Sebastian Pinera, with regard to bounce that has been given to who was President of Argentina that Argentines, even Presidents of other countries, describes that this has been the farewell of the most important of the early leader, former President Nestor Kirchner, a controversial leader whose death leaves orphaned peronism and opens an unexpected and controversial political landscapeJudging by significant absences today at his funeral. A crowd collapses the Centre of Buenos Aires to pay tribute to the former President, who will be watched until tomorrow at 10 local time (1300 GMT) at the Casa Rosada, before being transferred to his hometown, Rio Gallegos, for burial. Force Cristina, thank you Nestor has been the phrase read in the posters of tribute and most listened during the last hours of mouth of thousands of people who have come to the headquarters of the Government, the emblematic Plaza de Mayo. Flags, posters, photographs, flowers, banners have composed an impromptu mural at the gate of the Casa Rosada, inside which are the remains of who was President of Argentina from 2003 to 2007 and who now occupied the positions of Deputy, President of the Peronist party (PJ, Peronist) and Secretary general of Unasur. In the Funeral Chapel, presided over by Cristina Fernandez, tucked at all times by their children, Max and Florence, met family, friends and Cabinet members to accompany the coffin, closed and covered by a flag where lie the remains of Kirchner. It gives us the source of information indicated that also the Presidents of Uruguay, Jose Mujica; Bolivia, Evo Morales; Chile, Sebastian Pinera; and Ecuador, Rafael Correa, have traveled to Buenos Aires to accompany Cristina in trance and say goodbye with honors the man who had chosen to lead the Union of South American Nations. They added Chavez, Hugo Chavez, the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.


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Perceive Without Naming

Most people have only a peripheral awareness of the world that surrounds them, especially when the surroundings are known. The voice of your mind absorbs most of their attention. Some people feel more alive when they travel and visit unknown places or foreign countries because at that time his sense of perception, experience, occupies most of his conscience than thoughts. Become more present; others are completely possessed by the voice of his mind still in those moments. Their Instant judgments distort their perceptions and experiences.

It is as if they had not left their homes. The only one who moves is the body, while they stay where always have been: inside their heads. This is the reality of the majority of people: as soon as they perceive something, ego, that be Ghost, gives you a name, interprets it, compares it with something else, accepts it, rejects it or qualifies it for good or bad. The person is imprisoned by the forms of thought, of conscience of the object. Is not possible to wake the spirituality until both cessation compulsive urgency to name or to be aware of it and be able to observe it when that happens. Is constantly naming the ego keeps his place in the unobserved mind.

When ceases the momentum of naming, and even at the same time in that we take conscience of the interior space opens and we free ourselves from the possession of the mind. Take any object that has the hand (a ballpoint pen, a Chair, a Cup, a plant) and visually explore, i.e., looking at it with great interest, almost with curiosity. Avoid objects with strong personal associations that reminders of the past, for example, the place where it was purchased, the person who received it, and so on. Also avoid anything that has letters on top such as a book or a bottle, because it would stimulate thinking.

Learn About Zacatlan

Some days ago, I had the need to get out of the city of Puebla, so my wife and my children were happy to escape the urban routine and without further home we left in search of a path that will take us to the tranquility that only the interior of the State of puebla can give us. We already know some municipalities of the State, as Xochiapulco and Cuetzalan, of those visits them I will discuss in another article, and as yet we had not defined where to go, take the road as qu leads us to Teziutlan, all elviaje is a delight, lso landscapes are changing slowly and come to see things – that are wonderful for people like us who we are plunged into the inertia of the city -, for example: swirl in the middle of the field, the fields green with their irrigation systems, large greenhouses, animal eating at the foot of the road, Phew, just great! The issue is that arriving at the municipality of Zaragoza, we decided to drastically change our destiny: go to Zacatlan, but our map was very tangled or not knew exactly where go. Fortunately a roads policeman helped us and gave us as a return to the road to the place where abundant grass, which is the meaning of Zacatlan (thus, without accent). Told us that the interserrana road is in very bad conditions and that it was too risky to go out there, so to return us to take the road that goes to Apizaco, Tlaxcala we cross and from there the road straight to Zacatlan. We arrived at this point in the sierra norte that approximated is located 2000 meters above sea level, it is also known as the land of apples and obvious sepuede buy drink from apples, cider and apples. We arrived at a hotel which certainly won’t say his name so that there is no advertising, but that really surprised us: clean rooms, a well maintained building, new furniture, beds and mattresses in excellent condition, with parking, wuauuu and price: 450.00 per night, had 2 double beds, cable TV and other options that we’re not that after the trip we wanted to rest so that the next morning continue our tour to the very famous rounded stones. After bathing us, we leave the hotel to the historic centre, and really it is presumed that Zacatlan is a very clean city, people have been stepping and certainly reminded me of a slogan of puebla: the cleanest city is not that more sweeps, is which gets less dirty and that applied it in Zacatlan with much discipline.

His road culture is also another thing to mellamo attention: drivers (at least that I saw) are highly educated, streets have no traffic lights, but passes a car for every street, and when a person has the need for crossing sidewalk it, cars stop giving them the step, United States? Is Europe? Nooo, for nothing, saw it and lived it in Zacatlan. The food is cheap if you know where to look, us dined a few taquitos at a restaurant which is on the street side of the Municipal Presidency, delicious!. For now I say goodbye, already then I’ll show you photos and video of this visit and in another article tell you them about the visit to the Valley of rounded stones. Take care of yourself! Original author and source of the article