Max Martins

Ahead of this, he would not be forcible to say that with Anti-Picture, Max Martins initiates its incursion for the call ' ' Concreta&#039 poetry; ' e, we advance, never plus it will abandon such experiences, exactly that never if it has really filiado to this literary movement. Really, Max Martins never said ' ' poet concreto' ' , however, almost impossible not to recognize in its poems positions widely divulged, teorizadas and defended for the concretistas of the decade of 1950, such as: ' ' the words in this poetry act as objects autnomos.' ' , ' ' the concrete poems would be characterized for one irreversible optics-sonorous estruturao and funcional' ' , ' ' the poem is form and content of itself exactly, the poem is. the idea-emotion is integrant part of the form, vice-versa' ' ' ' the poetical nucleus is rank in evidence not more for the successive and linear chaining of verses, but for a balance and reception system between any parts of poema' '. (All the fragmentos had been removed of the book ' ' Theory of the Concrete Poetry: critical and manifest texts 1950-1960' ') This ' ' position concreta' ' of which we speak in the previous paragraph, it can be found, for intent eyes, in the majority of the poems that compose Anti-Picture, becoming more evident in poems as ' ' Aprendiz' ' , ' ' Copacabana' ' , ' ' A&#039 subject; ' ' ' Variation of a&#039 subject; ' , over all because of it I appeal existing appearance in them. In ' ' Copacabana' ' , for example, it has a species of alternation between suggestive words of sea with suggestive words of sex, as in verses: ' ' in the green-sea-blue one sexos are spilled in areia' '. This game with a words will be happened again all during the poem, what it finishes for generating a similar movement to ' ' it goes-and-vem' ' of the waves of the sea.

Alexei Savrasenko

The fastest in Europe, number five, world-class basketball player Alexei Savrasenko in their twenty-eight central eminent club – CSKA stands for the Russian team. Big guy on the basketball court and a large people in life: to him firmly in the team and loved ones safely. During a break between workouts Alex gave an interview 'Men's Club South Region'. Not surprisingly, this tall, strong and visible man lives a great responsibility to the people with whom he works as a team, and dedication, he chose as a child. CSKA, whose colors protects Alex – one of the most famous European clubs, with an interesting history and a long tradition, and the athlete could harmoniously integrate into the first team to win and catch as sympathy fans and the respect of players. And that, believe me, not enough. At this level of the strongest clubs competition, and many talented guys can easily get lost against the background of the masters of the orange ball. And to prove that you are the best in the starting lineup, only titanic effort and effective game.

For the professional Alex activity very seriously and change in life does not want anything. This Russian guy who likes to Russian cuisine and our pop music. Russian hero, a kind and generous, with a very calm character, while it does not touch the playground. That's where much mercy do not wait! A sharp, fast and punchy central laid out on a hundred shows and crazy basketball: and gaining points, and in the selection does not miss and hit penalty generally exceeds the limit! ..

State School Dom Helvcio

In the afternoon of this last Wednesday, 7, girls and boys taken care of for program LBV Child: Future in the Gift! , they had received a visit interesting surprise: Pupils of the State School Dom Helvcio had brought milk to compose the baskets that will be deliver to the families of the children taken care of in the Legion of the Good will and a toy for each one of them. Happy, the children of the LBV had greeted the pupils with musics of welcome, and these had repaid the affection also singing. During all afternoon, together if they had amused very with tricks elaborated for the educators and saborearam a delicious snack. In accordance with the teacher of the state school Dom Helvcio, Quarina Roberta de Amorim, this activity has as ' ' main objective to acquire knowledge the children on the true one felt of the Christmas, that is daily in our lives. The project is developed with the pupils in classroom and during some weeks, of this time, they had been carried through you vary activities on the Legion of the Good will so that all could know the actions of the Institution. It stops to finish the project, the pupils had visited the LBV to carry through a festive meeting with the children, with focus in the socialization, live deeply harmonious and the search of the awareness of the look on outro' '.

It is the second time that the Legion of the Good will is chosen as partner for conclusion of this project. ' ' We know that it is of utmost importance the existence of entities that if worry about the devoid community, directing it so that he has a better future. We are been thankful by the chance that we had one more time to come with our pupils for interaction of same with the children daqui.


To know if this relation is beneficial or is still more harmful to pluralism. Until point can exist or it transacional relation between culture and capitalism and thus the Amaznia not to be able to be seen of a form in which, perhaps, never it are seen, a possible more distant vision of the Golden El, vision that lasts on it has some centuries since the exit for first navigator route to the unknown Sea of the Ocidente. To raise questionings on this aspect beyond reviver the process of Brazilian settling, with the strong European oppression in the attempt of aculturao of the indians to become them allies of the metropolis with the calls missions, is also to perceive now that great part of it I still begin colonizador is remained, not more for Europeans, but yes for also living Brazilians and of the proper Amaznia. THE AMAZNIA AND THE CAPITALISM: A COMPLEX APARTMENT the Amaznia if presents today as a great source of natural and cultural wealth of the world, aspects that had always met in same, but only one extremely was valued during the centuries, of marketing economic character, that always prioritized the exploration of the Amaznia the lucrative ends, deforesting, extracting and burning, disrespecting of cruel and humilhante form there existing the cultural manifestations that depend directly on the natural way where they live. For better understanding of what it is if to say becomes necessary an embarkment in caravelas of the Europeans, travelling in the history of the arrival of the man ' ' white civilizado' ' in the Amaznia, that in search of new sources of wealth, still existing in the Europe, but little for the imperialistas ideals, would not allow that nothing a multitude of equalized natives opposed itself much less in its way ' ' animals selvagens' ' The known historical period as Average Age, period that precedes the routes of ' ' discovery of the Amrica' ' , with its feudal regimen it starts to present its first steps of decay parallel the limitations of considered products indispensable dominant social classroom, this fact made with that the commercial relations if expanded beyond the feudals, until then, self-sufficient. .

For Franchico

Perhaps therefore to the times I saw surpreso with this taste for drinks and some friends, in certain way, fancy. I remember, also, that it had certain tare for a neighbor, which saw the naked silhouette for the glass of a window. She was a woman who did not have an arm, and seems that this fascinated very it. Ways and acasos of the life, certain time we pass the vacations in a health-resort. We invite the Franchico to be one days for there, as soon as the work allowed it.

Prestativo and always available to the social life, it was. Type of event that today I more would not participate, was time of carnival, intense heat, room without very comfort, bahian music, full beach At night, electric trio in the street. Until I tried to adapt itself, but I finished perceiving, not without certain frustration for the isolation, that one was not my style of life. For Franchico, however, all age party. Always with a beer by hand, using its sunga of black beach and colored t-shirt, was adaptava easily to this type of environment.

A sufficiently flexivo intellectual to the popular trejeitos. It was exactly this flexibility took that it if to approach to Matilde. It was friend of the namorada one of my brother and, by chance, she was that way in a carnival night. He finished joining it the group and if approaching to Franchico, given its interesting affection, colloquies and animation to drink and to dance. By the way, to drink and to dance age with same Matilde. Woman of city of the interior, also already had been married, had a son and its fame was not of the best ones, therefore already it had been with many faces since then. At least she was what one said, I never knew it the sufficient to question its nature (if he is that this is reason to question the nature of somebody).

Netto Dolphin

Although in the subsequent years, more specifically in 1976, the plan to meet dimmed and suffering innumerable critical, the government was remained in the search for its objectives, that had been to a large extent reached. The strategies adopted in 1974, that they aimed at to brake the importations, to decelerate the growth of the economy and to adjust the interchange relationships if they had reflected in 1977, when the economy if stabilized and the commercial transactions if they had balanced. However, at the moment that reached the waited stability, the country was affected by as the shock of the oil, that made the value of the liquid fuel importations to jump of US$ 4 billion for US$10 billions between 1981 and 1982, causing an explosion in the taxes of interests and thus increasing the external accounts. The fall of the capacity to matter required a reply of the country, that would have to come by means of the addition of measures to PND II, to reduce the fuel consumption, to increase the exportations and mainly to substitute and to reduce importation. In way to these problems, in 1979, Netto Dolphin comes back as Minister of the Planning, that, at the same time where it did not admit the contraction, defined strategies to take the country ' ' in return to the economy of mercado' '. The minister affirmed that what lacked to the country was a treatment of shock in 1973, therefore Brazil started to consume very beyond what its capacity allowed, what resulted in an increase in the taxes of interests and deficit in the current transactions. Thus, in 1981, Netto dolphin turned it a plan of adjustment that provided a considerable increase in the internal saving, lined up the relative prices between some sectors, eliminated the subsidies and reduced the intervention of the government in the economy.

Accelerated Learning

be able to: to make the right decisions with the rapid development of emergency; A.4.4. possess: psychological resistance to unexpected situations in during the landing. A.5. The program provides training an athlete to the level of category "A". To receive the certificate Category "A" athlete must: have at least 20 jumps, to determine altitude, the point separation and the delay in disclosure, land in three jumps at a distance of no more than 20 m from the goal to be able to stop unstable drop and take the correct posture for the disclosure of a parachute, maintain direction during free fall, make a turn, able to move horizontally in a free incidence of other parachutists commit no less than 3 hops in tandem with an instructor (an athlete), to know how to pack the main parachute and inspect equipment to jump. The concept of aff. This method of preparation called Accelerated Learning in a free fall because the process of learning from three to five times shorter than the training of parachutists on the traditional method of jumping on the forced disclosure of a parachute.

Method developed by aff to conduct an intensive, individual training students who wish to seriously pursue skydiving. Very brave, indeed, this program created a systematic and carefully. The method uses the skills machinery and equipment used in modern parachuting. At the first jump of the Program aff, the student feels the stability of the fall and has an opportunity to practice it with the direct assistance of trainers for more time than any other method of training.

Successful Businesses

At the time of mounting its successful businesses always it is incurred problems and they are learned of them in the day to day, although sometimes, there are great problems that are necessary to evade if it wants to be a successful industralist. It is common that, the greatest error at the time of investing is not to invest the sufficient capital, or to pospone the project for later. To recognize and to measure the risk of the investment are very important, since the economic and financial context changes every day and must know how to take the opportunities. As we said these are great errors, also others such as to invest money before having a stable financial situation it is another great problem. Then we happen to analyze in but detail the following questions: Good financial health Before nothing the present and personal problems of each investor are due to solve so that this does not affect the later investments when requiring money that teniamo destined not it to correct expenses.

He is fundamental that in order month the income confronted with the expenses are positive and they do not generate lost. To this I complete denominates flow of bottoms or cashflow. For that reason our advice it is that it cancels its credit card debts and gives back the loans of high interest as well as it must pay the greater amount of debts than they esten quick to win. Of this form the financial health improves and it is allowed to destine a portion of the flow of bottoms to save and to invest later in successful businesses. It avoids the schemes or models of business of " to be made &quot overnight rich; It is common nowadays to find people offering systems or portfolios of investment that guarantee high performances in limited terms of time.

This type of investment is dangerous and it even can be a swindle. Instead of it always looks for long term but safe and reliable yield that it allows him to generate wealth without risking all savings. It does not put all the eggs in a single basket. The advice who any financial or expert analyst in stock market is to be diversified. This means that never we must only invest in a type of business or action since the risk increases in. Another important point is that the businesses always have their time of gestation and to bear fruits, is not hopeless and tries to change its strategies without making the projections and analysis as it is said, with the cold head. These advice are the basic recommendations at the time of investing in successful businesses, without a doubt each type of investment requires a deep analysis but depending on investments in liquid assets or emprendimientos. Finally it remembers that the one that does not risk does not win, then must always considererar to work in some project that in spite of everything always offered experience him to continue growing. Original author and source of the article.

Data on Pigs

The pigs usually are despised by many people, but what they do not think it is that thanks to the pigs they are very important within the nutritional chain of great part of the humanity. The pigs enough are desired by thousands of people who love the kitchen and the preparation of foods based on pig meat. The pigs are one of the animal of farm easier to raise and to reproduce, they have a very short period of gestation in comparison with other animal of farm. In addition, the majority of healthy pigs produces a great litter. Nevertheless, if you wish to obtain the maximum benefit of his pigs, it is to have to learn good techniques of reproduction. The pigs female reach the sexual maturity at the age of 5 or 6 months. The young females are called young bristles. The male or verracos pigs, manage to reach the sexual maturity at the age of 6 or 8 months.

In the deposits, it is normal to find images of pigs indicating the correct ages for the reproduction processes and gestation. The time of reproduction of the pigs is characterized by the period of heat of the female. During a cycle of 21 days, a female is in fervor by 3 to 4 days. A female in fervor is easy to identify, since it exhibits an anxious behavior, with the tail in stop or, sometimes it tries to mount other bristles. Also a remarkable change in his will be seen vulva, that generally fan is made greater and when a bristle is in fervor. The period of gestation of the pigs is of approximately 113 days. During this time, it is very important to protect to a pregnant bristle of diseases and infections. The treatment of the bristles for the lice or the parasitism is due to at least realise 2 weeks before its date of victory.

In addition, the immunization against erisipela, a common infection of the pig species is due to realise opportunely. When the people who study porcicultura are seeing matters related to the medical treatments that are due to realise in the processes of reproduction and gestation, usually they know images pigs that suffer the diseases that they can produce in the childbirth, in order that they can know and identify each possible problem that can be gotten to present/display. the people of the common one are not you allow of all the processes that are realised so that the pigs that consume in their foods, are of good quality, with good flavor and in addition, that they are healthful, it is for that reason that the porcicultoras companies make constants campaigns in which they show images of pigs in his atmospheres of process, so that they can know a little more about the subject and to buy the meat of pig with greater confidence.


The use of insulated wires in the southern and mountain areas do not a problem, because The effect insulation resistant to ultraviolet light and ozone. The need for insulated wire medium-voltage cable design has been implemented SAX. The first installation of insulated Wire VL-20 kV implemented in 1976 – the so-called PAS system – reinforced aluminum wires in the plastic insulation. Later, in 1981 in Finland was built the first line of SAX, where the wire insulation was made of polyethylene. In 1984, the operation of the system adopted vibrationproof SAX, also equipped with security devices from an electric arc. The system currently includes SAX and includes secure the wires with insulation silanosshivaemogo polyethylene, equipped with the corresponding linear-coupling valves, devices, lightning protection, vibration protection and mounting accessories related to them. In Sweden, first appeared in the VLZ 1985 – 3000 km, Norway VLZ first – in 1986 built 2,000 km.

Since in the 90s and the wires AMKA SAX were available and successfully used in Russia, now NOKIA KABEL in 1995 initiated the development of the company ORGRES set of normative and technical documentation for design, construction and operation of pilot lines The effect of 0.4 kV, and in 1996 – the same type of documentation VLZ 6-20 kV. Currently, rules already in place devices up to 1 kV The effect of CIP, as well as Rules for Design VLZ 6-20 kV. Design and development of domestic SIPs were launched in 1987 at the Irkutsk factory cable. In 1991, the TU-120 16.K71-91 were put into experimental production of wire marks SAPTA, SASPt, SAPssh and SASPssh.