Fernando Alonso

If this change will cause a salutary lesson, Alonso believes that they do not happen immediately: immediate shake-ups do not exist, working 24 hours a day to have the best car possible for aerodynamic improvements race after race and changing the director technician does not believe there is any revolution, is a bit to try to give a change of direction to what came to be a negative trend, both last year like this with the competitiveness of the car. We are not thinking in the world despite the disadvantage that now has in the world, believes that he must continue the fight. After five racing none in Ferrari can think stop fighting for the Heavyweight Championship of the world, by history, so it represents Ferrari, by the colors that we have dnder until December, never loosen until there is a huge difference or are mathematically out. An obligation is for us to think in the Championship. Tyres said: in theory Monaco is a circuit that is not very demanding, perhaps rear a little bit, but here we have to take care of them and if salts in traffic by many new tires to take is impossible to anticipate, therefore better be in the track the more time better and avoid any type of traffic. A stop would be ideal and two stops It would be also good. Finally on a possible Pact between the pilots not to use the mobile rear spoiler, Fernando Alonso does not believe that there is agreement. I don’t think us agree to one thing that gives you a tenths per lap, always we will try all pick it up and then in addition each team tells us what we need to do, among us there are little kind of power in these decisions. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “I would like to finish on the podium in Monaco, is a special circuit”

Paolo Vasile Belen Esteban

The directing of Telecinco presents the Tertullian star of the program save me as a woman representing the indignation in a peaceful manner. Vasile also analyzes the work of others of its employees, among them Javier Sarda, Jorge Javier Vazquez or Ana Rosa Quintana. The person who best represents the spirit of the 15-M is Belen Esteban. At least, so believes it responsible for Telecinco, Paolo Vasile, who has assured in an interview with Diario de Sevilla to the Tertullian save me, even though it is not the origin of the movement, is the forerunner. Bethlehem represents women who protest, nonconformist. Represents to the relief of the people, explained the Manager, who believes that the mother of Andreita is distinguished by its common sense and to be outraged in a peaceful manner and give a strong.

However, Vasile is not as magnamino with the rest of their employees. While Belen Esteban is an extraordinary character, others such as Javier Sarda, which have been embarked in recent times in various television adventures on the same string without success, have their limitations: Sarda was Martian Chronicles and that was its strength, clarifies, justifying that the career of the catalan journalist has not recovered the boom of yesteryear. Also Jorge Javier Vazquez, whose presence in the chain is getting stronger, is analyzed by your j: is a good example of professionals who know how to grow, which strive to improve. You can listen. This last quality that Vasile appreciated even more than to speak, is what makes, in his view, that home like Ana Rosa Quintana, Jordi Gonzalez presenters or Emma Garcia Excel in their work. Television Manager also justifies the end of programs four as El Hormiguero de Pablo Motos Star: not wanted to listen to us when we asked improvements in programs to win audience. It was thus impossible to trace. () Four will be the chain’s fiction, ataja. Source of the news: Paolo Vasile: “Belen Esteban is the precursor to the 15-M”

Tuesday During

During the intervention of the Commission of the districts reported that more than 28,000 people on Saturday attended the assemblies of districts and towns of Madrid. Commissions and working groups have agreed to continue with camping, but have also called for a restructuring. The information Commission, for its part, has proposed to follow in Sun, although not indefinitely. They looked for this maximum period of stay a week, since they considered it important to establish a departure date. Feminism opted to continue until Tuesday and hold a demonstration. Infrastructures also proposed to continue with the camp. But the general idea, that of all the groups and committees was that the movement remains, whatever happens with the camp. During Word shifts, different proposals were heard.

Among them, that of a man who proposed next Sunday to dismantle the camps of all cities together. Another proposal was to create a political platform that channels the movement, an initiative which was followed by a hissing from the audience. Among other betting citizen was the conditional stay of camping to a reform constitutional guarantee a real democracy. While the interventions of the participants were, the campers have connected by telephone live with Paris, where also remain concentrated the outraged in support of Sun. The resistance is still peaceful, despite attempts by the police to evict them, using even tear gas, they say. After the Assembly, some of those present have decided to go to the French Embassy to denounce the police charges with a minute of silence. During the Assembly, the present there had time to reflect on the proposal agreed by the commissions: No nos vamos, the movement continues, we restructured the camp.

Restructuring means that at least people would be at Sun. Means reduce, eliminate any Commission. Assemblies of barrios this Saturday, more than 120 neighborhoods and municipalities of the community of Madrid met summoned by the 15-M movement to continue the Assembly movement and citizen.

Roman Germanic Economic

In addition, they defend the science and monopoly law and finally, culminates to oppose the economic schizophrenia (defined by them as academic pathology of those who don’t see the world and economic human rather than variable relations and face angrily to those who do not want to participate of his hallucinations. X assessment critical.-the single AED can develop in market economy models. The restrictive nature of the hypotheses of the AED prevent welcome addition across a range of variables: social, historical, psychological, etc., accordingly, condition the effectiveness of legal mandates. Affirms that AED (method of research or interpretation) may be trying to replace Justice with dehumanizing efficiency, but is wrong, because this has a value content, but not in all cases; Moreover, in a world with limited resources, wasting is unjust and In addition, this efficiency is given when a person improves without worsening the situation of the other. Although there is a noticeable disparity in the use of the EDA tools, this has had a progress and impact (academic and management public) important and interesting in Peru, which will no doubt continue. its existence has been positive to enrich the legal analysis with new perspectives. There are legal schizophrenia: according to Alfredo Bullard, this type of (economic) schizophrenia is manifested through espionage, murder of Justice, neoliberalism, imperialism, unrealism, buried and progressive implementation of a transnational doctrine, which is inapplicable for not being Roman Germanic – greens go home! and must create a confraternity or brotherhood to prevent it. As well as also schizophrenias Economics: on the other hand Mario Castillo Freyre jurist pointed out that at the same time there is also another type of schizophrenia (the economic) and consisting of the tendency to see everything through the eyes of the cost-benefit, in the legal community which responds to AED with aggressiveness and even disinterest due to ignorance of the same.

Mexican Consulate

Mexico DENIGRATED since a few days on the European continent, a chain of fast food restaurants launched an advertising campaign promoting a new product, where presented a Mexican chaparro, with mask, wrestler and a shawl with the picture of our national flag, which caused the Mexican authorities through the Ambassador, to show their dissatisfaction, asking to withdraw advertisingalso ask for a public apology. Cases like this are repeated every day. The world may have a demeaning of us Mexicans and Mexico image itself is incredible. Is it possible that a worldwide known company such as Burger King advertises of Mexico in that way. The worst case is that we allow it. Although the Mexican Consulate has expressed their dissatisfaction, it is not the first time that happens and this kind of facts have never been punished. Just remember some events as July precious when I forget the national anthem or rather say that he sang with tune of the national anthem of United States and Why not was you sanctioned? Perhaps at the time, people booed him, but wasn’t there.

Another similar case is that of Jorge Muniz, who joins the long list of celebrities who forget the national anthem. And thus we can cite a myriad list of cases like these. It is very easy for the press and the public in general make fun of those who have committed this shameful act, but it is enough to ask ten people to see how many of them know the national anthem. Why is all this happening? Why don’t we respect laws or at least have a little respect for our country and patriotic symbols? Whether we like it or not this is what we are, Mexican and if the country is so is because of ourselves, both citizens and rulers, who are the first to lose respect for our country and wrong about everything ourselves as Mexicans to leave other countries to have a picture of us. But as always we will be the first to praise and defend other countries such as United States or Europe, already the Mexicans know always faithful. If we ourselves do not defend and respect our country, who be?

Second Round

Valencia dominated by 6-1 and 4-3 when Granollers had to retire. Some discomfort in the lumbar area prevented catalan attempting the comeback. Tipaserevic, which also benefited from the abandonment of Berdych, next rival. The Spanish tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero achieved qualification for the second round of the United States open after the abandonment of his compatriot Marcel Granollers, when Valencia won by 6-1 and 4-3 after 51 minutes of game play. While was Ferrero that caused doubts about what would be your physical condition, after their discomfort in the hips and the beating that took place in the two previous encounters in which needed five sets to win, was curiously Granollers which was affected by physical ailments in the lumbar area.

Ferrero started very well party, very solid in their game, with very deep balls and pressing with winning blows to Granollers at the less opportunity. The best game of Valencian allowed him to break the second and third service of his opponent to join the first leg 6-1. A. the conclusion of the first set, Granollers first applied for the presence of the tournament physiotherapist, who performed a lumbar massage to try and improve him of their discomfort. Catalan resumed the match but it was evident that l I headaches wouldn’t you play well, since I couldn’t nor perform its usual mechanics of remove, so it was again attended after the third game. Granollers endured two games more until it enough said. In this way, Ferrero reached the fourth round, his second best result in this tournament after the final he played in 2003 and the second round which played in 2009, and will face Serbian Janko Tipsarevic, who has also benefited from the withdrawal of his opponent, Tomas Berdych for a place in the quarterfinals. Source of the news: Ferrero in the second round of the US Open after the abandonment of Granollers