Argentine Government

Clear that the magnitude of both movements is much lower than that observed in the crisis of 2001, while the Government has tools to curb these situations. Can Argentina suffer a crisis like in 2001? In principle one should say no, the current situation of the Argentine economy, as mentioned above, is different from that observed at that time and it has today, much more flexibility (something not allowed convertibility) and tools to overcome the difficult moments without having to pay a high price as it happened with the end of convertibility. I say in principle, because one observes many times how the Argentine Government is autolimita in its economic policy action when it refuses to recognize the reality. This systematic denial imposes a restriction on the possibilities of action as convertibility imposed at the time. A case witness of this, is what has happened with the question inflationary, that refusing the reality when it had exceeded 12%, this increased steadily to more than 30% (in this sense, the external crisis and internal turbulence, did you well to the Argentine economy). Currently, the Government continues to work on measures to encourage economic activity from different fronts and surely today there will be ads in this regard. But apart from this attitude of denial that has proven as Government property, in recent times already is out of necessity or for noble reasons, has been accepted worried the current economic situation of the country, which makes suppose that the stage of denial, would lose viability.

Then, assuming a Government with capacity of reaction, the risk that the Argentine economy is currently facing undoubtedly is not the gravity of which had to face in order to convertibility, although it is not one lower risk to despise it. The current risk, which many economists have made reference in recent days, is that the country, facing a scenario of zero growth. So is that already anticipates that private investment and external sector will be components of the product that most affected will be about the current situation of internal turbulence and external crisis. The consumption of families also feel the impact, while public spending will act partially compensating for the deterioration of other components of Argentine GDP. What should the Government do now? Beyond the economic policy measures that might take the Government at the moment, I think that best thing you can do is take advantage of the crisis has forced it to a partial sinceramiento to so completely honest the problems of the Argentine economy and begin to seek solution. Moments of crisis like that is experiencing, beyond the concerns that might generate, are propitious times for changes of Fund in the economic policy of the countries. Is that the crisis situation facilitates different sectors that struggle to the benefits, agree to cede in the negotiation to facilitate measures that in other times would have seemed impossible to materialize. So for example, one might think that in this context, would be the Government easier to lay workers and employers and ask them the first to yield, at least partially in their wage claims, and seconds that kept jobs and prevent increases in prices on their goods and services. Argentina faces a great challenge, and within this great challenge, a great opportunity to correct the mistakes that have been committed do leverage it?

King Solomon

A painful fact. Amid oaths and curses against the victim, the man was taken to the police delegation. Days later he confessed to authorities that does them motivated by resentment that dominated it since childhood. My father gave me bad treatment, recounted. What the Bible regarding curses and more: when? These words are pronounced against the parents? King Solomon taught: that curse his father and his mother, his lamp will turn you off in dense darkness.(Proverbs 20: 20, new international Version) Utter curses against our parents, reverts in curses for our life, as taught by the word of God; but in addition, cursing other people is an instrument that Satan and his hosts sowing our evil thoughts, leverage if we allow it to cause harm to persons.

We can not become instruments of evil. Our lips must express blessing, not a curse. With respect to elders, in this case the parents, the Scriptures teach that we owe them respect and honour: Ponte standing in the presence of elders. Respect the elders. You fear your God. I am the Lord.(Leviticus 19: 32, new international Version) It is likely to remember having cursed loved his parents among them. Today is the day to repent before God and compensate the damage we did.

Keep in mind can not proclaim us Christians, when our lips say and wish evil to others. The psalmist wrote to address the incoherence of worshipping God but curse others: only consulted to shed him of his greatness. They love the lie; They bless with their mouth, but they curse in his heart.(Psalm 62: 4) We review our expressions. As says the Apostle Paul, we can not open space to help make our adversary the Devil: if they get angry, not small.Don’t let the sun go down while still angry, 27 neither give place to the devil.(Ephesians 4: 26-28, new international Version) It is necessary to remain vigilant, even with what we say at a time when we are angry.

Chords And Scales

It is believed that when we speak of scales and chords we are talking about two things or two different parts, as poorly done. Harmonically it is exactly the same, and our staff member brain better if we join this concept because we recordariamos better. We say chords out of scales or vice versa, in the study of jazz is believed that scales out of chords, since the chord formed by triads as per example: when one touches one chord either, what one does is play the 1st, 3rd and 5th note of a scale not true? so be in the guitar or the piano, this would be the basic chord. In this chord we can define the species of the same; If it is major, minor, diminished, semidisminuido and or altered. But that only put up the triad 5th? What if we would continue with the triads: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13na, we can say that when we add triad from the 5th are chords with tensions, although in jazz music the basic chord is 4 notes IE arrives until the 7th, then if we study a chord that goes up to the 13na, Let’s note that in fact we are seeing that chord scale by intervals of triads, because the 9th is the same note as the 2nd, the 11th is the same note as the 4th and the 13na is the same note 6th, ultimately we have the scale replacing tensions, 9th, 11th and 13na by the 2nd, 4th and 6th. That is why the scale leaves the chord with his triads to the 13na. The harmony study tells us that every chord is a scale or each scale is a chord, always we are talking about the same thing, when one touches a chord, this has its corresponding scale, and when one touches a scale, this has its corresponding chord, so that no separate scale and chord since the only difference this in its execution. Very soon my web page in the relationship to jazz! Best regards!! Original author and source of the article

Jeff Speakman

It also has an extensive video library. Dojo: Spanish journal of great historical, philosophical and martial content, was founded in the Decade of the 70s. It is one of the most enjoyable pleasant reading and content entertaining, among its articles more common were those who treated about Bruce lee, but especially history of martial arts. In addition us was always aware of the films of this genre. Unfortunately leave publish in 2008 for economic reasons, a real Latin, was very good publication.

They used to meet almost the same teachers as the previous, but that if it was more thin. Martial arts: Revista MEXICANA directed by controversial journalist Juan Chia. He was for seven years the publication of martial arts more solid and disseminated on the subject, of very good quality and graphics that begged him nothing to previous magazines. Interviewed teachers from the likes of Frank Dux, Jeff Speakman, Skip Hankok, Robert Koga, Sam Kuoha and virtually all important teacher who came to Mexico. Unfortunately to my I got to see the decadence that became during its last year of existence; items that were once enjoyable and interesting became a sort of commercials and auto flattery to his collaborators. But despite that it was without a doubt, the best magazine that deals with the subject, a pity that I stop editing due to lack of interest.

Katana: Revista MEXICANA, although it does not reach the national dissemination as the previous one, is of high editorial quality and has an extensive video library and is an excellent means of dissemination events and tournaments. It has been very criticized by the Mexican martial community for political reasons between associations, but that does not diminish their valuable content. As I already mentioned, it is not always distributed throughout the country, a real shame. The budoka: Spanish magazine, although it is of the 90s does not reach the dissemination of its namesake, but focuses more on interviews and commercials. It is good quality editorial but also comes to the country several months later. Other journals exist such as the kung fu, fists of steel and martial arts uses but they are are more than anything broadcast of events and of lesser quality, unfortunately. Magazine were, and come but I think it is clear that needed media for the dissemination of these disciplines, since as we do not seek financial gain, sponsorship is not much, but that has not prevented a subculture of fans of martial arts to develop. I say goodbye and accept criticism and suggestions.

Opium Wars

Opium Wars XX Main article: Opium Wars XX Chinese officials destroyed a consignment of export opium opium Marketing by Britain, France and the United States to China led to a conflict of major proportions. The Chinese believed that the West had nothing of value with which to trade. But British and American traders, strongly backed by the English crown, saw the possibility of having opium trade. Opium and its derivatives (morphine, heroin, etc..) Are one of the most addictive drugs. A Chinese worker who became addicted, spending 2 / 3 of his salary on opium and his family left destitute citation needed . By 1839 the opium was already available to workers and peasants. This was generated with an epidemic of addicts in China so the emperor had to intervene in the matter, naming Lin Hse Tsu to curb the opium trade, he burned them drawers and risked a war (1839).When Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, the first thing they did was put a statue of Lin, considered a national hero. Lin Hse Tsu sent a letter to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom asking him not to smuggle more opium (1). However, Queen Victoria did not accede to Chinese demands, exploding shortly after the First Opium War, which generated an incentive for most merchants were in China from the United States and England. Many big U.S. fortunes were based on this drug, which was concealed, they said they were traded tea or snuff. It was called China Trade or Far East Trade. Chinese girl poppy harvesting fruits in Manchukuo

Majesty Hallway

Therefore, from the vestibule, hallway she confidently climbed the hierarchical ladder and settled somewhere at the entrance-hall, thus reviving one of the long, in fact the glorious traditions of the noble interior design and home country site. Thus, the present hall country house – a place if not for life, at least, an extremely comfortable place to spending time preceding the transition into residential apartments. Today's creative freedom, but in other words – design of the apartment allows you to create extremely functional and stylish space hallway. At once agree that the hallway and a closet for storage of household belongings – not the same thing. All the more so in a country cottage to solve this problem is not particularly difficult affair.

It offers the homeowner household Built specially adapted room in the house, which over the years and stored in awe things necessary time in five years, the garage, finally, etc. In short, the hall is used for its intended purpose: to meet included a homey feel, instilling in him the strength and energy to their homes after a busy day. And of course, to accompany him in the morning to the world, providing the necessary positive emotions and pleasant promising to return in the evening. That can create such a mood? Of course, what looks nice and has the functional advantages. His Majesty the cabinet is no secret that the abundance of detail, even if each of them is strictly in place, all externally still gives the impression of disorder. Therefore, the number of things in the hallway should be minimal.

Within reasonable limits, of course: the bare walls, too, do not add to comfort. The optimal set of furniture for the hall will be a hanger, nightstand for shoes, a mirror and, of course, a case – built-in or freestanding. The first is preferable. Because, as experience shows, that this design fits perfectly in any room geometry, because it takes into account topographic features of the walls, elevating even the flaws in the rank of virtues.