Teatro Latino New York

On December 20, 1947 he married Mexican actor Manuel Mede with much love and pasionl, fruit of this union became their only daughter, Rosa Maria, born on March 10, 1949. Becomes very friend Mario Moreno who starring Cantinflas, and feels great admiration for her. In 1950, he left for Venezuela at the head of a company of operettas to debut at the National Theatre in Caracas next to the famed tenor Luis Sagi Vela. This same year, he again travelled to the United States, where it debuted at the Teatro Latino New York. Upon his return to Mexico, with her husband, the theatre company founded lyrical Medel-Fornes, which toured throughout the country. They represent: The chocolate soldier, the charm of a waltz, the kitten the white, La verbena de la Paloma, La revoltosa, La viuda alegre March of Cadiz, Luisa Fernanda, hawks, and Dona Francisquita, among others. It was both the success of the company, that need was to hire a figure who could toggle with it; then come the Pepita Embil Spanish soprano and her husband, baritone Placido Domingo, the world-famous divo today’s parents.

By marital disagreements, he returned in February 1952 definitely to Cuba with his daughter. They immediately called her to enroll in the nascent Cuban television. His televised debut did in the Gran Teatro Esso space in Cmq-Tv with the operetta the casta Susana, under the musical direction of maestro Gonzalo Roig and again gathered with Antonio Palacios, Miguel de Grandy, Maruja Gonzalez and the Martinez Casado. There meets Armando Bianchi, who from that moment would unite career and little later, throughout his life, until July 28, 1981, in which Bianchi dies, leaving a great moment of loss for art. In the Cuban Television, Rosita managed to consolidate his career is this medium which gives you an extraordinary popularity, was live, and occupied it long time in spaces and in the building of the ICRT, the TV is which keeps her up to our days, with its vivid image to their people that admires her.

Personalities From The World Of Fashion And Beauty Met At The Inauguration Of The New Center Of Curls In Madrid

Curls, leading network of hairdressers and training centres, has opened with success its new multidisciplinary space of hairdressing custom in Madrid located on the 44th of Madrid’s Jorge Juan Street. Celebrities, VIPs and big personalities in the world of fashion and beauty, met at the opening of this large space with more than 300 square meters which will be the place of reference in hairdressing, fashion and personalized services for most select customers, as well as a training centre of first level for hairdressing professionals. Susana Uribarri with her boyfriend the Darek model, choreographer and dancer Lola Gonzalez, ex-wife of Alvarez Cascos, Gema Ruiz with his newly opened image, Elena Tablada, jewelry designer and former David Bisbal, who was Miss Spain, Raquel Rodriguez, and the granddaughter of Fraga Iribarne, Adriana Mosquera Fraga, were some of the celebrities who attended this inauguration which was enlivened with a parade of artistic group curls hairstyles and with live music from the hand of the Nika singer. Presentation of collections, for magazines and television reportage, attention to characters in the world of fashion, cinema and other events that will mark the style in the coming years. In this Hall the artistic team will make individualized services and shall make available to the customer the option to create a personalised study and perform the services most suited to their needs.

In addition, we train professionals in the techniques more avant-garde to create trend and fashion. In short, an exclusive space for their client more select and their clients more vip, explains Daniel Sanchez, director of the curls salons. In this more than 30 years of activity, curls has carved out a reputation within the sector of fashion, particularly national but, increasingly, also outside our borders, as a creator of trends and styles. The banners of the brand are fashion, hair care and beauty of women. Customers who go to a center of the mark Curls make it by the quality of the service, as well as a satisfying experience from the moment they enter the establishment. The traditional perception of hairdressing salon is reforming towards the center of beauty, and the figure of the Barber also plays of image consultant, says Daniel Sanchez.

Curls is nowadays one of the most recognized hair salon brands in the world of Spanish fashion. His creations have always marked tendency, and her own unique style has become part of the history and legend of fashion in our country. Between own salons and franchises, refinement, curls and hairdressing schools succeeded in having 100 establishments in full growth, catering to different segments to satisfy all kinds of demand.