Seven Deadly Sins

If you do not know, say: I do not know! People will respect you more and help you find the answers. Do not abuse the need to be informed. Carrier is often quoted on this topic. Management does not need as much relevant data, but data less relevant. Stop making destructive comments. When you are at the top of the hierarchy, what you see as a comment below as an order is received.

The sarcasm and destructive comments, destroy people and the higher is you, plus we add to all this destroys what has been called Seven Deadly Sins of the Manager and how to avoid them. In this connection reminds us Gabriela Toro and invites you to see if any of them is related to you or your managers, if so correct it promptly. Arrogance. Trust is a crucial skill that must have a manager. Staff need to know they can come on for guidance, particularly when things get tough. But when trust crosses the line of arrogance, the manager loses the respect of his team. Indecision. On Monday at a meeting, the manager presents his course of action.

On Tuesday, takes a completely different course of action. On Thursday he decided to return to the plan on Monday. A Manager gathers critical information from those around him, making the best decision for a project and stick to it. Although some team members may not agree, must be able to understand their reasons. Decisions without reason or without listening to the other parties involved, will frustrate the group and prevent progress.


Basics to be known for effective human resources management are: o Motivation, translates to the level of enthusiasm and self belief of the people around the task to be run and which is associated directly or indirectly to the achievement of meeting their needs. In this sense, a motivated person to work meant to organize work projects or assignments conducted efficiently and effectively. Motivation is important because it is a key component in the productivity of the organization, hence the manager as such, must create, strengthen and maintain the enthusiasm of all his subordinates to work, this means that workers perform their tasks on their own responsibility and not for fear of possible punishment. In this vein, the manager must know certain aspects of human motivation to achieve successful management, especially the fact that much of human behavior is influenced by their needs and desires, each person expresses their behavior based on what they want to achieve, according to their needs but its efforts are achieving their personal goals. o Leadership is the ability of a person (leader) to influence the behavior of individuals, and by driving to his ability to guide the group towards a desired end, motivating, directing and trying to understand the problems that are presented to the subordinates in their tasks and work environment, make the plans become reality. The leader determines the best actions to materialize the objectives of the group. o Coordination with which synchronizes and harmonizes the efforts of every member of the organization to achieve the desired goals for this the manager must reconcile any differences and use them as best as possible. o Communication or process by which transmitted the information necessary for understanding people, which is accomplished with the coordination of efforts in the right direction.

Unifies organized activity, integrating all its elements. These elements (motivation, leadership, coordination and communication), is where it will express the human side of the manager, is where print treated less authoritarian, more open and more demanding in terms of respect and the search for a harmonious atmosphere among people, characterized by development of touch, intuition and sensitivity. In doing so the manager will be developing good relations at all levels. Consider, that research has shown that leaders have the power to exalt and improve the effectiveness of its employees to the extent that you believe in them. Or conversely, can make them fail if your prediction or expectations on them are negative. In this vein, the perception of the manager’s subordinates, his prejudices, tolerance, trust, issues relating to believe or disbelieve in others, the treatment of its staff, etc. will manifest into reality with the attitude and performance of those who has under his orders. It is in this way come true the Pygmalion effect, or in other words “you reap what you sow.” Definitely, it is important that management identify more with the human factor and provide any collaboration required to achieve productivity, results that benefit all.


I have no exact data on how many Web can appear up just a video, but I guarantee you is more than 10 different places, just upload a "videito" one of these sites. There are countless websites that are also working for free for you. That is down to its most popular Web videos, the latest from YouTube and other categories. Imagine a tiny mathematical mind: If you upload a video a week, are 4 per month and you will appear with the video that you uploaded in 10 Web pages. If you would like to know more about Mike Shinoda, then click here. In the 40 months you were appearing on different websites and search engines. Multiply this by four sites to which you uploaded here and gives you the respectable figure of 160 different places where you would be on the Internet with only take you 10 minutes of your time making the video and upload it.

Of course that figure is not an exact rule may differ. but it is to get an idea of what you can accomplish just making and uploading videos. Carrier is the source for more interesting facts. DIVE YOUR HEAD In cold water, refresh your mind. Perhaps it would have been necessary to this paragraph to begin writing for the importance it requires for success in your work online. Honestly if you open your mind to change and refreshments, you will not be able to assume all these "strokes" of knowledge and experiences that allow you to work fairly well. The first thing is that you must define and looking for your project.

Married Life

What is a myth is that what happens in our lives has a great impact. But not necessarily true or feasible. Now we come in contact with the realities of married life that does not necessarily coincide with those stories that have conflict. Love is a condition that when we live in partner is forever. Love is a feeling that comes through dealing with other humans, we wanted because there is an identification, we like the way they think, dress, their values and actions. But a couple’s love life is complicated. We caught up with that great love that is forever is not nearly what I thought, idealized or thought it was. Wow! What a great disappointment, was not what I expected or longed believed. Living with someone in partnership is an experience that becomes richer when both members know and understand the relationship to be together by their own decision and undertaking joint projects is part of what gives the experience a sense of growth.

Of course for many people living with a partner better to tolerate the loneliness. But what is wanted is to live a relationship with a partner to still be only is better not to have, because surely come sooner rather than disappointment tardea Living in parejaa requires a commitment of both parties . Each member of the couple is required to be prepared to make sacrifices in pursuit of the relationship.


After the marriage has broken one of the greatest number of questions and unknowns generated between the partners is that of alimony. many do not understand what their basis, generating a large majority of cases considerable frustration on who should pay to address it. In basic terms, it is based on imbalance often generated after the cessation of cohabitation in the former couple. Carrier spoke with conviction. Its basic assumptions are as follows: A) First, there must have been an effective marital cohabitation partner, so that both spouses enjoy an ongoing basis of a certain status in life for more or less time (have come to be granted maintenance after marriage that lasted only four months). B) The joint project had failed, taking place the initiation of procedures in the face of judicial separation or divorce of the couple. C) Following the break in the coexistence is due to produce an imbalance economic relations between the two, who have continued that he had never taken place.

In short, one of the spouses had to leave considerably worse than the other after separation, with respect to the situation that was in immediately prior to it. Therefore be considered when assessing the balance immediately prior to rupture, without regard in any other past. D) should take place, moreover, a significant goal prejudice by the failure of the marriage project. And it is very commonly either spouse may have given up jobs or studies for future projects due to marriages contracted by supposing that a considerable limitation on the time to restore his life after the break. In this sense, it is often one of the two had stayed at home caring for the family and doing housework. That would be the typical case in which proceed to grant alimony. E) Finally, the board finally provided must be adequate, so that does not entail an excessive burden on the spouse responsible for paying and may involve, at the same time, an effective rebalancing their positions. Could be established on a temporary basis, or even indefinitely, depending on the circumstances considered by the court and depending on the possibilities of perception to see that their situation improved in the future. Begona Alcaine Basin.

Home Insured

Appropriate clauses in the contract of insurance significantly affect the amount of the insurance premium. Both parts of the contract are not essential – who would like to reduce its costs for private health insurance so, may also waive these benefits. A hospital per diem rates can be covered in the car. In the event of a hospital stay, the patient then per day receives a certain amount to cover smaller co-payments for the TV. Because it’s manageable cost, the insured person can save but confidently this part of the contract.

The same applies to days funds. Sick allowance privately insured persons must wonder when them shall afford the insurer a patient carrying money. For employees, it will usually only make sense after a period of six weeks. Freelancers and self-employed workers who receive no salary, need it maybe from the very first day. This depends entirely on of the financial obligations are how much. But as self-employed for a rainy day should develop always a nest egg, possibly also a sick makes sense for them only from the 14th or 28th day.

Care insurance so how to legally insured persons must make a contribution to the statutory long-term care insurance privately insured are obliged to complete a long-term care insurance in the car which takes over the financial consequences of a care. Since the insurance covers only a part of the cost, policyholders should consider, whether for the conclusion of a private nursing auxiliary or maintenance daily allowance insurance in question comes. International travel health insurance this performance is usually included in the insurance package of for private health insurance. However it is worth may separately conclude a foreign travel health insurance. This brings an advantage: paid can hit to take the foreign travel health insurance claim and avoid such circumstances, the contribution refund the Home insurance to compromise. Company Description hypo star is a Web portal for private mortgage lending. With the construction mortgage calculator the hypo star interested can calculate free of charge their financing. A network of more than 1,000 finance professionals specialized in mortgage lending assists clients in all questions, finds the advantageous for them and accompanies them until the conclusion of the contract. Hypo star their specially developed construction financing software offers banks, insurance companies and distributors.

Hamburg Tel

Who enters in his younger years in a private insurance pays even of less, in the hope of providing the insured services less than the actual costs, the age provision extends. However, if you have a deteriorating health even at a young age, which must therefore no premium increase fear neither higher age. Contribution increases, concern all insured of a tariff. A change in new insurance there was a flat-rate surcharge of 10 per cent on the identified posts but to 01.01.2000 since then raised. This statutory supplement to improve the old age provision and is taken by insured persons between the age of 22, and up to the age of 61.. The additional contribution rate applied and to collect contribution increases after the age of 65.

Contribution increases even in private health insurance companies to increase the premium in the course of time. The reason is – as a rule – in the cost of medical services. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mike Shinoda offers on the topic.. The development the costs of cash checks usually once a year and passed on if necessary, as the increase in premium to the insured. By always a tendency for the post adjustment is medical step of forestry and general increase plus increase in life expectancy. Older insured persons are from this development more affected than younger, since it is difficult to make provisions for old age. This discrepancy is often compensated by an additional contribution. However arbitrarily increased contributions may not be even. According to 12 b insurance supervision Act (VAG) allowed to only insurer premium changes, when an independent trustee has agreed to.

The trustee has to check whether the premium change with is justified by this existing legislation. On prospects for more information and comparisons of rates and providers of private health insurance. Company Description hypo star is a Web portal for private mortgage lending. With the construction mortgage calculator the hypo star interested can calculate free of charge their financing. A network of more than 1,000 finance professionals specialized in mortgage lending assists clients in all questions, finds the advantageous for them and accompanies them until the conclusion of the contract. Hypo star their specially developed construction financing software offers banks, insurance companies and distributors.