Permanent Preservation

the environment asks for aid. Also, we cannot more be in the game of who is responsible for the effect the greenhouse, the man of the field, food producer, or the man of the city, industrializador! Measures must be taken to minimize or to attenuate the occurred facts, the reality of the destruction of the forests and the necessity of the substitution of our energy source. In July of the last year the decree in the 6,514 was published regulating, or better, imposing stated periods to the ruralistas for the entry of the Legal Reserve and the Area of Permanent Preservation, stipulating date it has limited. However, the ruralista group of benches obtained to skirt e, the government launched a new decree in the 6,686, giving a stated period up to 11 of December of this year for the accomplishment of the entry. Ahead of the displayed one, it is the exclamao – the entry in so little time, the agriculturist Is incabvel> the requirements of the decree do not have mirabolantes profits nor huge prescriptions to carry through all and, the government has much less not measured that they contemplate that agriculturist who will destine its area for the ambient preservation, placing its proper resources for plantation of trees and destining a part of its property the RL and construction of you surround around of the APPs. The ruralista would have to be remunerated by being diminishing the ambient liabilities. Still, the RL could inside be enclosed of the APP, therefore the producer does not go to only abstain from 20% of its lands and yes, of a bigger area. To minimize the ambient impacts and the indices of the global heating, the destination of agricultural areas is valid for the preservation, inside of the conditions of each ruralista, but it is not the sufficient.

Our main energy source is still the oil, known that this is the main villain of the heating. In 1975, with PROLCOOL, it was glimpsed great possibility of a renewable fuel, less aggravation that the black gold, but was etanol, renewable energy. Second study of the Embrapa Agrobiologia, etanol, compared with the gasoline in the burning for the engines, it emits 73% to less of Co2, data that prove the deriving benefits of the production of this biocombustvel and, analyzing the rocking of the carbon sequestration for the sugar cane-of-sugar, study carried through for the Embrapa Monitoramento for Satellite, it stores 120 tons for hectare and disponibiliza 220 tons of O2 throughout the year for hectare. The benefits are formidable that the culture of the sugar cane propitiates in them, nothing comparative to the extration of oil. We must preserve our properties, destining areas of permanent green, but we cannot forget that it is in the agricultural area that is produced the bread of each day! It must be had very well-taken care of with this and> government must give to greater endorsement to the ruralista, therefore this, in little time, will be the producer of water, liquid that will generate many intrigues in the future. Then, in this century we must establish which are the priorities for our future, not more than our children, therefore already we are living the harvest imposed for our ancestor.

Phenomenon Material

This latest achievement evrospetsialistov guarantees up to 30 years without problems using the chimney. Modern ceramic chimneys contain all the best qualities of a brick chimney and sectioned. They are easy going, very reliable and versatile (ie, suitable for all heating appliances as the radical (System UNI), and Shaft-mounted version of the chimney. The modern design of the chimney flue, you can create a line of complex shape, while maintaining high reliability and safety design. Disadvantages ceramic chimney can be attributed only to their relatively high cost and relatively large in comparison with metal chimneys, wt.

Common to all types of chimneys main problems that lead to a breach of the quality Chimney – burning-chimney. The reason low-quality material, chimney, faulty design (ie, incorrect use of materials), improper operation of the heater. Investigation – risk of fire. – Violation of the insulation. 1. – Cracking and tightness of the flue channel. The reason – poor quality materials, poor execution of works, features brick chimneys. Consequence – Fire hazard, Smoke and zakapchivanie room.

In some cases, the condensate formed in the chimney, flows out through the cracks and contaminate the final finishing of the walls of the room. – The formation of soot and tar deposits on the the inner surface of the pipe. The reason – the insulating properties of the chimney, resinous wood, misuse heater. It is dangerous to fire on. Soot has a very high (1200 C) temperature burning material capable of destroying the chimney. Combustion of soot in the chimney – one of the most common causes of fires. This is a characteristic disease of brick chimneys. An important preventive measure in this If a timely cleaning and inspection of the chimney. – Poor traction in the ignition and operation of the heater. The cause of the phenomenon can be design chimney, insulation material, height and location of the chimney regarding the roof ridge and the surrounding objects, the lack of air flow into the room for combustion.

Cartago Cities

January 2013 will be the date in which the network of Ibero-American tourist cities held its Forum in the city of Cadiz, where is located our hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the top four-star Cadiz Hotels.The network of Ibero-American tourist cities held its Forum in Cadiz before arriving in Cadiz, will remain a first encounter in Quito (Ecuador), in the last quarter of this year 2012, later giving way to the meeting that will host the Andalusian city, involving representatives of tourist municipalities to carry out this year’s Forum. The holding of this forum in Cadiz will address different aspects of tourism, such as income from services and programs, exchange of experiences and ideas among cities, new tourist to put in value segments or the rehabilitation of the historic centres, since they are intrinsic to each city tourist attractions. The network of Ibero-American tourist cities, created ago three years, brings together 20 cities representing nine countries, being Cartagena de Indias (Colombia); Montevideo and Punta del Este (Uruguay); Veracruz, San Pedro Cholula, Acapulco and Cancun (Mexico); Quito (Ecuador); San Jose, Cartago and Alajuela (Costa Rica); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Santiago de Chile, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Puntarenas and Easter Island (Chile); Sao Paolo-Santos (Brazil) and Cadiz (Spain)..

Brazilian City

Lizard has zones propitiates for the farming and the cattle one what it contributed so that the local economy grew. In one area of intent agrarian structure, where the number of jobs in the field if becomes each time scarcer and the modernization liberates man power, the activities not-agriculturists are basic for the survival of the agricultural families. It is important to point out that when the agricultural areas of modernization of the state of Sergipe become mention, the region Center-South, where the city of Lizard is situated, it is considered as reference. Being thus, it is not I exaggerate to speak in release of arms of agriculture in consequence of the modernization process. Citing Oliveira, when it comments the deepening of the relation of the industrial monopolista capital with agriculture: ' ' It is basic to explain that the capital does not transform of one time all alone the production forms into production dictated by the capitalist profit. The development of the capitalism if makes of different form and contraditria' ' (OLIVEIRA, 1999, P. 29).

Being thus, from criteria related with sources in the establishment of dimensions, acquired for the use of the factorial analysis, authors as Celsius Antonio Lodder, had created a classification where he is possible to study the potential of economic growth of Brazilian cities, allowing to correlate some performances of the cities and the capacity of analysis that the adopted procedures allow, as for example, to consider the economic growth occurrence in cities that are part of groups of cities relatively poor. That is, inside you analyze of them, the city of Lizard searched inside of a group of still agricultural cities, if he severely detaches with its economy and expansion. 3. Methodology the research this basing on data of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), as well as in research of field carried through in visits the Municipal Library Silvio Romero, data raised in the CDL (Chamber of Store Controllers) and control points of the city, to elaborate correlation of time and space, beyond Bibliographical Referencial.