Sea Apartment

The apartment was with interior decoration – on the floor, lay tile in the hallway, bathroom, living room and balconies, as well as laminate flooring in the bedroom, the walls and ceiling are painted white. Made all findings by electricity, installed outlets and switches. Bathroom, with wc, fully ready – installed all plumbing and water heater. In general. Buy furniture, appliances and live. Finish stairwells marble, beautiful railings, panoramic exterior glass elevator, enclosed area, parking lot, lined with multicolored tiles – all these little details create the perfect mood to relax and stay-furnished comfortable place. Moreover, it is not the house of a top-class, elite, or special – it's just a normal house, which there are hundreds.

This is another advantage of the new houses, construction of "turnkey" is the rule rather than exception. Now, when we already have experience of living in our apartment, I am happy and pleased to recall our experience of buying an apartment in Bulgaria, because we did absolutely the right choice. We got everything we wanted and more -: great neighbors! That we did not expect this was a pleasant surprise for us. Bulgarians – a pleasant and sociable people, very friendly related to Russian. But, all in order that we managed to see over time stay in our apartment. As I said, our apartment is just 60 meters from the sea, ie Sea can be seen, although a bit and be heard. In the summer, at the season, we quietly. The beach is located a little away, in front of our beach house there.

Mato Grosso

Great part of the economy of the State of Mato Grosso of the South happens of agriculture and the cattle one, and the use of agrotxicos happens large-scale, being used in the improvement of the capacities and conditions of production. The present work is about a bibliographical revision that had as objective to also get referring information logistic reversa in the devolution of the packings of agrotxicos in the state of Mato Grosso of the South, arising itself information concerning the impacts to the environment and the health of the human beings when it occurs the inadequate discarding or when exists me the use of these products. Still the correct procedures will be boarded and the measures of security that must be adopted during the treatment of the packings for beginning of the process reverse when exist the return of the packings. Information concerning the amounts of poisonings and deaths also will be displayed objective.

Brazilian TV For Fernando Grecco

Ironies of the Brazilian TV For Fernando Grecco ‘ ‘ Need imagines in possessions/I to wonder if you can/Em will be greed or hunger/A brotherhood of man/Imagines all the people/Sharing all the world ‘ ‘ (Imagines – John Lennon? 1971) It is irrefutable fact that the Brazilian television possesss one of the programmings more banal ridicule and of the whole world. Grotescas, loaded novels by an empty erotismo and without favour, take account of the noble schedule. Periodicals, the example of the National Periodical, of the Net Globe, nothing more are of what spokesmen of the elite, manipulating, modifying, creating notice in agreement solely with its interests of economic order. It is not different with the commercial propagandas. One strong appeal to the previsible mood is something sufficiently aborrecvel to who still withholds certain erudio. However, something that it very exceeded in the limit of the tolerable one was shown in the Net Globe (logically) has few days.

We make reference to reference the new propaganda of the Ita bank, where it shows a series of employees of institution singing, unisonous, the song Imagines, of the master John Lennon. Few televising propagandas had obtained to reach a so salient degree of incoherence as this. The song is a louvor shout the peace, the equality, the fraternity between the men. The letter in suggests a society economically to them joust where the property, the greed, the hunger, the money, the same religion inexists or the borders. Finally, Lennon makes in them to imagine in a radically antagonistic reality to that we are confined. How can a banking institution, representative principle of a barbarous, desumano and atrocious capitalism, to use itself of an anarchic text song to make advertising of its services? Is conceivable a bank, as the Ita, that all trimester surpasses invoicing records, to use that it is very far from its ideology, or, better, that its extension goes of meeting with it in all? The financial institutions are the symbol biggest of the capitalism to dspar that we live deeply. They represent, in its fullness, exactly the opposite of what the song of Lennon indicates in them.

Probably something exists to subliminar in the propaganda of the Ita, a time that the song speaks on a society without money. In fact it is this that the Ita and other banks have sponsored with its excessive interests: a society really without money. Fernando Grecco is contributor of the Leaf of Votorantim.

Library Science

The case method has a correlation of technical and methodological one at a time, has been successfully applied in many academic disciplines, among which, particularly stand out the law, medicine and management. Herreid (1997) asserts that in law the new decisions, new cases and new rights are set on old decisions; Meanwhile, in medicine, the application of the case method is not very different, a correct diagnosis is constructed from mistakes. The same Herreid (1997) argues that in the Administrative Sciences cases are entered to have a practice or simulation experience and then apply it in the real world of business. The case method can be widely used in the field of library science and information, whose character is multidisciplinary science. We can take as an example areas relating to the management of information, information ethics, right to information, information technologies, policies of information, studies of users, among others. Many of the above-mentioned subjects cannot grow if they do not take into account or enrich themselves or with a case.

Magazine Library Journal of the American Library Association is a noteworthy example. This magazine has a section called How do you manage where are analyzed and discussed controversial cases taken from the own professional environment. The use of cases is also frequent to resolve ethical dilemmas, Hannabuss (1996) indicates that it is a valid method in the teaching of ethics, it plays a fundamental role among students with different intellectual, moral and professional levels in matters of ethical relevance in the library and information work. Evolution of the case Garvin (2003) method makes a historical recounting of the case method, notes that pioneer was Christopher Columbus Langdell, who attended Harvard Law School from 1851 to 1854, there he worked as a research assistant and librarian at the same time, his main skill was investigate and make summaries. In 1870, the Harvard President, Charles William Eliot, recommends to Langdell to initiate the application of case method in the University.

Spanish Ministry

On the other hand, for those readers with wifi, it presents the advantage that can syndicate in RSS new titles that are digitized and you can as well be permanently informed of the developments. is an Argentine initiative sponsored by different public and private entities which aims to provide a catalogue of books for download in Spanish aimed at students and users in general. The objective is to form a free and virtual library in which users can support for their training. The catalog offered is broad and covers numerous topics, with a total of 11.646 works available for download in PDF format. LibriVox.

This project free and Community aims last dump all titles free of rights in audio files, i.e. make audiobooks complimentary and free. For this purpose it has contributions from Internet users, that Act of readers and recorded their readings aloud to then pass the recordings to MP3 or OGG Vorbis (a free audio format) and upload them to the project’s page. These can be heard on the network or download in the form of podcast to hear them on portable devices. It includes RSS service to keep abreast of new audiobooks, and as an example, has Don Quixote reading in several languages, including Castilian, although with English accent. Virtual library Cervantes. It is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of culture to promote national literature in the network.

This platform has numerous books and magazines texts extracted from the National Library and the national archives. However, although some of his works can be downloaded, especially of the Spanish golden age, they are in PDF format and as an image of the scanned pages, so the file can be little suitable (or nothing) to be read on readers. Works of important authors does not offer download as Perez Galdos or Clarin (although his main novels are in web access), for example, and its search system is very unclear.

Childrens Learning

This is a proposal which is running since August of last year, through an agreement with the Universidad Surcolombiana and the Governor of Huila, who is the entity in charge of the departmental library. The kids room, is a room the departmental library opened two years ago to place it at the service of all the children in the municipality of Neiva, it is made up of 2,000 books, a TV, a dvd, and a team of sound, was attended by Miguel Dario Polania, Coordinator of the departmental library. Poland, also assured that: the room of a time here, in an agreement with the Surcolombiana, practitioners of the programme child pedagogy have been driving it. In this way, we think that it will reach them a greater number of children that can come to this room. For its part, Jenny Paola Pava, practitioner of the programme child pedagogy, informed the newspaper of Huila to: we are four practitioners in child pedagogy of the Usco, Francelina Jimenez, Leidy Johanna Sanchez, Maide Constanza Molina and I, who added that the group is has divided the work to develop it in two days, in the morning from eight to twelve o’clock noon and in the afternoon from two o’clock in the afternoon until six. The social practice that made these young people is performed day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the program that is being done in the library put you as name the pleasure of reading with the tio Council, where reading activities are underway in game mode, a mode of fun that is convenient for them, said Guan. It was how he said that the first guests to this program had been children who belong to the down’s Syndrome Foundation, who established with the directives of this institution who would attend every fifteen days to the program, because it helps them to develop skills and because they have near the Foundation, reiterated the young intern. Finally, Miguel Dario Polania said that the idea of the practice for this year was provide access to children in vulnerable sectors, in promotorias of readings in playfulness in the game, in training and why not, that the program be included within the educational system.