Publish Book Online

If you are a writer and want to publish a book in Spain or in any country where speak Spanish, this article offers a series of ideas about how to publish a book online, free. See also, how to approach the published work to a greater number of people. Publish a book online at present can be edited completely free books, even in Spanish. The Internet allows that the intense work of writing a book can become the satisfaction of seeing it published. Book publishing has changed and continues to change, gradually. New alternatives to traditional publishers and publication style of a few years ago, are present on the internet. But the writer who wants to see his book published must understand that edit books online goes beyond own literary creation.

It can be an excellent writer and a nefarious seller. The result of this can be a great work that the danger of completely unnoticed. It is necessary to know what to do to publish book online. And most important, not make. You have clear these two points are a guarantee that the experience is rewarding, at least, personally. What to do to achieve the first free publication is to determine the quality of the written work.

Understand if the workbook that you want to edit is ready to do so or even need extra work. This work, essential, is something you own writer can do. There is also the possibility of hiring a proofreading service. Before delivering copies of the work, to different publishers or agencies, for editing, it is important to register it. It is not yet clear if it is good or not, but it’s good to prove the authorship from the beginning. This serves to demonstrate the intellectual property and to check that the work that is recorded is unique; no figuring anything similar, registered previously. You can choose to auto-publishing. For this purpose, there are web sites specializing in the editing model known as publication by demand. If the book is ready to be part of an online library, it is time to know where and how. Web sites such as or they are examples of options for free online publication. The positive side of the self-publishing in print on demand mode, is that the investment cannot be zero and gain from sales can reach up to 80% (significantly higher than the percentages of classical publishers). The negative is that the writer has to also act as promoter and distributor of the book. This means a considerable investment of time. In this sense, social networks, social bookmarking as a Social Marker and the friends and relatives; they become a valuable and effective formula of promotion and sale.