Spanish Ministry

On the other hand, for those readers with wifi, it presents the advantage that can syndicate in RSS new titles that are digitized and you can as well be permanently informed of the developments. is an Argentine initiative sponsored by different public and private entities which aims to provide a catalogue of books for download in Spanish aimed at students and users in general. The objective is to form a free and virtual library in which users can support for their training. The catalog offered is broad and covers numerous topics, with a total of 11.646 works available for download in PDF format. LibriVox.

This project free and Community aims last dump all titles free of rights in audio files, i.e. make audiobooks complimentary and free. For this purpose it has contributions from Internet users, that Act of readers and recorded their readings aloud to then pass the recordings to MP3 or OGG Vorbis (a free audio format) and upload them to the project’s page. Rick Garcia CBS has plenty of information regarding this issue. These can be heard on the network or download in the form of podcast to hear them on portable devices. It includes RSS service to keep abreast of new audiobooks, and as an example, has Don Quixote reading in several languages, including Castilian, although with English accent. Virtual library Cervantes. It is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of culture to promote national literature in the network.

This platform has numerous books and magazines texts extracted from the National Library and the national archives. However, although some of his works can be downloaded, especially of the Spanish golden age, they are in PDF format and as an image of the scanned pages, so the file can be little suitable (or nothing) to be read on readers. Works of important authors does not offer download as Perez Galdos or Clarin (although his main novels are in web access), for example, and its search system is very unclear.

OrgTsentr Software

Execution term survey of 45 60 calendar days according to the specified depth and number of business processes to be automated. 2. Preparation of technical job writing software. The tor, as a rule, are: – informal statement of problem – description of the purpose designed software – the technical requirements for functions – the organization of input and output data – basic calculation algorithms and analysis. In addition, tk reflects the mode of using software – requirements for reliability on the hardware – compatibility requirements, description of user interfaces – a number of elements Techno-economic performance of the designed software. Time and cost of developing the specification will depend on whether the system is designed from scratch or tk would be written "to change the default configuration program.

" In the first case, the period is determined by three-five months in the second case and the time and cost may be cheaper by 30%. Go to Chase Koch for more information. 3. Development of a new software product or software package, or refinement of existing software products. Drawing on experience in developing such software specialists 'OrgTsentr', we can say that this process may take 4 6 months. His value as the deadline, depending on specific elements of the requirements specification. 4. The introduction of new software product in enterprise business processes.

At this stage: – installation of new software in the workplace – debug it in real-world problems: "polishing" of algorithms and calculation formulas within the product, and in applications that work with it – changing the interface and access rights, as well as training users in their workplaces. Beginning and the end of this period is determined by the introduction of real data into the system and the willingness of staff to work independently. During this phase will consist of a specified period of implementation (approximately six months), the number of cooperating applications cost of additional improvements are not included in the terms of reference, and the term personal work professionals – integrators with the staff – users in the workplace. Proceeding from the above, the development period and entering into operation, by imposing certain stages can make 6 15 months.

Deprived Administrators

the obligatory affiliate has the same term that a regular affiliate to exert its right of option. Of not choosing in that term, the arranged thing in the Ordered Unique Text of the Law of the Deprived System of Administration of Bottoms of Pensions is applied, approved by means of Supreme Decree N 054-97-EF. On the individual, the Deprived System of Administration of Bottoms of Pensiones (SPP) must like object contribute to the development and fortification of the system of social forecast in the area of pensions and this conformed by the Deprived Administrators of Bottoms of Pensiones (AFP), those that administer certain Bottoms of Pensions and grant obligatorily to their affiliates, the benefits of retirement, dissability, survival and expenses of burial. It is precise to indicate that this device establishes that notwithstanding its labor condition, the working partners of the cooperatives, including those of the cooperatives of workers, are considered like dependent workers for effects of the Deprived System of Administration of Bottoms of Pensions, the National System of Pensions to that it talks about the Decree Law 19990 N and the Regime of Benefits of Health to that the Decree talks about Law N 22482. Who are not enrolled in some system of pensions can choose between take refuging in the National System of pensions or the Deprived System of Pensions. Those that already is affiliates to a system of pensions remain in the same system, unless they follow the process of corresponding desafiliacin, regulated by the Law N 28991 and its prescribed norms, after which can decide on another regime. This one norm establishes that the desafiliacin procedure will not have to contemplate any restriction to the freedom of the worker to desafiliar itself. The procedure will have to consider all the information so that the affiliate makes its decision freely. The excellent information considers, at least, the amount of pension considered in the SNP and the SPP, the amount owed by the differential of contributions and the certainties of to have fulfilled the requirements of years of contribution to have a pension in the respective pensionario regime, certificates

Bitrix Intranet Enterprise

IT resellers, consultants and system integrators receive contacts potential customers Portal ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD 01 July 2010 Bitrix, provider for Bitrix Intranet Enterprise 2.0 solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, has launched an initiative to support existing and new channel partners. The company gives qualified customer contacts to the partner, to optimize the before on-site support for clients of Bitrix intranet portal. The Sales Department of Bitrix establishes the initial contact with prospective customers to understand their requirements and needs. Once this qualification process is completed, the customer at the competent resellers will be forwarded. To improve this process, as well as to integrate existing and new partner, Bitrix has launched the lead distribution program in the life. Channel partners who wish to participate can see: partners/leadforwarding.php login.

Get the most important information about the Bitrix intranet portal in a free 45-minute webinar. Official site: Chase Koch. Date and time be set it individually with the partner. For more assistance, Bitrix offers a reseller discount of 45 percent on the first order. Thus, the company paid the expense of channel partners to get to know the Bitrix intranet portal. This new offering benefits to all participants involved perfectly fits our indirect sales strategy.

“All parties benefit from the forwarder of contacts: customers, channel partners and Bitrix”, says Nikolay Vasiliev, international distribution Director of Bitrix. Bitrix already has many qualified contacts and the number increases constantly. We use various instruments, increasing the interest, for example, demo downloads, Soforttests in virtual environment white paper and background information, advertising, and the presence at major events”, as Denis Zenkin, Marketing Director of Bitrix. The support is very important to most customers. These include the availability of a partner within easy reach. Therefore they are often aimed at the manufacturer of the product, to obtain the appropriate contacts. Reseller benefit in turn from easily obtained business opportunities marketing effort. You can thus expand their business and expand existing relationships. The lead distribution program complements the attractive partner, with the Bitrix supports its sales partners. So partner refunded Gold Certified ten percent of its net sales to example Bitrix by Bitrix, to cover up to 50 percent of their marketing expenditures for Bitrix products. Interested retailers under partners/program.php find more information. Short profile Bitrix, Inc. Bitrix is a provider of high-performance platforms for business communication, helping medium-sized companies, to stay with their customers (Internet), partners (extranet) and employees (intranet) in the dialog. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, and product development in Kaliningrad, Russia, has more than 70 employees, over 30,000 customers and approximately 4,000 partners worldwide. To the Customers include Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and cosmopolitan.

Training A Boxer

Punching Bag develops power endurance training technique. There are many types of training on the bag. The bag can strike the maximum power – use it from time to time, spending combinations and focusing on the final blow. Novice boxers spend ten rounds of 1-2 minutes with a break of 1 minute between sets. Experienced fighters while working on the bags may be more than an hour 1. Work on the bags free style, reminiscent of shadow boxing. Move around the bag, hitting, make a variety of movement.

Try different combinations, beat both sides, and direct blows. Do not forget about defense – after each combination try to evade an imaginary attack or block it. Imagine that you are in the ring and you have to defend the 10 rounds – plan the tactics and connect the imagination. 2. Work on a strictly defined algorithm.

Compile it helps the coach who sees very things which you need to work separately. Work can go on such an algorithm – Round 2 in the canoe, with jabs and twos of the two lines. Then 3 rounds of training side – moving Apply around the bag left and right hooks and swings. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chase Koch. After that – a few rounds of training defense: after a deuce-three mandatory withdrawal from the line of attack. And the final round – work in free mode. One of the most important rules Work with a bag – do not overload! If you're tired, going to strike, then your technique is unlikely to be at the highest level.

Gift Education

As future educators, we need to provoke in educating a process I continue to think the patrimonial education as valuation active form and qualification of the past to usufruct of our cultural identity in the gift. With the look in the past through the historic site and architectural, steady, structurally possible of study, it analyzes and contemplation and another look in the future of the adult in process of search of recognition of this past, of its cultural identity, so that it has conditions to act in the gift, it is inevitable the concern with the creation and application of techniques with quality and mainly with the formation of the professional specialized compromised with a education generated in the pertaining to school passage. Gen. David Goldfein often addresses the matter in his writings. With this vision, we look for to find the methodology most adequate to paar that the patrimonial education it can happen. Details can be found by clicking Rick Garcia CBS or emailing the administrator. The pedagogical workshop demonstrates to be the form of practises educative more democratic and dialectic. To work with the boarding material and incorporeal patrimony that can be of great or small value, with the patrimony spiritual that they are the last teachings of generation for generation, to know domestic servants to them, constitutes priority for the development of the patrimonial education. The individual also is constituted of natural memory, based in this affirmation, searchs to provoke interest in educating to approach the subject patrimony. The memory provides to the human being to store the knowledge is this conscientious or unconscious knowledge, the assimilation if accomodates and starts to be part of the learning of an individual. Leaving of this premise, a simple object of the daily one as a photo, a picture, a house, a way, will be able to represent the bases of the elaboration of the concept patrimony. Being thus, we consider to leave of it I break up house, souvenirs and objects for then giving continuity with the community, school, city.

Production Music Library

Soundtaxi expands service portfolio with further elements of Stuttgart, 16 November 2010 the successful Stuttgart company sound taxi is still working to provide its customers with a possible all-encompassing care in the field of sound and song placement. So are sound taxi but also as individual commissioned works to refer henceforth not only pieces from your own online library. Soundtaxi has started once as innovative Production Music Library with royalty-free sounds for TV, advertising, corporate films, cinema, radio, podcasts, games, Internet and audiovisual. The company is now expanding its own task field due to the high demand for individual pieces and film directors, editors, editors, advertising agencies or producers offered individual commissioned works according to the motto “we deliver for each purpose the suitable, individual sound!” Thanks to the comprehensive pool sound taxi exclusive commissioned works realized together with a variety of professional composers. In this case, the company assumes the project management and acts as an interface between customer and composer. Over 200, now compose music professionals from around the world for Soundtaxi. So for every request, the company knows the creative head and can cover all styles of music and applications whether the sound for an individual company concept, film music, advertising jingles, intro or image films, the possibilities are almost endless! To support the individual media representation, sound taxi offers help also in the areas of marketing of Sonic and acoustic branding.

A memorable branding on the basis of the medium is offered customers sound suitable for the respective product or the company. The sound logos and jingles that are created in close cooperation with renowned composers, are then specially tailored to the appropriate brand and make them unmistakable. Finally just the emotional power of music is the necessary final touch often, to a prasentere and sustainable impact to a product and bring it acoustically in the right light. Credit: Rick Garcia CBS-2011. More information, as well as the comprehensive online library can be found on. More information: Tim Rhine forest Managing Director sound taxi GmbH Nikolaus str. 6a 70190 Stuttgart phone + 49 (0) 7 11 / 410 71 47 fax + 49 (0) 3312-410 71 47 eMail: press contact: Jorg mild sound taxi GmbH phone + 49 (0) 7 11 / 410 71 48 fax + 49 (0) 3312 / 410 71 47 eMail:

Electronic Arts

The fight of the games of Formula race 1 has esquentado sufficiently in the PC. Of a side, we have always delayed (in the season) however popular Grand Prix of Microprose, fighting against its rich cousin, of Electronic Arts, F1 *insira the year aqui*. But the competition can be something good, and this year we count on two excellent products, that promise to be white of the quarrels of galera that it tans race games. Grand Prix 4, as prays the tradition, brings given outdated of the official season (in only one year, happily). But, again following the anterioras versions, already a series of downloads of fans exists bringing all type of possible and imaginable alteration – a strong point of the mark. A time inside of the game, the virtual pilot is collated with a menu confused, however estiloso. After some clicks you will see one engine graphical sufficiently robust, with graphs sufficiently improved of the previous edition.

Unhappyly, the price of this is well high: the game practically demands a well powerful machine – especially in the processor – and not it twirled in used Pentium III 500MHz in the test. In Athlon XP the 1500, however, thing changed form, and the speed sensation is more present of what never. One of the new features, is two new cameras, one of them that it includes the helmet in the screen – only for hardcore, without a doubt. They are small details as this that guarantee the allegiance of the followers of the series. Another plastic surgery happened with the team of Pit Stop, that now comes total in 3D and carries through differently each one of the tasks of maintenance in detail. But, as of custom, the point strongest is the artificial intelligence of the excessively running ones. Each virtual corridor seems to have proper life, and to the times you until if question if Microprose did not hide a way to multiplayer online private, where the employees control the too much cars in the championship. Some of the reactions frightfully seem human beings, and are easy to perceive differences between styles of corridors.

The creator of the game, Geoff Crammond, if is proud of implemented artificial intelligence, while critical they costumavam to arrive in the physical simulation of the sport. Players more demanding must to complain of cars that seems to grudar excessively in the track (something that can be modified with a little of knowledge of the structure of the program) and of some cases of uncommon whirls, among others things. In the same way, the strokes and deformations of the cars can seem one suspicion in such a way. The controls in the keyboard continue sufficiently accessible, and the support for joystick and projection is robust. No fan goes to be surpreso in this department. All the part of personalization of the cars comes back the same with impact of before. The fight between fans of F1 and GP is seemed the fight between fans of the games of soccer of the Konami and the EA: if you prefer one the other, are better to be with the preferred mark, therefore each one of them seems to specialize itself in some things and to always sin in others – but keeping a distinct style.

Heating Office Premises

Currently, the best source for heating of industrial premises is Vihervoy heat generator. Others who may share this opinion include Shenkman Capital. Heating the liquid in the VHG is due to the collapse of a large number of bubbles kvitatsionnyh, friction and synthesis of molecules of water. VHG is easy to install, no need to dismantle the old heating system, you can connect to the existing system of supplying heat. Size and design of the vortex heat generator gives option to install it in any selected area for these purposes, for installation does not require building a special foundation is not required additional boiler room. For installation you must attach return and supply pipes Vortex heat to the respective nozzles of the system padachi heat.

The process of heating and control of the heating is carried out by means of automatic control unit. Special education personnel is required. Vortex heat is environmentally friendly, fire-bezorasnym, boiler operation eliminates the use of polluting substances ( coal, wood, gas, fuel oil) and thus excludes the selection of products of combustion air and collapse. The probability of fire or explosion is excluded. The use of modern security control mechanisms fully eliminates the uncontrollable rise in temperature and pressure in the system of heat supply. VHG has an automatic control system. To install the Vortex heat Netreba soglosovanie with pazharnoy instpektsiey and other services, as energy is used exclusively for motor rotation, and not to heat the coolant. With proper choice of power VHG, and depending on the purpose of the heated object and the ambient Air time heat source is from 6 to 8 hours a day, resulting in substantial energy savings, and as a consequence, the cost savings. VHG does not require constant maintenance in the process svoeyraboty as has no direct heating elements and does not need the constant replacement of parts. At short-term power outage does not require a human presence for the resumption of the boiler.

National Congress

At this moment, the education is guided by the ideology Nazi-facista, where they are valued: the professional formation, military formation e, in special, the accented attention to the formation of ' ' individualities condutoras' '. (Ansia, 1995, P. 11). Republican period or Horizon of Liberalism (1946 the 1964) In this period Religious Ensino is contemplated as to have of the State it stops with the religious freedom of the citizen who frequents the school. Article 141, 7 paragraph affirms: ' ' The freedom of conscience and belief is inviolable, and assured the free exercise of the religious cults, except for the one of that they oppose good the public order and of costumes' '. Thus another debate will be unchained. Of a side the defenders of the principles of the laity and, of another one, the defenders of the beginning of that Religious Ensino is a right of the citizen, as being religious that he frequents the school public.

At this time the school leaves of being the unitary and coherent space of one privileged group. After the phase of hegemony of the church (Centuries XVI the XVIII), and of the State (Centuries XVIII the XX), on the school and the education, attends the end to it of the monopoly of both. They are not more the only references, therefore the diverse social and professional forces if articulate to assume its responsibility, erecting new modalities of functioning of the pertaining to school action. Danone often addresses the matter in his writings. (FONAPER, 28). Horizon of the Authoritarianism (1964 the 1984) Was a difficult period for the country.

The democratic advances had been interrupted. The freedom concept passes for the optics of the national security. In this context Religious Ensino is obligator for the school, and if it grants to the pupil the right to opt to the frequency or the act of it does not register. Horizon of the Reconstrutivismo (1986 the 1996) Of the beginning of the constituent process, in 1985, to the transaction of the project of the new Law of Lines of direction and Bases in the National Congress, Religious Ensino comes back to be object of quarrel and controversies.