Local Development

It indicated in addition that is a flagrant ignorance that in the study they try to circumscribe the impacts during the stage from construction to the province Captain Prat not being become position of which nature would affect the image of that affects of the region and the country, and the zone of the Austral Highway from Balmaceda to the south, considering the high traffic of bus with workers and machineries during the tourist season. It expressed that to analyze some tie concrete aspects to the project of HidroAysn it must have considered at the time of organizing the seminary because to speak, properly for the company, only of successful international experiences without leading the project and its possible impacts, nor to which they either do not say the technical organs, is an incongruity. On the matter, it remembered that Sernatur presented/displayed a report of 13 pages in which questioned diverse aspects of the EIA, observations between which the regional scale studies and compensations demand to realise, with respect to the damage that the PHA will cause to the regional tourist image. Also it aimed at that due to the reduction of the area of influence defined by the company, the measures of mitigation and compensation proposals for the tourism are not in any case around the impact that could cause. Finally Daniela Castro added that although can be interesting to analyze previous international experiences, calls much the attention that HidroAysn does not consider the disastrous impact from the dams from Bio Saw on that river basin. Strangely that example, that is nearest our cultural and environmental reality, is not considered in this seminary. Tourism Tortel Creek On the other hand, that outside responsible for the Program of Local Development of the Municipality of Tortel in the area tourism and coordinated the respective observations to the EIA, Claudia Towers, remembered that in the study of environmental impact is indicated that the River basin of Baker until Tortel Creek has tourist activity but it concludes that the tourism would be an economic activity barely developed and that represents a low contribution the familiar economy. . .


One is a project that has been beginning for already a month, in September of this year. They named Thofu (technologies for the hotel of the future) and the objective of this project is to arm a hotel to the letter, that is to say to completely construct a hotel that adjusts total and to the needs of each one of the passengers who by their rooms journey. To see the quote of stock-market or the present temperature in the mirror of the bath they are only some of the items in which one is working with the aim of including them in the hotels of the future. Besides these possibilities, it is anticipated that the hotels of the future allow to detect the spirit of the passenger and abrir the doors without key, all aspects that would do to a more comfortable and comfortable demurrage. The project counts on 33 Spanish organizations (great, small and medians hotel profession companies) between its participants. It has an initial investment of 23.5 million Euros and tries to position Spain as the main tourist destiny. What they look for is to increase the leadership of the European country, everything by means of increase in the quality of its services of hotel profession. It is thus hoped also to increase the loyalty of the tourists since those that really felt to taste during their demurrage, more likely will return in their next vacations.

Thofu is a little than more ambitious, supposes the conception of the hotel of the future in all its aspects, from its construction that will have to be feasible and viable, to the elements compose that it, the form in which it will communicate with the users and its interaction with the surroundings in which he is inserted. In order to obtain it, an intense investigation as much of the materials as of the new existing technologies is being realised. Intelligent hotel will be apart, in which the passengers will find a satisfactory answer to all their needs, from simplest to most complex. Also the application of memory mechanisms is anticipated that allow to remember the tastes of those who already were in a Thofu hotel. Although at first sight it seemed a project thought for some privileged people, their creators assure that he will not be for anything elitist. When we will be able to begin to enjoy this wonder destined to mimar to us? Esteem that stops 2020 will be ready the first hotels in Madrid.