Would You Bet Against Me For 10 Cents In A Game Of Golf ?

To explain how interest rates, and how they can make us earn money, use it as the game of golf analogy: say you're going to play and bet 10 cents on the first hole, doubling the bet on each hole, how much would be betting? Well, if you're familiar with the game of golf, you know you are 18 holes, so how much can be bet on 18 holes? Well, lets see how increasing the bet in the first 9 holes: As you can see, we are betting $ 25. 6, but this is not here, let's see how it goes in the following holes: As you can see, on the 18th hole alava bet up to an incredible $ 13. 107! that's the power of compound interest. Let me illustrate one point: halfway you will see that growth is small, but with a little patience your money really reach a critical point, which begins to grow exponentially. In fact, the hole 15 to hole 18 passes from $ 1,638 to $ 13,107, aen only 4 steps! Now I ask, What would happen if you removed in 10th hole? Had lost more than $ 13,000 in potential gain, if you play better golf than me is why we have money earning interest and wait until the magic of compound interest will allow us to earn money. You see, the vast majority of people start with, say $ 300 monthly savings, but as we saw in the beginning, we did not win much, so many lose patience and withdraw the money.