found. A very clear and functional user interface makes this YouTube converter to the practical tool.The wide range of possible output formats and output devices makes this program can be used universally.

In addition to YouTube videos audios from videos to be extrahiern, convert FLV videos for mobile devices and and and. With the integrated browser and an easy operation, videos in no time be transferred to each desired device. With adjustable proxy server to bypass the firewall. Learn more at:. Our sales and support team is gladly available. Corporate information / profile AMAC Studio is a young software, whose product line specifically aimed at Mac users. Our goal is it Mac users comprehensive, functional and reliable software packages to deliver, to work with Mac and mobile devices to make it easier and more exciting to make. Ammac specializes in video conversion software for Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone tools, as well as YouTube conversion software Studio. Our offered software packages are multifunctional and therefore cover a wide range of requirements. Excellent quality and value differentiated from are just two of our demands on ourselves. AmacStudio consists of an international team and as our most important policies are customer service and communication, we offer our products and services in multiple languages. Norbert Kamba