Finish Mortar

Applied to the outer layer of brick paint must be able to 'breathe', ie skip moisture in the brick wall outside, and not to detain her under the film. Secretary of Agriculture does not necessarily agree. Unlike oil, latex paint generally provide a constant. Acrylic paints are resistant to alkaline corrosion resistance to alkaline corrosion is the second most important reason for which is recommended to use 100%-WIDE acrylic paints. The alkalinity of the surface of the wall may have a significant impact on the durability and performance of the paint. Although the bricks are usually chemically neutral solution of brickwork can be alkaline. This means that the use of fresh mortar to repair or replace missing or shaky bricks you should wait at least a month before painting so that the alkalinity decreased. Damage less than a year ago mortar can be caustic and cause a 'burn' or deterioration of the conventional paint binder, followed by salting, as well as cracking and separation.

Nevertheless high-quality paint, manufactured from 100% acrylic binder, resistant to high pH, which allows you to paint again caused the mortar after 30 days. If the paint should be deal earlier this time, you should use an alkali resistant, construction primer. The new mortar is also more prone to salting-out, which can penetrate through the film normal latex paint and ruin the finish. High-quality latex paint for exterior coatings form a protective barrier that prevents the penetration of salts through the film and thus prevent the deterioration of the appearance that is an additional advantage in comparison with cheaper 'standard' colors. In general, despite the fact that high-quality latex paint for exterior coatings are more expensive than conventional latex paints, over time they will be longer maintain the appearance and save time and money because there will be no need for frequent repairs.


While some, with a smile, prepared the grapes last December 31, others nostalgic made balance of what for them has meant the year 2010: experiences, joys and disappointments, are some of the nuances that flooded it. Each year is different than the previous; No two same years or two identical moments, therefore, take care of you be the sole inventor of the 2011: dare to do what they always wanted, you not aplaces more! Christmas many times us cannot rest due to the Organization of meetings, meals family or compulsive shopping. Perhaps your year would start with best foot if you escape to Galicia, you’ve already gone? It is a must to enjoy those landscapes that transmit so much peace, as the beautiful Rias Baixas. Worth the stay, even for a weekend, in one of the apartments for rent in Galicia covering all needs of tourists. If you are among those fleeing the cold, perhaps let Galicia for later and want to enjoy the beauty and continuous entertainment on the Costa Blanca where you will find places of dreams with rented accommodation at your disposal to spend your vacation, for example, in Javea, Calpe or Denia. Are you a romantic? Only one month for Valentine’s day and although it may to February 14 don’t tell you anything, why not use it as an excuse and plan something special with your partner? If bookings already, cost you much less, so surprise with an apartment in Marbella? Something that you’ve never taken perhaps is about living a Valencian mascleta; delight in the monumental works of art covering the city, or feel the memorable castles of fire that left stunned visitors, those who support each year, they repeated.

Fallas of Valencia, from 15 to 19 March, are an international claim; the city is full of life, art, live it about renting an apartment in Valencia on those dates. Some will no longer enjoy holiday until Easter. In April, and already with the trees in flower, come Holy week and cities such as Murcia and Seville, they will draw their Cristos to the streets for singing a saeta you have lived closely the emotion of those lands by Holy week? Spring will leave their last traces of floral perfume and come the summer. Don’t miss this year without a short break by the coast and enjoy the breeze of the sea, or if you’re more mountain, indulge yourself in nature, your body needs it. If you prefer, why not book in September when the rates are much cheaper and less saturated places? Take advantage of the low season to rent an apartment in Ibiza which raises both of price in the summer months. Come October and November, and with them, the cold, but there is nothing better than to take advantage of that cold in the snow.

If you like skiing, Soldeu is a charming destination to practice it. It leverages some weekend of October or the bridge November at the station of Grandvalira/Soldeu-El tarter. And then returns the end of the year, they will return the balance of what has been our year so, until you reach that point, anticipate and creates a different year, as you can see, any time is good to get away and enjoy. What you plan do to convert the 2011 in a special year?


An in-depth analysis is not required nor suffer weather plaguing the people of amphibious culture of our country, especially for those who live in the Momposina depression, to understand their claims and its revelation for him means more Pacific, the democratic and participatory! and with just cause to pretend its political and administrative autonomy that will ensure them a better future. The initiative to create a sub-regional governmental entity to organize policy, administrative, economic, social and culturally, a la Momposina depression is a sound proposal by which the territorial rearrangement is a necessary instrument for democracy that allows you to empower marginalized people face their destiny, consolidate their autonomy, legitimacy and development, equitable, productive and sustainable; the economy that revolves around is redistributed to the rentiers that appropriate territorial public resources preventing to arrive to the regions and the population who is his destiny, and is desacumula the concentration of centralized power that keeps drowned any chance of self management of the periphery. Centralization and despotism were born the same day, and with them the misery and the ignorance of crowds 1 the challenge of the current constitutional framework as a social State of law, is to democratize public and relegitimar equity for a coexistence pacifica. La Momposina depression has been shared by two or three departments, and none has been able to manage or plan their development; They have given unfair treatment that has not been able to leave smallholding, its wealth of this diaper and don’t even have shorts, but now is the time to put the long, doing a forward planning with a sustainable and self-sufficient development model, starting from the potentiation of their wealth that allows us to determine which can be use and about that lay the Foundation on how to structure your administrative and economic policy. It is time that this area off of paternalism Central station to which they belong; plan and confront their own development and counteract the inequality is the best I have been able to propose the peoples of this area that only they are seen and remembered when media advertised the floods that suffer, but nobody remembers or view the abandonment, poverty and other factors that influence the poor living conditions in which they are because of lack of attention and policies of regional Governmentsthat never have them equipped with basic infrastructures as the public services, or has established les rules to sort its economy which provide opportunities for a better way of life.

Business Internet

Do you know how to start an Internet business?. If your answer is positive, there is a good chance of be thinking about internet marketing. It is said, that not all companies in Internet marketing, don’t cost the same. There are some that can be started with only a computer and some time. In other Internet companies require a top on the line, a web site as well as a product. As you can see, you need to think carefully about costs, the implementation of your business, which you’re trying to decide which idea is going to continue. The concept more importantly, costs of starting a business on the Internet.

If you are lucky enough to have a partner reliable desktop or laptop, you already may be to a good start. But even if you don’t have a computer, there is nothing to worry. Instead, you can buy a new drive for less than $500. It can be baastante money, but is in order to start an Internet business is something that you need. Once you have your computer in your home, you should start to consider others expenses, those that are specific to your business idea. For example, whether to sell a physical product that needs to be sent? If so, you will need to calculate the costs in the purchase or manufacture of these products. Of course, that also need to be thinking about your shipment and storage system. Starting an Internet business can be very profitable. But like any other business, you can get out of control, with what you buy; If you are not careful. make a summary of all your expenses, and then set aside the money, to make sure that it can allow you everything you need.