Heating Office Premises

Currently, the best source for heating of industrial premises is Vihervoy heat generator. Heating the liquid in the VHG is due to the collapse of a large number of bubbles kvitatsionnyh, friction and synthesis of molecules of water. VHG is easy to install, no need to dismantle the old heating system, you can connect to the existing system of supplying heat. Size and design of the vortex heat generator gives option to install it in any selected area for these purposes, for installation does not require building a special foundation is not required additional boiler room. For installation you must attach return and supply pipes Vortex heat to the respective nozzles of the system padachi heat.

The process of heating and control of the heating is carried out by means of automatic control unit. Special education personnel is required. Vortex heat is environmentally friendly, fire-bezorasnym, boiler operation eliminates the use of polluting substances ( coal, wood, gas, fuel oil) and thus excludes the selection of products of combustion air and collapse. The probability of fire or explosion is excluded. The use of modern security control mechanisms fully eliminates the uncontrollable rise in temperature and pressure in the system of heat supply. VHG has an automatic control system. To install the Vortex heat Netreba soglosovanie with pazharnoy instpektsiey and other services, as energy is used exclusively for motor rotation, and not to heat the coolant. With proper choice of power VHG, and depending on the purpose of the heated object and the ambient Air time heat source is from 6 to 8 hours a day, resulting in substantial energy savings, and as a consequence, the cost savings. VHG does not require constant maintenance in the process svoeyraboty as has no direct heating elements and does not need the constant replacement of parts. At short-term power outage does not require a human presence for the resumption of the boiler.

Nanotechnology In Your Kitchen Life

On the potential dangers of Teflon and other similar PTFE-coatings in Russia began to write at the beginning of two thousandth. Most were translated articles from foreign press. However, no serious scientific organization Russia did not inform the public about how things are really as this threat is high, and there is an alternative. In one article is difficult to understand this complex issue, but it gives information for reflection. So, according to scientists of the University of Toronto, the risk of potential at any moment can become very real.

Under normal conditions, these coatings are inert, but if you heat the pan With more than 260, as PTFE-coating will allocate chemical compounds, among which are carcinogens, neurotoxins and the gases that cause greenhouse effect. The lowest temperature at which ascertained hit PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) in the air – 230S. At the same time the lowest temperature at which the discharge from the PTFE-coating proved fatal to parrots, – 202 degrees C. The independent experts Environmental Working Group showed that for 2-3 minutes griddle heats up much more strongly than previously thought and thus stand out microscopic particles that enter the lungs and cause death to birds. In humans, they can cause symptoms of the so-called "Polymer hot smoke." These symptoms were first discovered more than 50 years ago in one of the manufactures PTFE, no wonder now working on such productions wear special protective masks. An important component of production of Teflon and its analogs – perfluorooctane acid (PFOA) have been linked to cancer, birth defects. Previously it was thought that the substance and connection, allocated PTFE, can not get into nature, and if they fall, then remain biologically inert.

However, this proved to be a dangerous delusion. Shown that these chemicals are contained in the blood of 95% of Americans, including pregnant women. From the human body, they do not appear years, and nature just do not know what to do with these substances. Therefore, legitimate interest in the issue of the influential American federal agency for environmental protection, which not so long ago reached the last agreement on termination of PFOA by 2015. Does this mean that Teflon and other PTFE-coating will no longer be made, or at least cease to be used in containers and other household items? If not will be found safe new technology – by far. Alternative materials are already there. This is a nanoceramic and nanocomposites, in particular, ceramic nanocomposite – Termolon (Thermolon). Termolon has unique properties and performance characteristics. Performed on a fundamentally different technology than traditional non-stick coating. In the production of not using PFOA, the composite does not contain PTFE. It has high strength, heat-, wear-, corrosion resistance, chemically inert. When heated to high temperatures (450 C) temperatures do not emit harmful for human connections. In fact, we are talking about replacing the old technology, the market for a new – safe. Scope of Termolona large enough. Exclusive right to use Termolona as non-stick coatings dish belongs to the Belgian company GreenPan. Dishes of the same mark is appreciated in Europe. In Switzerland, for example, three months sales of products GreenPan won 20% of nonstick cookware. In America last year it sold 1.5 million pans with termolonovym coating. In October this year Non-stick cookware coated with termolonovym began selling in Russia.

Handmade Carpets

In this article we consider the three main 'pillars' that hold the technology of hand-made carpets: the material from which they weave carpets, paints and technique of weaving knots. What made carpets? The three basic material used in carpet weaving – wool, natural silk and cotton. Some carpets also found goat and camel hair. In the vast majority of handmade rugs and nodes, respectively, lint – from sheep wool. A distinctive feature of the fleece is soft, durable, relatively low compared with the silk price, in addition, it is easy to operate. Such a set of qualities makes a unique and fleece indispensable material for the manufacture of oriental rugs.

Adding to the yarn of goat or camel wool rug can add extra shine, but these tend not to abuse: goat and camel hair badly stain. The highest quality wool is different sheep grazing on alpine pastures. Highly prized wool from Iran and the mountainous Caucasus region. Excellent wool market also in China, Australia and New Zealand. Yarn of wool can be machine and manual spinning, the latter, of course, much more expensive. In the field of Oriental carpets rooted division between high-and low-lying coat. For example, sheep from New Zealand are fine-wooled of them are 'flannel' merino wool. The value of wool may be dependent on many factors such as time of shearing (spring shearing is considered to be high quality), etc. Silk has long been considered One of the most valuable and respected natural foods. Such products are particularly emphatic grace and elegance, they are characterized by a specific silk-gloss and gloss.