Prestress Sleep Module

When dalneyshempovyshenii temperature strength begins to drop sharply due to destruction binder. Changing the strength of the SNA in the temperature range from -40 to 300 C is reversible. Prestress Sleep Module strain FRP reinforcement is 4-5 times less than steel. Therefore, it is advisable apply only to pre-stressed structures. Mainly used in three ways prestressed concrete structures with FRP reinforcement discrete: the tension on the supports, the tension on concrete, continuous winding. The most common is the way the tension on the lugs. With the help of special equipment fitting is pulled by a specified amount and is attached to the side elements of metal form, and then made concreting termovlazhnostnaya treatment of concrete to accelerate hardening.

After a set of concrete, 70% of ultimate strength compression force is transferred to the concrete. for the manufacture of prestressed Sleep-structure after some work used technological equipment used for precast concrete factories. Because of lower than that of steel, elastic modulus fiberglass tension stations should provide a significant displacement of about 1.5 cm to 1 m Serious difficulties arise when creating clips for fiberglass armaturt. Often use clip consisting of two steel plates with semicircular grooves into which fit rebar. Plates with screws tightened, compressing the valve. It is used as puncture-proof push-in clip. And, with a special insert in it can simultaneously clamped to two rods of the same diameter.

By pulling on concrete reinforcement in the latter provides channels for laying reinforcement. The tension produced by means of hydraulic jacks on a concrete zakreplyaemih element by means of special anchors. The manufacturing process is completed injected into the channel of petrolatum to fill the available space and secure fitting. The third way is by coiling the product flexible fiberglass rods or ribbons. However, this method has not found wide acceptance. More technological elements is winding impregnated with resin bags fibers, followed by polymerization connecting directly to the product.

August Material

This is all rather than stucco mesh. Saman made on the basis of calculation of 1:1 clay and sand, plus 1% of PVA glue and a lot of fine straw. Knead a solution can be in the pit, plaster hands. Is relatively flat wall, which during the autumn rains proved to be at its best. How to survive the winter plaster – will spring. Lime-sand layer do not have time. I did want to experiment a little bit. It turns out a good sturdy surface, similar in appearance and smell on cement plaster only a natural and breathable.

By early August, was completed and first floor Interfloor wooden flooring. The house was designed in such a way as to make maximum use of timber 4.5 m long, which in our area the most accessible. To cover the put-bearing beams. The ends of the beams treated with lubricating oil, wrapped with roofing material, laid on a special pivot bearings and bricked Samana. Lintels over windows and doors are also made of wooden boards, protected from moisture with roofing material. Before construction expected to use the jumper block 10 cm thick, but when you started them really do come to the conclusion that 5 cm is sufficient. The shield has a width equal to the thickness of the wall. The first 2-3 rows of the bridge should dress so that the load is distributed on the edge of a window or doorway.

Most of the lag rely on one end of the cob outer wall. This end, we were treated with oil and fixed Samana. To the beam joists fasten with screws and metal plates. On top lay a floor of rough boards 35 mm thick, with between boards left small gaps of 2-3 cm through them in the future fell pieces of cob, a solution sand, and sex remained almost always clean.

Sol Water

You have built a country house of bricks with the same fence. And this brick covered with white bloom. It is efflorescence – salt out from the interior walls of the evaporation of water. The problem, at first glance seems simple, but to solve it can only be having some knowledge, experience and relevant materials. The company "Suchasn zhitlov tehnolog VTK" offers a range of materials that successfully solves this problem and consists of cleaning facades "Tiprom PF" – red gel to remove efflorescence mainly sulfate and carbonate origin. Flow rate – 1 liter. 3 – 4 m .

"Tiprom OC" – to remove stains and efflorescence solutions mainly silicate origin. Is a powder which is soluble with water. Consumption – 50 – 150 g / m . Removal of salts from the masonry. Cleaner facade apply with paint brush or roller to the surface. Withstand 3 – 10 minutes. In the case of absorption or drying of the previously specified time must repeat the process. Remove cleaner with the treated surface water with a brush or spray under pressure.

After that your front is absolutely clean. Preventing efflorescence. To prevent further occurrence of efflorescence, the facade is necessary to process water-repellent (water repellent) liquid "Tipromom K". "Tiprom K" – is silicone impregnation, solvent free, water-bred, totally environmentally friendly. It penetrates into the material to a depth of 1.5 – 5 mm, and creates a waterproof, steam-proof layer. Has a long service – no less than 10 years. Processing "Tipromom K" is necessary in order to prevent water from slanting rain, sleet, etc., from entering into walls or other building elements. It is water evaporates, salt again brings to the surface. After treatment of water-repellent liquid hardiness of the treated material is increased by several times, and strength – to 24 – 26%. This is especially valuable for brick fences, pillars, paving, most affected destruction of water and frost. Besides the above listed "Tiprom K" is used for concrete, plaster, foam, limestone. In combination with the water repellent is also a primer for any facade paints – decreases paint consumption by about half, and its service life is increased by three to six times. "Tiprom K" is also applicable to environments with high humidity: baths, saunas and swimming pools. In addition, he has antimycotic effect. The treated surface of the fungus is no longer there. It makes sense to cover "Tipromom to" tile or slate roofs, especially with a small slope. You can handle facades, painted in lime. White lime on the facade is beautiful, but short-lived, it rains wash away. If the cover lime "Tipromom K", the water gets to it is not terrible. Dirt is also not settle on it. The result is a cheap, durable and dazzling white exterior paint.

Southern Federal District

With the worsening environmental situation raises the problem of obtaining clean water. Ltd. "Pure Stock" helps to cope with this difficult task. The organization is engaged in delivery of special equipment to help which is waste water – a process in which water is removed from the excess of matter and organisms, as well as produced water disinfection. Currently involved technologies help cope with the treatment of domestic and natural waste water from petroleum products and various impurities, removal of iron from the water.

Statistics show that today many companies are using outdated and inefficient water purification equipment, which is associated with certain risks. Installation of modern equipment will secure water for use in various industries. Ltd. "Pure Stock" offers full support the equipment offered, in particular, design, installation and servicing. The company's equipment is accredited by many companies of the CIS, including "Gazprom", "Belorusneft" Waterworks, "Beltransgaz" "ASE". Order equipment can be via a special online form. Krasnodar Enterprise 'Net Stock', which is the official representative of the Czech-Belarusian company 'FORTEX-Water Technologies' on Russia's Southern Federal District, offering selection, supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of the equipment for cleaning of natural water for drinking purposes and the local wastewater treatment plants. A variety of modifications of the treatment plant is very widely and depends on the specific needs of the customer, from fairly primitive vertical and horizontal chemical-resistant containers for storing water for fire or diesel fuel and household septic tanks to complex water treatment plants.

The company manufactures integrated sewage pumping stations that provide supply sewage treatment facilities, if the terrain does not allow take these water by gravity. They are made according to customer's specifications, they are set for 1 day. If necessary inputs and outputs are made on the spot that allows builders to avoid errors during installation. The most popular and in demand, waste water treatment equipment of free and emulsified oil products, detergents, suspended solids, solids produced as a result of car washes, – COCB 'ABto', fully compatible with washing facilities, used throughout the world. As relevant today, such as oil separators SOR.II, cleaning waste water from parking lots and gas stations territories. They are issued for water consumption from 0.5 to 100 l / sec. Zhiroulavlivatel-no less important for water purification. It is used for collecting and removing emulsified fats and vegetable oils, contained in wastewater cafes, canteens and restaurants, meat processing plants, companies that pollute the water with fat. If after cleaning there is no place to lose water, 'Net Stock' offers infiltration system in the form of savings blocks of various sizes, which are produced under individalnye customer needs. For the purification of drinking water in an industrial environment 'Net Stock' offers a compact, hydro, reagent-free installation designed for iron removal of water from underground sources to a concentration of 0.3 mg / l according to the requirements of GOST 2874-82 "Drinking Water". This is not an exhaustive list of proposals of 'net flow'. All products company the highest technical level. The principle of the company's individual approach to each customer. "Net-net stok' ecology. We will solve your problems.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Colombian authorities have presented a real gift to the fans of the world-famous writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is dedicated to a new guided tour 'itinerary Macondo. " Length tourist route, tear-off point at which to start from the capital of the Department of Magdalena Santa Marta – 70 miles. The route runs along one side of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the other – along the Caribbean Sea. The end point of the excursion program – hometown of the writer . Travel tourist may commit in the modern buses equipped with air conditioning or in a traditional Colombian bus Chiva (chiva), in which will be enough seats and meta for dancing. One of the main attractions of tours – not so long ago renovated a house-museum of the writer in which he spent his childhood. Tourists can also take a tour on trishaw, which runs through the streets of the town – a prototype of Macondo, and in its place, one way or another connected with Marquez. Colombian authorities hope that a new tourist route to get more and more popular among tourists and including among the passengers of cruise ships that call at the port of Santa Marta.