Virtual Libraries

The digital book can be a form to have a greater contact with the book conceived like a totality. Book or Version in line Printed? The printed version is easily transportable, usable in almost any place, is satisfactory to the senses and stimulates the continuous reading, of principle to aim, facilitates a fast global vision when leafing through it. The books in CD-ROM that have circulated in the market are encyclopedias and dictionaries; as well as fairytales, fables and books to paint. The atmosphere of navigation by hypertexts and interfaces multimedia seems to adapt better to this type of consultation books, that contain information by pieces, of relative autonomy, with crossed references. Still he is not very comfortable to in line read a novel or any long text that requires a maintained reading. A book in line would have to be organized so that to read it by pieces it has sense. It is important to indicate that there are programs of ” voice” that they make listening the content invidentes people possible, who yes signalable is a technological advance.A book in line represents a challenge for its author and publishers because he appears published in means money changer very, with diversity of heterogenous visitors in culture, age and geographies, and less controlable than the one of a printed edition.Between the first experiences in this type of electronic publishings, one of pioneering books in line, as digital edition and analyzing this new form of mediatic education were the one of eminent authors Antonio M. Battro and Percival J.

Denham, with its electronic book in line ” The Digital” Education; (Ed. Emec) that they followed several more to him than they can be visited in: Essentially, like conclusion, it is possible to be expressed that the great importance of the Virtual Libraries, either like certain intention or by accidental location, contributes to read the more and to locate works that of another way never the visitor had perhaps read. That then cobra grandsima importance and valorizes this resource enormously. Taken from: Educar.