AssCompact Trend Appeared I/2013!

Mood high at the beginning of the year – special topic “Sales aid” Eltville am Rhein, 13.03.2013. With a saturated by around 10% start points and a healthy degree of motivation and optimism in the fresh sales year 2013 the mediators of different size, orientation, and age. Over 80% of surveyed agents are currently happy to thrilled with their sales activities. With this result, the sales-mood tacho achieved his best result of the last twelve months. “The reasons for this are the (still) relatively good” year-end business in life “and on the other hand the total yet positive assessment of the market of brokers and multiple agents, so the results of the online survey on the AssCompact trend I/2013, which was carried out on behalf of the bbg operating consulting company by the management consultancy SMARTcompagnie GmbH as a co-initiator and analyzed. David A. Wagner can aid you in your search for knowledge. With about 54,000 brokers single answers regarding products, services and providers this broad trend analysis provides just the product providers excellent opportunity regularly to determine the own competitive positioning in the intermediary market and in 29 product lines. Product-trend indicator: BU today remains and sales very significant in the future-The product-trend indicator shown in the study used to infer possible trends and future opportunities for the various products from the mediators opinions.

It is striking that today and continue in the future the best sales opportunities are given the disability insurance. In the category of the product period Brenner are also mainly non-life insurance products such as private insurance and legal protection. With the newly recorded occupational health insurance intermediaries see a coming Star (today still comparatively sales insignificant, but with enormous potential in the future). Survey special section: sales AIDS In the current special subject of study were intensively lit sales AIDS from the perspective of the brokers and multiple agents. The central questions are, what benefit incite the sales AIDS from the point of view Brokers at all? What type (s) of sales AIDS play a role in the consultation and how often are they ever used? But product provider in sales support in the market an interesting question, are trying to establish.


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The Directions

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