Energy and Industry of Russia Welcome to our Website 'Energy and Industry of Russia "to help students and engineers – heating equipment, power engineering and other technical specialists specialties operating the power station, power plants, nuclear power plants and other industrial enterprises of our country. Represented on our site: e-books, lectures, courses and degree projects on thermodynamics, heat, steam and gas turbine thermal power plants electrical engineering, hydraulics, automation and instrumentation, boilers, water treatment, district heating, energy, pumps, economy, ecology, renewable energetike.Takzhe presented: energy news, magazines Energy, power equipment catalogs, drawings, boilers, turbines, reactors, thermal and nuclear power plants CHP schemes, regulations and programs. What is energy? For the average person – it's light and heat. To an outsider Observer – power plants, pipes, cooling towers, thousands of kilometers of high voltage transmission lines. And for a person working in the industry, energy – it's entire life.

Energy consumption is a prerequisite for the existence of humanity. Availability of affordable energy to always be necessary to meet human needs, prolonging and improving their living conditions. The history of civilization – History invention of new and innovative methods of energy conversion, the development of new sources and, ultimately, increase energy efficiency. The first jump in the growth of energy consumption occurred when the man learned to extract fire and use it for cooking and heating their homes. Energy sources in this period were wood and the muscular strength of man. The next important step is associated with the invention of the wheel, creating a variety of tools, the development of forging. .