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In the next hall crowd dignitaries and courtiers. What is the diversity and splendor of clothes and hats! Here is a nobleman in a cloak of yellow color, which are scattered across the field the monster head on a red background, talking quietly with another important face. On his interlocutor a cloak on it woven pictures of sea shells on a light blue background. These pictures are framed by two rows of pens – dark blue and white. The bottom edge of garment is trimmed with a fringe of rabbit fur, dyed in red.

Located next to an elderly priest wears his dark green tilmatli (cloak) images of human skulls and crossbones. Wherever you look – everywhere woven or composed of feathers emblem: the sun, jade discs, fish, cactus, rabbits, butterflies, geometric motifs, jaguars, snakes. The hands and feet of gold bracelets, chains on his chest and pectoral from the same metal. At one in the hands of fans, in other bouquets of fresh flowers. A lot of this crowd and women. The clothes all present not just one color – turquoise.

Tilmatli that color can be only one man – the lord of Tenochtitlan! Move on to another room. This so-called "Hall weapons "- the original armory Aztec rulers. In it, we can see and swords from solid wood, in which let into the blade of obsidian, and maces and javelins, and . Many of them are richly decorated with mother of pearl, gold and precious stones. It should also mention the peculiar, Makuilshochitl – the patron god of song and dance. The statue, artfully roller boards, which are convenient to carry and extremely fast deployed if necessary. In the next room on the walls splendid costumes "warrior-eagles" and "warrior-jaguars, their helmets are made in the form of large birds and animals with wide-open beaks and mouths. Here also dumped piles of shells and cotton – long shirt, quilted cotton beams. They are fairly well protected from the darts and stones from a sling. Bustled about them, counting, special supervisors, and the side is the main steward of the palace, with an inventory book. In the palace is a strict accounting of all full in the pantry. Leave them and go out into the garden, or rather, the park – so vast and diverse it is. Which only plants here! They are collected from all all of Mexico. This park is in fact the huge botanical garden. Throughout the flowerbeds with skillful drawings of flowers, many artificial grottos, ponds, streams, swimming pools, graceful bridges – On careful review of this complex landscape architecture we would have to spend a few days rather than the two hours that we spent here. Adjacent to the park zoo. It can also be called a miracle. Here and jaguars and cougars, and coyotes and other predators. On feed the released of their daily five hundred turkeys. In large cells contained innumerable birds of different species, including rare colors. Many birds and poultry. For all staff looking after poultry, which monitor the feeding, cleanliness, health and proper placement of the cage and roost nests. Presented and snakes, and in large quantities. In swimming pools a variety of fish. One representative fish or bird kingdom, which for some reason could not get, is pictured here in gold, silver and precious stones

Paris – The Heart Of France

French wine – who even once in my life heard of them? In Paris, a paradise for lovers of fine wines. Paris – it's all the acknowledged center of fashion, in this regard, it is not surprising that it was here at every turn there are trendy clothing stores. Naturally, the prices vary greatly, but it is a great advantage, as thanks to everyone can find something appropriate to his pocket. In the historic city center are lots of streets and houses, who remember Napoleon and Joan of Arc, the French Revolution and the People's uprising, the French kings and cardinals, dueling Musketeers and executions that were carried out of the medieval Inquisition. In the new, modern quarters is a huge shopping malls, excellent hotels and famous boutiques. What time of year chosen for the trip to Paris? In order to fully enjoy your holiday best to go in spring or early fall.

Paris is beautiful always, Whenever you come in this regard, tourism season does not matter. Summer here is very hot, as indeed, anywhere, but thanks to fresh west wind, the heat can be easily transferred. In addition, if you plan travel in the summer, be aware that Paris in July and August are usually empty: in those months in France, it's time to leave. But do not worry, you will always find a warm welcome in this unique city, as all the bistros, hotels, and shops continue to operate normally and always waiting for you. Winter in Paris, rather damp, although snow is not so often, but, perhaps, walking will not bring full satisfaction.

Notaries Public

Czech notary. Czech lawyer. Notary and legal services in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic operates a large number of private and public notaries. Services to private and public notary almost identical with some exceptions.

Consider the basic differences in the services of public and private notaries: Notaries Public in Czech Republic: has no right to certify a copy of the document, which is holography not can provide the personal state-insured bank account, through which must pass a means of purchase and sale of real estate. Not have the right to provide services for conducting transactions of purchase and sale of movable and Real Estate not have the legal right to execute and notarize company statutes (notarsky record) which is the basis for the beginning of registration of legal entity. S-early 2008, providing service to obtain a registration sheet on the legal person in the Czech Republic and the record sheet for real estate. Public notaries are convenient in that they work in each department of the district administration of the city, resort to their services, many Czech and foreign nationals with the necessary assurances proxy statements, copies of documents certified by the signature. Services of notaries public for the cost are lower than private ones. Private notary in the Czech Republic, in contrast to State: must be commercially insured in the event of default, financial responsibility for it is an insurance company. Possess all the above rights and are more universal in terms of providing legal services.

Fountains Of The Eternal City

Rome can be called one of the "Fountain" cities in the world – here there are about 280. In summer the whole of Italy is suffering from heat, and Rome and all of its four million population is still about the fact that here there is nowhere to bathe. At this time the fountains for many (Especially children) are transformed into makeshift ponds. Nevertheless, the main value of the fountains, yet in another – it's great monuments and the real decoration of the city. To view them all, is not enough and the whole months, but the best of them stand in order to devote part of their time spent in Rome. The most famous fountain in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. It was in his most tourists throw coins return to Rome. Fountain located in a small area around the Trevi Quirinale.

It completes an Aqua Virgo aqueduct, built before Christ. The story of this fountain is that – in 1732 Pope Clement xii commissioned Nicola Salve create a large fountain at the Trevi Square. The previous attempt made a century before this famous architect Bernini on the orders of Pope Urban viii, was not completed because of death of the pontiff. Salvi when creating your masterpiece guided by what has already managed to create a Bernini. Construction of the fountain in the Baroque style was finished in 1762 central figure mas song – Neptune, god of the sea by the ancient Romans. He manages the chariot in the form of marine shells, which are harnessed seahorses.