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On 2 and 3.10 we invite you 3002 Purkersdorf, Linzer Strasse 49-51 of Gruber Haus House trade after A! “Save with promotions at ecological construction” in the Center is this year! Healthy living with wood is a natural, warm”wood, renewable material! The inhabitants of a wooden house benefit sustainably from the healthy living environment and the high quality of living! More and more people have recognized this, and the share of wooden House rises continuously! We have designed for our clients of wooden prefabricated houses; the energy figures obtained with whom; to to be promoted as a low-energy House”, says Werner Gruber. Along the lines of nature, Gruber House customers benefit with this smart well feel houses”therefore twice! In the model home park in Purkersdorf, seven houses are built! In addition to two homes are five small houses with a built-up area of 35 or 50 m 2. The possibility also at the weekend, in a relaxed atmosphere, on the occasion of the in-house exhibition to enjoy the experience of living in a Gruber House. The Gruber-house team is the 2.10.09 on Friday and on Saturday the 3.10.09 from 8 until 18.00 for questions! “” Quality must remain affordable all-in-one solution Garden Home Premium “with 50 m the Gruber half-timbered House premium” exist up to the garden fair in Vienna in November as a complete solution from 149.900,00! The excavation work, the Foundation slab, plumbing and electrical installations in the price are included in addition to the entire House. Gruber Haus GmbH is the specialist for wooden prefabricated houses! Small garden houses and houses as a log cabin or transoms are built. Wood gains more and more importance as a natural material.

Servicetrace Managing Director

Servicetrace solution is easy to implement and requires no training Darmstadt, April 28, 2008 – with the product ExpertTracer for server”the Darmstadt-based software house Servicetrace has developed an easy-to-implement solution for monitoring of server resources. Thus, the user can ensure that no shortages arise in IT support of business processes. The existing hardware at additional requirements as ExpertTracer is used for server”the analysis, what resources can provide. The solution is one of the ServiceTracer architecture, which also includes modules for network monitoring, an end-to-end robots for the application monitoring at the client level and a central management unit. In addition, it contains a component for the monitoring specifically for SAP applications. The core concern of the Servicetrace platform is efficient and cost-saving real time analysis of the availability and quality of infrastructure systems. What performance they offer at the point of creation, is often fairly precisely observed. But how fast and available the core applications when the users arrive, but mostly ausser eight is allowed”, founded the Servicetrace Managing Director of Markus Jatin the solution concept.

While this is the ultimate measure, because it describes the level of support of business processes”, he says. The platform is therefore designed to analyze the different performance levels between central systems and the user clients. Representation of all critical performance factors to is one of the new module ExpertTracer for server”. This software analyzes agentenlos Windows -, UNIX – and Linux systems in terms of CPU and memory utilization, workload, availability, network card load and number of users logged-on. The typical areas of application include the server monitoring in real time, watching service levels, an update of configuration databases as well as the monitoring of server capacity. The Server monitoring is to the rapid appearance of decision-relevant information centrally through the SNMP protocol. By means of a scanning additional server systems can be integrated minutes in the monitoring, so that a significantly expanded using only a low administration overhead. Use the simple user guide ExpertTracer for server can be”even without special training.

About Servicetrace Servicetrace integrated monitoring solutions developed for determining the performance of key applications. The ServiceTracer platform provides the decision-relevant information for the management and other stakeholders in the company in the form of reports and alerts. The implementation and administration of architecture produces only a small amount. It is also appropriately scalable. Companies such as Lufthansa AirPlus among the customers of ServiceTrace, Norvatis Pharma, Sparkassen Informatik, T-systems, etc.

Federal Association

Augsburg trade fair RENEXPO provides already for the 9th time updates know-how the interest in renewable energy sources as an important part of the future energy supply is undiminished. After the huge success the RENEXPO 2007 end of September is already a great interest on the part of the Exhibitor, to be again in 2008 in Augsburg. From October 9-12, 2008 all about renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation will rotate in the Augsburg exhibition already for the ninth time. The range of topics ranging from renovation of heating with Sun and wood to passive houses, block heat and power plants, mobility, heat pump, hydro power and wind power. One of the highlights is Germany’s largest special exhibition for energy generation from wood HolzEnergie with IHE. The entire value chain of wood energy, as well as news and trends of the wood energy industry are presented in Augsburg.

The leading Congress organised by the German bioenergy Association (BBE) for wood energy is Germany’s industry showcase and gives a comprehensive overview on politics, economy, and best practice. The IHE has established in the exhibition programme for the wood energy sector”was the unanimous conclusion by visitors and exhibitors of the IHE 2007. Themed regional and decentralized”the area of combined heat and power will be expanded in 2008. In cooperation with the Federal Association of combined heat and power, updates know-how is available on fair and Congress. Solar technology is also capitalized in Augsburg. Focus Sun is topic at the trade fair and Congress with latest developments and technologies related to photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar cooling. Export opportunities and new markets will be addressed here. Heat and enables high efficiency heat pump cool.

On the heat pump world”and the accompanying 4th Federal Congress meet heat pump manufacturers, installers and users each year in Augsburg for the exchange of experience. The exhibition area interGreenBuilding focuses on energy-efficient construction, modernisation and renovation. Manufacturers and service providers offer an overview Home Automation, ventilation, Windows and insulation, as well as complete passive houses in solid – wood construction. Internationally, Augsburg as industry get-together has made a name. The IBEF serves international business exchange forum for contacts and project preparation for economic and Government delegations from Thailand, China, Romania and Hungary. In addition to fair and Congress a wide free lecture programme the visitors.

Diedruckereide Prints Brochures

Four million euros investments bring additional benefits for online shoppers Neustadt on the Aisch booklet printing in in-house production of online printers make investments amounting to EUR 4 million now even more efficient. Selim ┬áBassoul spoke with conviction. With the acquisition of a further 8 colours offset printing machine and inserting a new collection stapler, the production process for brochures with saddle stitching will be further optimized. With the improvements in the production we can reduce permanently the prices of booklets with saddle stitching in the online shop”, Julia Voigt, marketing manager of onlineprinters GmbH, about the attractive offer of online printing company is pleased Booklets with saddle stitching also in small editions parentheses includes brochures the most common printed material in advertising, since they can be used: In the range of eight to 128 pages, information in the high-quality and yet inexpensive brochures can be present with saddle stitching. From a small limited edition of 50, the brochures can in the Offset printing in the online printing can be ordered. The optimized processes make possible the production of high-quality brochures, both small and large runs at very reasonable prices. We have invested heavily in the most modern printing technology and processing.

As a result we can print even cheaper, faster, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly”, enumerates Voigt the advantages for the customers. Several State of the art Heidelberg Speedmaster XL for the printing of flyers, folding flyers and brochures in the field are in the PSO certified production of the online printing service provider. The cost advantages of optimized processes be given one-to-one with customers of the online printers throughout Europe. Application examples of brochures in the catalogue a practical guidance for online shoppers who collect first experiences with printed materials from the online shop, the product catalog by offers. The catalog clearly visualizes the product range with application examples. In the online catalogue to be Designs for brochures shown and illustrated information on stitches, materials and finishes and formats at a glance. TV spot by again goes on show the online shop for his Internet brand recognition also relies on TV advertising: a renewed flight of TV is the TV-spot of the online print shop from mid-August for the third time in 2012 in the German television for 14 days on the air.

“The TV ad cube” advertises in a funny-cheeky story printed materials from the online shop of The spot runs on many transmission sites at n-tv, N24, DMAX, cable one, Tele 5 and SPORT1. Online is the spot on watch? v = wxSoAbPbE9Y and obtained since the release in may 2012 over 116,000 times on YouTube. About onlineprinters GmbH, the onlineprinters GmbH was founded in the year 2008 evolved into one of the largest online printers in Europe within a few years. The German company supplies 30 countries in Europe. In the PSO certified production are all common printing needs in offset printing quality and manufactured in flexible digital printing. “Print jobs themselves complete and quick delivery” is the claim of business customers who order their printed material in the online shop stitched brochures and large-format advertising systems from business cards and stationery through flyers, postcards and posters to adhesive bound catalogues, and upload printing data itself. For the exemplary development of the company, the online printing 2012 was Bavaria’s best 50 “excellent businesses. Product and corporate information available in the mobile shop mobile.diedruckerei.

Contact Fair

With an attractive offer of the German supported SaS provider of akwiso companies, drastically increasing the efficiency of their trade fair contact management and the conversion rate significantly increasing trade fair visitor/customer. Exhibitors are Dietmannsried – rather than how so far painfully having to measure by any fair mostly incomplete fair contact sheets or deciphering illegible notes on cards, with akwiso.event able to capture their fair contacts even before the place online. Contacts can be processed without delay, errors in the capture and loss due to lost contact sheets or business cards are virtually excluded. All companies that want to test the performance and flexibility of akwiso.event once on a practical presentation, get immediately the opportunity to do this for free. Learn more about this attractive offer is available in the Internet at. Measurement in most industries are still the most important measures to the New customer acquisition.

In Germany alone, 161 regional fairs took place in 2006, according to the exhibition and trade fair Committee of German Industry Association (AUMA) with more than 170,000 exhibitors and more than 9.5 million visitors. These events were complemented by a dense network of regional fairs with about 50,000 exhibitors and 7.5 million visitors. And also in the international business trade fairs play a significant role in the development of new markets. So, the Federal Government alone promotes annually about 200 community performances of German companies abroad. But exhibitions cost money for the booth, the invitation campaign in advance, marketing measures on the trade, catering and accommodation of the stand personnel, u.v.m.

For this reason must every company keen to be, to get the most out of his participation, i.e. as many visitors at the stand, then customers should be. But just the efficient reworking of trade fair contacts offers comprehensive improvement. It all starts with the first Contact with the visitors.

Efficient User Management

The consultancy recommends that process-oriented solutions with automated Leverkusen, October 14, 2008 – by the technological changes in the enterprise such as about the ongoing virtualization is one of the overarching management of users and their rights the duty program. Also the increasingly dynamic change of IT, as well as enhanced initiatives to the business process orientation require many automated processes across all systems. Classic solutions based on centralized directory, comply with actual rarely”, judge centracon Robert Gerhards from the consulting firm. You are not only inadequate, but at the same time also very time consuming and expensive”, he describes. A process-oriented management of identities was necessary especially due to the new legal requirements to EuroSOX the companies would have to critically rethink their solutions in the user management. Gallagher points out that nowadays the figure more common organizational Changes in the systems and applications to complex and partly manual processes leads. The revision security and transparency of the corresponding changes will reduced significantly.

This requires a new approach based on a process-oriented automation of the companies, modular and without changes to the infrastructure or organization slim can realize their identity management solution. Such process-oriented automation solutions for identity management should have the following characteristics according to the centracon consultants: current processes quickly and simply reproduce complete mapping of end-to-end processes by applying to the equipment in the system applications and systems seamlessly connect users and rights management automate processes through intelligent workflows control the traceability of the processes achieve compliance and audit requirements adhere to simple scalability in terms of the scope of the user accounts to manage. According to the market analysis of centracon xTigo has currently the solution to a such performance profile that corresponds to the requirements of efficient management of identities and rights. The xTigo automation automates framework the processes by means of predefined workflow as modular and open framework. At the same time, it controls the necessary for every process step jobs in the technical systems such as Active Directory, software distribution, HR or mail system. Retired employees are automatically excluded from all IT systems.

Integrated auditing security xTigo makes to understand what employees at which time had what permissions. Due to the workflows that are pictured in the identity management solution, she can be dynamically adjusted the infrastructure and processes of the company. The xTigo interfaces allow the integration into other systems in addition to standardize the corporate identity management. About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts. Customers include, for example, Bayer AG, FinanzIT, fiducia IT AG, GAD eG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Swisscom IT services, Sony, and various federal agencies such as the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Crisis Efficient Advertising

Agency travel hairdryer comes with clear concept at the start of the economic framework conditions are currently not very rosy. Right now, it’s fatal, however, to stick your head in the sand for companies. Sales generate only with attractive customer communication is also in a difficult market environment. These commercials have to be expensive? The Agency Travel Monitor says “no”. The newcomer from Cologne is a concept for efficient advertising at the start.

Advertising and corporate communications have to be complicated and expensive. It often depends on the efficient use of all resources. Example: a company brochure. The range of design options is almost infinite. A company can choose a special format, square paper, rounded corners and a gold foil stamping on the front page.

Each request is but also an additional cost factor. Worth it? No. “A classic DIN A4 brochure, good designs and attractive, likewise leads to the target and protects especially the budget,” explains Ingo Porstmann, Owner of the Agency travel Phon. Good and cheap, it’s usually called this approach. The Agency travel Phon would like to offer their customers efficient advertising in the fields of communication, text and design. At the same time the creative from Cologne specialize very precisely on the aviation, hospitality and travel industries. Behind it hide for example airlines, business jet operators, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, Conference Centre and destinations. “Our knowledge of the industry helps to realize projects efficiently”, Ingo Porstmann added. Why? Because the travel Phon speaks the language of the contracting authority the Agency and who knows the needs of their customers. A single designer will provide certainly attractive designs. But how long he needed to understand what the clients want to accomplish with their advertising? Here for elaborate coordination meetings every hour, and corrections to invest is an additional burden for the budget. This overhead will the Agency travel Phon in the spirit of the Minimize the concept of efficient advertising. The Agency travel Phon is a network of specialists from all disciplines of corporate communication. Project managers designers and photographers to Web programming all have a common goal: to create efficient advertising in aviation, hospitality and travel industries. The services include communication, text and design. Agency travel Phon Ingo Porstmann Venloer Strasse 251 50823 Cologne Tel: 0221-5105049 E-mail:

Fritz Perls

Not resolve the question of life on the other, but trying to construct a project in which meeting the expectations of both have a place, either for fun, grow, evolve, and share the rest of your life, while retaining the independence of each. Jungian analysts support the idea that things and situations in life come together synchronously to bring the message required, learning need and resources required. The best and most accurate of the mirrors, is the couple's relationship is the only link that can reflect about my worst and best aspects. Synchrony occurs when people respected the other, is allowed to maintain their individuality and in turn is so generous that it dispenses a certain area which is transferred to the other for the sake of common benefit, if that is contributed by both parties of the relationship does not germinate. Much of the analysis of the cases of couples with problems is to focus attention to talk about himself not the problems the other or discuss how the objective is to occur for them to meet to see and analyze what is what each does, says or thinks that affects the other greatly.

We have to stop blaming the other and take responsibility for the happiness of his own life. The anchor of a continuous complaint situation does not lead to anything positive and tight partner relationships. Fritz Perls said that 80% of what we perceive is projection of ourselves in our essence, … good and the remaining 20% as well.

Decorative Mirrors

The development of elements that are useful for people is a challenge that researchers and inventors take daily, some tools like the toilets where the main key focus of this article are the mirrors. The mirrors are made of a piece of rock crystal or glass, reflecting light or image projected onto them, is considered a tool of vanity for its virtues reflective. The mirrors start their development in Egypt since 2500 BC, where the invention of the first type of mirror made with bronze led to further developments. The use of mirrors also began to apply to civilizations like Roman, Greek and Etruscan, where the first civilizations created by these mirrors showed a new way to manufacture them. They began to use silver instead of bronze, in order to improve image sharpness. The use of metals like silver mirrors, bronze and copper, made for very limited periods of time, and that environmental factors dull metals.

The mirrors start their use in toilets from the Middle Ages, more specifically in the sixteenth century, with the invention of mirrors, glass and rock crystal, allowed the use of these easily applied to items such as tables and equipment, specially designed to place the mirrors. The mirrors for the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century began to be manufactured in various sizes and shapes, in order to convert an element of vanity to an embellishment of rooms and royal residences. For the nineteenth century the use of mirrors were a major source of decoration used at the time. The adjustment of the mirrors to other items such as automobiles, bicycles, trains and some more specific such as telescopes began to be used from the twentieth century. Today mirrors are a key part in some research such as space, since a major component of the giant telescope mirrors and lenses are developed based on the original mirror. It is proper to note that some researchers as prestigious as Galileo Galilei and Leonardo Da Vinci, during the course of his life mirrors used to develop some of their research.

At present human evolution has led to the mirrors to levels never believed, because the development of various types provided a wide range of them, which are categorized into three main categories: they are: concave mirrors: they are designed semi spherical shape, in order to provide a visual image of greater range of the object or person reflected. Convex Mirrors: this is also developed concave mirrors, with the difference reflecting the exterior design is concave, in order to increase the image directly reflected. Flat Mirrors: They are designed as the name implies so flat that the reflection that this gives, is equal to the element to reflect. In conclusion, the invention of mirrors was a great help for the development of some very important elements in today, which is why it is good to highlight the history, utility and development of this element as used in the daily lives of all people.

EUR Credit

It gives an opportunity for both to perform your best cooperative. There is a downside, however. With two people actively using the account, it is not so easy for you to keep track of transactions and account balances, especially if they are using the account much. This can be overcome by discussing openly all expenditure, the day that happens. The benefits of separate accounts will maintain separate accounts for each person in the relationship freedom: each will have to consult with your partner for each purchase.

Also, having separate accounts may create fewer complications in the relationship. Carrier Corporation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. They will maintain a sense of independence, and this can be very important to some relationships. A refusal to co-financing agreement is that it can seem unfair. If a couple earns 40,000 per year, and the only one EUR 25,000, the person with the lowest wage you can feel it's a lack of confidence! If you decide to have joint bank accounts checking or savings account, then you will have to find a system to pay the household bills and handling other joint finances. One option that works well, and that I use is to have a joint bank account in which both pay each month for household expenses. This can work very well, especially if they sit together and agree on the first budget, and what proportion will be funded by each partner. It is important that this clear at the outset, it is not likely to be less risk of a problem with financial arguments later.

Joint credit agreements Another thing to consider with joint finances is credit. This can be considered positive or problematic, depending on their individual credit ratings. At some point, however, you may well want to apply for joint credit. This is most likely with a large purchase, like a car or a house. It is best to do that if you have a joint credit. With joint credit, both will be responsible for 100% of the debt, even if you co-sign a loan with your partner, or add your name to the account of its credit card partner. If, however, decided to maintain separate credit, the general rule is that they are responsible for other debt. An exception to this may be if the debt is a household spending. If a person has had a bad credit history before marriage, then it is advisable for others to keep their credit separate. A credit application projects will be considered on the basis of the two ratings crdit, and the lower drag on the other. This article was written by Roy Thomsitt, author of the owner and eliminate credit card debt now website.