Fountains Of The Eternal City

Rome can be called one of the "Fountain" cities in the world – here there are about 280. In summer the whole of Italy is suffering from heat, and Rome and all of its four million population is still about the fact that here there is nowhere to bathe. At this time the fountains for many (Especially children) are transformed into makeshift ponds. Nevertheless, the main value of the fountains, yet in another – it's great monuments and the real decoration of the city. To view them all, is not enough and the whole months, but the best of them stand in order to devote part of their time spent in Rome. The most famous fountain in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. It was in his most tourists throw coins return to Rome. Fountain located in a small area around the Trevi Quirinale.

It completes an Aqua Virgo aqueduct, built before Christ. The story of this fountain is that – in 1732 Pope Clement xii commissioned Nicola Salve create a large fountain at the Trevi Square. The previous attempt made a century before this famous architect Bernini on the orders of Pope Urban viii, was not completed because of death of the pontiff. Salvi when creating your masterpiece guided by what has already managed to create a Bernini. Construction of the fountain in the Baroque style was finished in 1762 central figure mas song – Neptune, god of the sea by the ancient Romans. He manages the chariot in the form of marine shells, which are harnessed seahorses.