OrgTsentr Software

Execution term survey of 45 60 calendar days according to the specified depth and number of business processes to be automated. 2. Preparation of technical job writing software. The tor, as a rule, are: – informal statement of problem – description of the purpose designed software – the technical requirements for functions – the organization of input and output data – basic calculation algorithms and analysis. In addition, tk reflects the mode of using software – requirements for reliability on the hardware – compatibility requirements, description of user interfaces – a number of elements Techno-economic performance of the designed software. Time and cost of developing the specification will depend on whether the system is designed from scratch or tk would be written "to change the default configuration program.

" In the first case, the period is determined by three-five months in the second case and the time and cost may be cheaper by 30%. Go to Chase Koch for more information. 3. Development of a new software product or software package, or refinement of existing software products. Drawing on experience in developing such software specialists 'OrgTsentr', we can say that this process may take 4 6 months. His value as the deadline, depending on specific elements of the requirements specification. 4. The introduction of new software product in enterprise business processes.

At this stage: – installation of new software in the workplace – debug it in real-world problems: "polishing" of algorithms and calculation formulas within the product, and in applications that work with it – changing the interface and access rights, as well as training users in their workplaces. Beginning and the end of this period is determined by the introduction of real data into the system and the willingness of staff to work independently. During this phase will consist of a specified period of implementation (approximately six months), the number of cooperating applications cost of additional improvements are not included in the terms of reference, and the term personal work professionals – integrators with the staff – users in the workplace. Proceeding from the above, the development period and entering into operation, by imposing certain stages can make 6 15 months.