Youth Travel

Youth travel include various travel offers for young people aged 12-26 years. They are being booked in connection with the Abitur degree or other education diplomas in the summer. For youth travel the offer is specifically geared to the needs of young travelers. This usually means that already may take the form arrival on different ways. Here you can find deals on rail travel from Busan as well as flight arrival. But Self-drive is possible. The hotel accommodations are different in some cases to package deals, because there are not only hotels, but also accommodation in tents, mobile homes and shared rooms. All youth travel characterized by the fact that an extensive entertainment program.

Sports or schools will be offered here, so that unaccompanied young people can quickly access and not be bored. Characteristic for supervised youth travel also means that youth workers already on departure the young people to return support during their journey and youth care. The most popular destinations for youth travel focused on the countries of Spain and France. This offers the lower price segment are presented, which also in part the more favorable form arrival, the bus can be approached.All accommodations are in a camp. In Spain in particular, the target areas are to Lloret de Mar, Calella de Mar, Malgrat de Mar, Pineda de Mar and Torremolinos at a premium. The Spanish mainland also offers a journey by bus and is thus the cheapest offer among the youth travel.