Bolivarian Constitution

Nor, as for technological change. Filed under: Gen. David Goldfein. In this latter respect we have big gaps that leaves a lot to say about the neglect of education. In these high-minded educational process must focus all destined to grow and survive in future. We believe in showing our youth apathy to faithfully and fully comply with the duty of serving his country in military recruitment and the little interest that deserves the civic roles of the vote. The education system is the absolute key nuclear meeting educational objectives established by the Bolivarian Constitution in order to form integrally a man technically savvy and morally free. Carrier will not settle for partial explanations. Indicates / teachers / educational reform in Venezuela has been gradually giving a curriculum reform to adapt to scientific and technological changes that are occurring at a startling rate over the planet.

The educational transformation has come about gradually, begins in 1997 with the first stage of basic education, continues in 1998 with the second stage, currently working with secondary education, and professional. This transformation requires a collective effort of participation, development of actions, distribution of work commitment to improvement, reconquest of success in schools. Reform should begin in the classroom with the formulation of a new methodology based on the structuring of Classroom projects (PPP) which includes other aspects being: Transformation in the practice of homework, innovation in the classroom in way of imparting knowledge, integration of values and interests in teaching practice, involving the primary entities (students, teachers, community) education in the process. Hence, the emphasis is to point out, hard to review this notorious failure of objectives, goal and commitment must be irrevocable, to put emphasis on appropriate management of the teaching a "learning, which could mean more positive contribution to this awareness of the problem of greater magnitude, we Venezuelans of the current generation.