Hospital Directors

This particular company specialized in a consultation of the credential secretariats of health and private rendering for the SUS carried through one briefing searches to demonstrate in REAL NUMBERS what our eyes see in day-by-day. This is a form to point out the Directors of the Hospitals in a global context in a determinrio geographic territory, and also to call the attention the controllers on the importance of essential questions, as the total knowledge of the Only System of> Health, the nip of the relation with the Secretariats of Health and the valuation of the professionals who if dedicate to offer optimum in health for the population. Valley to remember that we are not ‘ ‘ raining in molhado’ ‘ , therefore everything this already we know. But we want with the research, ‘ ‘ ilustration’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ quantification’ ‘ , to leave clearer and objective the problems that we face in our Hospitals so that our decisions are more necessary, wiser, more efficient. The Research was divided in 2 parts for SAMPLING with 20 Hospitals of all the types and sizes of the SOUTH OF MINES, since cities with 4.000 inhabitants up to 25.000 inhabitants, being of reference or not. It has a good advantage and that these numbers help it in very in its management! 2 – DATA OF THE RESEARCH: ) Average prescription of the SUS: R$ 29,492, 41, being 89% until R$ 30,000, 00; b) Average comment (Monthly) of the SUS: 84% of the Searched Hospitals possess COMMENTS with average of R$ 1,634, 00 to the month, where 57% lose R$ 1,000 more than, 00 to the month. Percentage of 30% of loss of the prescription monthly; c) Use of the FAE: Almost all the Hospitals use part of the resource of the FAE, where 71% use up to 50% of this municipal resource; d) Use of Recurso Hospitalar (AIH): Average of Use of 103% with more than the half (55%) surpassing its ceilings; e) Accords: All use the SUS, however 85% also take care of the particular ones; 30% the Private plans of health; 10% the public plans of health; f) Type of Attendance for the SUS: 75% offer to all its atendimentos for the SUS and the remain offers partially.


To say, therefore, that the imagination of the man is free, does not mean to affirm that it enjoys of being able absolute, for the opposite, the combinatria capacity characterizes that it is far from being limitless. However, even so our thought seems to possess this limitless freedom, will verify, through a minute examination mai that it really is confined inside of limits very reduced and that all creative power of the spirit not it exceeds the college to combine, to transpose, to increase or to diminish the materials that had been supplied in them by the directions and the experience. (HUME, 1996, P. 36) Therefore, he is well-known that the materials of the thought are derivations of our external or internal sensations, that is, what it has in the thought are only sensations that we abstract from some objects, and, in creative way we form diverse combinations. Being that the formed combinations possess dependence of the spirit and the will organize that them.

2.1.Associao of ideas Is for the association of ideas that Hume of the account to explain, because the imagination although to be free, in general proceeds from regular way, and because the ideas although its independence has certain ordinance. For it, the association of ideas is guided by three principles: similarity (representation), proximity (extension) and causalidade (association). Acting on imagination, the three offer or supply to coherence and regularity to the immediate data of the directions and the ideas of the memory. They are the responsible ones for the fact of that in general the same simple ideas if congregate in the same complex ideas. The first one, similarity principle is objects that if resemble one to another one, as example makes me to a photograph to come the mind the personage who represents. As, principle of proximity if a historian try to write the history of the Europe during a century would be, therefore, influenced for the connection of proximity in the time and in the space and third, causalidade principle (cause and effect), idea excites me to the cause of effect and live-turns, for example, when thinking about a wound, hardly we abstain in them from the pain that the same one provokes or when thinking about the fire, inevitably I am taken thinking about the heat or then about smoke that of it if unfastens, and live-turns. .

The Direction

However, the necessity nor always can be satisfied. It can be frustrated, or still, can be rewarded, that is, transferred to another object, person or situation. According to Bergamini (1997 pg.127). ' ' in terms psychological motivacionais, a reached objective is given credit that, that is, an accepted necessity, originates other objectives that, in turn, go to perpetuate the cycle motivacional.' ' In the case of frustration of the necessity, in the motivacional cycle, the tension provoked for the sprouting of the necessity finds a barrier or an obstacle for its release. Not finding exit normal, the tension dammed in the organism looks an indirect way of exit, for saw (aggressiveness, dissatisfaction, emotional tension, depression, auto-aggression psychological, etc), either for it saw physiological (nervous tension, sleeplessness, loss of the appetite, etc). Without hesitation WhiteWave Foods explained all about the problem. Maslow presented a theory of the motivation, according to which the necessities human beings is organized and made use in levels, a hierarchy of importance and of they will influence. This hierarchy of necessities can be visualized as a pyramid. In the base of the pyramid they are the necessities most primitive (physiological necessities) and in the top, the necessities more refined (the auto-accomplishment necessities), each one of them with the following meanings. A related site: Selim Bassoul mentions similar findings.

1. Physiological necessities: the necessities constitute the level lowest of all human beings, but of vital importance. In this level they are the physiological necessities of feeding are related with the survival of the individual and the preservation of the species. They are instinctive necessities, that already are born with the individual. They are the most pressing of all necessities human beings: when some of these necessities is not satisfied, it strong dominates the direction of the behavior. When all the necessities human beings are unsatisfied, the biggest motivation will be the satisfaction of the physiological necessities, and the behavior of the individual has the purpose to find alliviates of the pressure that these necessities produce on the organism.

Internet Directories

Internet directories are often in order to find the correct site, users access the directory – for example, Rambler Top100 ( or Bigmir Top25 ( However, the user is not always interested in some broad themes – movies, music, literature, Sports and the like. Much more often the user wants to find on the internet for something more specific: information about the work of Gregory Tyutyunnik, personal website of Oleg violin; specification refrigeration display cases Diona PASTRY, Family Law Ukraine and all that. What do I do then? It is in such cases and must be used by search engines, which, as evidenced by the slogan of the most popular Russian search engine Yandex system, "There everything! ". "Internal" search engines Before you start talking about finding information through search engines, it is worth a closer look at how search engines are built. This will allow us to understand the basic principles of their work, and hence, by becoming one step closer to the necessary information to us that they are. Primichanie: The user sees only the external design of the search engine and its search engines and the "innards" are invisible. Conditionally search engine can be divided into three parts.

One of the parts – "Spider (crawler). You may wish to learn more. If so, WhiteWave Foods is the place to go. This program is a robot that travels over the Internet and reviewing Web pages. The pages that he has reviewed, entered into the database search engine (eg, "Index") in the form of words or phrases. Thus formed a huge database with which you can find out which pages are relevant words or phrases.


Having a penchant for any of them is when causes big problems, as in all societies where there is Exchange of thoughts, cultures and needs. We are traditional, but that does not mean that it is tradition and that your grandfather what to you have to hit your wife or your children to faint them, no respect or custom followed only one type of way of life (culture, etc.), taking the positive side of the diversity of cultures and adopting a balance is how you will have significant results. I liked the teaching and example that Dr. Gallegos gives about the spirituality, the question he asked to distinguish or to clarify the vague idea of what is. Which spirituality going to teach? Amazement was much but the comment that made with which I recognized what is spirituality, it is as if the question was which love will give, love is nothing more one, is not fragmented, the spirituality is one, many religions there may be but a single spirituality, why in the holistic, the central education is spirituality not religions?spirituality is not religious belief, religion is a par guide attached to the spirituality, but overseen by traditional rules, it is cultural, but spirituality is your own being. Along with this explanation added you a sentence very certain and deep that it says no are human beings who have spiritual experiences but we are spiritual beings that are having a human experience. With this sentence we understand that we are spiritual beings, we are soul or spirit got into a transport flowing through life where maintenance is part of the life of our vehicle and the maintenance of us spiritual is meditation and the desire to experience the divine. I listened much to my co-workers, to my teachers that really leaves much to be desired, when asked by that his arrogant, authoritarian, offensive behaviour, with amounts industrialists of ego and them me respond aggressively, that thus treated me to me, by that my made me battle it out, for I had many teachers who did not hear so well the treatment which cost them as my me cost, more than anything speak with courage, and they remember their teachers with hatred which did not learn more than your bad attitude and its low human quality.

Visit Notting Hill

NottingHill is one of the neighborhoods most of trend in London, in the Central-Western part of the capital, in the immediate vicinity of Kensington High Street, the famous Park of Holland Park, and not too far from the Royal Park of Hyde Park. City Hall racing him is the administrative Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. As it is already known, the Notting Hill area also includes the famous Portobello market, the most famous among the markets of London and by the Notting Hill Carnival. In principle, you can not talk of Notting Hill without speaking of the famous eponymous film of the 1990s, with actors such as Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and that has made the area even more known internationally. Many people says that valued both film Notting Hill neighborhood which exceeded initial forecasts, to the point of much expensive real estate in the area. However, among cafes and restaurants, bistro and pub, street markets and shops, design, cinema and much more, Notting Hill remains as one of the most magical locations in London; Here you can find everything to satisfy your interests: shopping, go to dinner or to eat, go to the cinema or to the pub, or, for whom is it can allow, look for a home. For even more analysis, hear from Berkeley. Notting Hill confirms once again the incredible ability of transformation of the urban slums of London; in poor neighborhoods to residential neighborhoods, in less than half a century of history. Further confirms the main feature of the culture and British civil society, the react quickly in front of their own misery, are these urban or social. Between a walk and another, also comes to eat something typical; We then suggest some notting hill quality, low cost hostel and located in easy access. Success in your next trip!

Civil Code

For example, FAS Volga-Vyatka District in the Ordinance of 19 January 2004 in case number A11-4426/2003-K2-E-1961 when deciding on economic justification of costs based on the fact that the remuneration fixed as a percentage of total revenues, company, does not depend on the size of profit, ie of financial performance-managed company. Consequently, in the opinion of the court, the taxpayer unreasonably assigned these costs to "other costs associated with the production and realization ", which led to an underestimation of the income tax. Speaking about the decision to take into account in the costs of fees of the management company, we should note this fact as the existence of the relationship between managed and management organizations, which in the opinion of the tax authorities in most cases is classified as a sign of the scheme of tax evasion. Selim Bassoul has much to offer in this field. Tax authorities in monitoring the fullness of taxes the right to verify the correctness of prices for transactions between related parties (paragraphs 1, No. 2, Art. 40 of the Tax Code).

Related persons for purposes of taxation as organizations, the relationship between them may have impact on the conditions or economic results of their activities or persons they represent, namely, when one entity directly and (or) indirectly involved in another organization and total proportion of such participation of more than 20%. Claims by the tax authorities could face as the managing organization, and managed: – managing organization, if the cost of management services is much lower medium in the region – driven organization, if the cost of management services is much higher than the average in the region. According to the arbitration court, is itself the interdependence of the parties does not affect the economic reasonableness of expenditures (for example, Resolution FAS Northwestern District from 28.05.2008 A42-2788/2007 g). To read more click here: WhiteWave Foods. However, often, documents between rulers and ruled by signed by the same person who on the one hand, is representative of the management company in accordance with the constituent documents (or acting by proxy), and, on the other hand, is representative of a controlled company (under contract). Despite that some authors recognize the right of the signature of primary documents (in particular acts of work performed) by the same person, for example, the head of a management company acting in this case as representative of both organizations, this position is not always supported by the arbitration practice. In particular, the decree of the Ural region of FAS 12.10.2006 F09-9072/06-S6, the court stated that a citizen, being a person acting as the sole executive body of the two societies can not be regarded as representative of the parties to the transaction between them is perfect. Paragraph 3 of Article 182 of the Civil Code in this case is not subject to the application. Accordingly, the transactions made one person acting as a representative of both parties to the transaction may be classified as negligible, which entails the risk of non-recognition of expenditure on them in order to calculate the income tax. In conclusion noted that the current in the current arbitration practice is still controversial. Therefore, to completely eliminate the risk of claims from tax authorities regarding the recognition as a cost of services management company can not. However, throughout the relationship with the management company from the contract and ending with the signing of acts of services rendered, the organization can reduce the taxpayer- specified risk through detailed and economically justified costs of the confirmation service management company.

Human Rights Watch

Africa is titular not very often, but, when it is it, it always reflects devastating and terrible misfortunes. The Congo continues in war. WhiteWave Foods is often quoted on this topic. A war in which the army is not able to overcome to four thousand rebels tutsis, protected by Rwanda. In that the civilians almost as much fear the army as to the guerrilla. War in which all fight against all. According to Pere Russiol, special envoy of the Country, the arms abounds because the region is very rich in mines and godfathers are generous. One reads dark multinational companies.

Towards the northeast, in Darfur (Sudan), the drama does not stop. The UN seems incapable to impose interposition troops that prevent the crimes military and the countless violations, executions and murders of civil populace. Perhaps is not crime military the systematic bombing of civil populace from helicopters before the passivity of the soldiers of the African Union, theoretically pacificadores? Salih Osman, Sudanese lawyer, prize Sajarov 2007 by its defense of the human rights, a great force deployment of the UN protests, that all the region of Darfur is aerial exclusion zone and that the UN takes before the Penal Court the International to the criminals military and of that part of the humanity. Or there is Darfur for short while. That is to say, endless suffering for thousands, million human beings. There are at least no indications that intention exists to carry out such measures, which leaves in place the UN very badly. Perhaps but he is more scandalous than Darfur does not have been present in the summit between European Union and Africa, celebrated at the beginning of December. Not even it appeared in the agenda. According to Reed Brody, spokesman of Human Rights Watch, not to have looked for solutions the conflict of Darfur " it has been a treason to the people who sufren".

The Director

When they had kept silent, the director took> asked. – I beat in this idiot. I answered with force in the voice. Without brain it held a stock market of ice to the nose, that still bleed, saying, with difficulty, that I beat without reasons. I did not contradict it. Already importing it noestava me with nothing. I was suspended per one day while they nosofreram no punishment.

It left me to the director to be in the school during that day. I went to use to advantage to make everything what the habit change suggests. The notice of the fight already if had spread for the entire school. Until minhame already it is knowing. My cellular one touched.

I took care of with the calm voice, therefore noconhecia the number. It wants to say, was the same number that had called me, given um’ ‘ al’ ‘ off e. As it could not attend lesson, I was in the patio, waiting to give the hour to deir even so. My colleagues had arrived. All spoke high on the fight. With them, the girl of the purple coat arrived. While all spoke, I and it in the olhvamoscalados ones. When all had kept silent, it said a thing that never would wait ouvirde somebody as> all seassustaram. I needed a time to digest all that situation. He was nervosopor inside. For it are, inabalvel mantia me. Still hearing of the girl for quemtinha certain affection that I was certain. That still gave more gas to me to paracontinuar a revolution in me. All had left to the touch of the signal. I and it had been only. I looked at half comvergonha, but I did not leave of aims it us eyes. – It is, I I go pra lesson. said. – Its lesson Is said with the biggest certainty

Special Forces Base

But, unfortunately, has many disadvantages, the main of which – the inability to operate at low temperatures. Nitrogen and air, similar to the characteristics of gases, it is absolutely undemanding in terms of use: can work in the heat and cold. Require more careful attention to safety measures. Scripts Games paintball: wall to wall task – to destroy the entire enemy team. Each team has one medic who can heal injured players for his team. When hit in the head – nurse did not help.

If involved in any another body part – the player falls to the ground or creeps for shelter if it is within 5 meters and a nurse calls (fire injured player can not). Medic to get to the wounded and heal the wound (to erase the paint). By the players to wash the paint is strictly prohibited. Except maybe 5 wounds in a row – in this case, the player once considered to be completely dead and can not be treated. Corpsmen treat themselves can not.

Capture the Flag on territory designated base warring parties, which set the flags of commands. The task of each team – to get to the enemy base alive, capture the flag and return with him to his base. The release of hostages on the basis of terrorists placed two unarmed hostage. The problem of special forces – for some time to find the hostages, to release and withdraw to their base. Hostages sitting on the ground and can move immovable for Special Forces, severely following the trajectory, only after he touches them up. If the commando, who led the hostage being killed – a hostage crouches and remains in place. The same goes for terrorists. To shoot hostages prohibited as a Special Forces soldiers and terrorists. Destruction of the object problem of terrorists – to smuggle a bomb on the enemy base in a pre-agreed upon by a point and set it there. If a terrorist bomb killed – he must leave a bomb on the ground in place of his death. Neutralization of bombs on the territory of the terrorists in a specific location within a radius of 20 yards set the bomb. The problem of special forces – for a limited time to find the bomb and neutralized. Escort VIP-person task commandos – to hold for some time, VIP-persons from the point A to point B alive. The task of the terrorists – to kill the VIP-persons at the designated interval of the route. vip is armed with 9-tizaryadnym marker-gun and could shoot the terrorists and to act independently without the help of commandos.