Occult Page

Beginning in the 1970s Page owned an jewish kabbalah occult bookstore in London called “The Equinox Booksellers and kabbalah string Publishers (” Sellers and publishers of the equinox “), which was closed due to the limited time that I enjoyed Page due to the explosion of popularity of Led Zeppelin. The the kabbalah library published the book The Goetia of Aleister Crowley, in creation center his edition of 1904.
Runes or symbols on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV, which correspond to each of the members of the banda. The Page is for beginning with the first left, which has the red string bracelet word “Zoso.”
However, what is more related to the occult with Page is the inclusion on the cover of the album Led Zeppelin IV Four Symbols representing each member of the banda. During the concert presentation of this work, Page used to go to the scene with zodiac symbols embroidered on his clothes with one of the symbols of the disk, named as “Zoso”. This attracted many fans of the band and feed their curiosity. Although the sign itself remains a mystery, is known to have originated in Ars Magica kabbalah bracelet Arteficii a grimorio 1557, whose author is J. Cardan, which identifies the symbol “Zoso” as Satan. los angeles center Previously, some speculation suggesting that the origin of the sign could have arisen from a book called border Speaks, red kabbalah Austin Osman Spare, distributed by Page in the former library. Another theory states that “Zoso” red string could result from a study center stylish 666, or Cabala. However, it is centre center largely accepted as the theory of grimorio true, so it is likely that the other two are incorrect. Has also been explained that the creation of the tree kabbalah sign is just a doodle of Page senseless specific. The guitarist never said anything about the meaning of the sign.
The logo of Swan Song, the company founded by Led Zeppelin in 1974 to edit mysticism your work, is a figure Amazon of Apollo, Greek god zohar of light and reason, although it is sometimes misinterpreted as if it were an image of Icarus, who died burnt by flying too near the Sun, or Lucifer, a fallen angel who was expelled from Heaven and which subsequently became Satan. The representation of Apollo is based on a painting by William Rimmer, Evening: Fall of the Day, 1869.
For its part, the meditation center interior design of the album Led Zeppelin IV is based on a Tarot card, called “the hermit.” Page transforms into this character during the film The Song Remains the Same.
Page was also invited to write the soundtrack of the Lucifer Rising short films shot by another admirer of Aleister Crowley, the director Kenneth Anger. In turn, Page rodasen cabalakabala allowed to film kabbala some scenes at The Tower House, his residence in London. As a kabalah result of the composition of the soundtrack of the short, Page wrote only 23 minutes of music, something that seemed to Anger inadequate, saying that Page had taken three years to write only 23 minutes of music. The principal charge against Page in statements, saying he had “trouble with the White Lady (in reference to cocaine),” which was “a pretentious occultists”, and was 72 names of god so hooked on drugs that he was tree center unable to complete the project. Page responded, arguing that it had completed all his responsibilities, and even helped to finish the movie Anger his own recording equipment. Page compositions in the film were replaced kaballah by the work of Bobby Beausoleil, a Charles Manson family and a convicted murderer who composed the soundtrack from his stay in prison. Recording the soundtrack of the unedited film was composed by Jimmy Page in pirated editions published by some fans of the spiritual center band on the label Boleskin House Records on June kabbalah 19, 1987. It is rumored that the beginning of the song “In the Evening,” which appears on the album In Through the Out Door by Led Zeppelin, was extracted from this banda sonora inedita, although most of the soundtrack was included in the composition of corresponding to the Death Wish II.