The man is a being that supplies its necessities by means of the work. Endowed with perception, it he can plan its action, idealize it in its thought before materialize it. To this Lukcs movement in Lessa, (1997, P. 24) calls previous-ideao, and explains that, ' ' by the previousone, the consequncias of the action are foreseen in the conscience, in such way that the result is idealized (that is, projected in the conscience) before it is constructed in prtica' '. When carrying through this exercise to think first (abstract) and to act later (concrete) the man obtains, still according to Lukcs, to transform the world where he is inserted according to purposes socially ece of fishes. For if relating with other individuals the man it develops the quality of sociable. It is in this space that its necessities are recriadas, it transforms itself exactly, it influences in the transformation of the other and the way.

Baroque it says that, a primary necessity, as the hunger, becomes social in the measure where its forms of satisfaction are determined socially and where, when being bred differentiated forms of satisfaction, changed the directions, abilities and potentialities of the citizen. (BAROQUE, 2001, P. 27). To the human being, also, it is inherent the necessity of diversion, distraction and satisfaction of itself exactly. Looking the diversion, to the man it implies the joy, the satisfaction and the freedom. In the game or the art the complete individual if, searchs inside of itself, what it exists of more diverse, When visualizing itself in a work of art, when identifying itself with the colors, the sounds, the personages the individual obtains ' ' to free-se' ' , to state its feelings of more concrete form. Being able of them of the image, Huyghe (1965, P. 14) explains that, ' ' the sighted exit is not alone the possibility offered to the soul of if exteriorizar, as it is also the possibility to conquer, in the proper expression, an ordinance organizadora' '.

Group Environment

The environment uses the concept of groups, where the registered pupils will have its disposal the offered courses, that can be offered for only one pupil, or specific group. The environment still makes possible, the student to visualize its progression in the course consulting its register of classifications. Conclusion Currently the use of the ED comes constantly increasing in all the education institutions. The fact is that, independent of a course, either it graduation, after graduation or technician, the Institution must have a planning and a team of qualified professionals in the area. The fact of the Program e-Tec to offer to courses technician strengthens this idea, therefore the program aims in such a way to form professionals enabled to the work market how much the traditional actual courses. It does not remain doubt that Ensino in the distance goes to more become enlarged each time in the next years, and this expansion causes a consequence increase in the quality and the methods of education. It fits to the Institutions to invest heavy in this area, using new technologies and resources in its department of ED, therefore the market demands a professional exactly each more qualified time, for that already they are employees, what it generates a great search for courses in the distance that they do not demand a schedule of preset study, what many times empecilho caused one the people who did not make use of a hourly fixture to study.

Through the Program e-Tec, diverse Federal Justinian codes had obtained investments of the Government to organize its in the distance already traditional actual courses in the modality. The very great search rees-echo in the increase of cities interested in installing a polar region of actual support in one of its municipal schools, generating an interest of the inhabitants to improve each time more, aiming at a formation of quality and a better rank in the work market. Bibliography BRITO, Mrio Sergio Da Silva, Technologies for the EAD By Internet, s.d. Available in:, consulted in: 16 of February of 2011. KEYS, Eduardo.

the C. Technology in the Education, Education in the distance, and Learning Mediated for the Technology: Basic conceptualization, 1999. Available in:*, consulted in: 16 of February of 2011. MEC, Ministry of the Education. E-Tec Brazil? School Open Technique of Brazil, 2007a. Available in:, consulted in 02 of July of 2009. MEC, Ministry of the Education. Establishment of actual support, 2007b. Available in:, consulted in 02 of July of 2009. PINE, J.M.S. The computer in the school, 2007. Available in:, consulted in 12 of August of 2009.

Building A Space Hotel

A hotel around which orbits the Earth? Yes. It looks like a science fiction movie but it is not, is a real project in 2012 will see the light thanks to the tenacity of four architects from Catalonia. With the reading of Galactic Suite will understand that a business idea, although it seems very far-fetched, can be realized. Key: five meetings. Can you imagine spending your vacation in a hotel orbiting the Earth, 450 kilometers away at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour? Although it seems a science fiction movie is not, is a real project that a group of Catalan architects and engineers will come true in 2012. Galactic Suite’s work explains in detail the steps taken by these architects for a priori that what may seem like a dream come to be realized and implemented. The book is a clear example that nothing is impossible, that with determination and hard work more risky entrepreneurial projects taking shape and just getting assistance (technical and financial) to be realized.

In particular, they say “It is vital to start any job without prejudice, start any project without knowing the solution. If one gets rid of the preconceived ideas will be much easier to be attentive to the real needs of customers, the world, even before their needs aware of. ” Written for four voices and with much humor, the reader will discover in its pages the strategy of the five meetings necessary to make a success of any business: 1. What: positively identify which is what is wants. 2. Who: getting the enthusiastic participation of both those who believe they can do and those who believe it is completely impossible. 3.

How much: what you actually get from day one has said that it was, ie money. 4. Have who can do what they want. In short, without intermediaries to reach the world of production 5.Using who has the money, preferably on your property. The importance of knowing how to communicate Authors argue that communication is essential and, where appropriate, explain to publicize your project to the press was a great success because it arose as a result of new questions and doubts that, in deciding, outlined the idea. Also, and relatedly, a special emphasis on the need to involve and hopes his idea to most people as possible and different environments, so that their contributions will enrich and improve future business. If you are like most people also want to know the practical details such as hotel galactic know how many rooms will have, how to travel there, what you will eat, how they sleep and what can make space tourists for three days remain in orbit, along the book you will find explanations. But the authors also show realistic. They make it clear that not all initiatives come to fruition. However, warning that must be able to seize all opportunities that may arise around the idea study because, from it, surely other potential projects arise.

Cyclops Polyphemus

Sicilians love and respect your volcano. And treats it with special indescribable awe. Old people say about Etna as a woman: That she wore a hat out of the clouds, here it is terrible – all in thunderstorm clouds, that's the opposite, smiling and alluring – with silver edging out of the snow on his head, flashing and winking at the bottom of all standing, or becomes suddenly mysterious – turning half the clouds, like a shawl. That's talking about her as a wayward but beloved woman: the Etna like this lady – her character. And sometimes she shows it – about once every 3 months Etna erupts, so that will not find it. While on the other hand the disastrous eruption is extremely low, and casualties as rule did not happen – all in time manage to escape. And what legends wound residents of his beloved volcano, dating back to the Greeks So the Greeks peopled Etna cyclops, the most famous of which was a one-eyed Cyclops Polyphemus, that clever Odysseus, got into his hands, so as not to be eaten, put out one eye and fled, and Polyphemus subsequently furious metal in the water blocks and chunks of rock, by the way, rocks to the ppe has rise from the water, recalling the History of Polyphemus. Nothing was left unattended and the heat of the volcano. In its very womb, in the depths of the fiery lava vents, the Greeks placed in the heart of Etna's forge of Vulcan – that there is something in the hell of Hephaestus and forged their swords. However, Aetna pays for people with interest for their love and respect: the slopes of the volcano is incredibly rich in natural substances, so there are all sorts of horticultural crops are grown, ranging from apples, and ending with olives, and another on the slopes of Mount Etna always collect superb vintage, the wine is highly valued for its taste.


Bronze recent alloy obtained by humans is known with certainty which is the * bronze *, which took the opportunity to carry out or grow in the prehistoric time, essentially known as the bronze age. His position was mostly for the construction of equipment and tools kitchen and perfection, lasting hundreds of centuries in these basic units for the common life. Its growth has continued to grow its features and it is currently used for the training of charms, pendants and art as different figures. The discovery of the bronze had many advantages for the humans because he encouraged the people to have many products for unconventional, procurement and sale reaching to allocate so for money to expand the country’s trade and international, with great international importance in the goods of several centuries. The style of its production came from the compound of copper mineral such as malachite or chalcopyrite, along with the Tin by putting in a warm oven with charcoal. They aleaban minerals with 5 to 10% of consistency Tin, because the natural coal narrowed them and they dissolved faster, these two ingredients are determined with great comfort in Nations such as Iran and Thailand where there are old deposits.

Remove Cellulite

Are you looking for how to remove cellulite in legs? Did you know that the legs and thighs are the area most common and problematic in women who suffer from cellulite? Ell almost 90% of women suffer from cellulite on hips, thighs and buttocks. And I can tell you that all of them want to get rid of cellulite fast and permanently! Currently many anti-cellulite creams on the market but all of them are a complete farce since they do not eliminate the problem just cover it for a time, causing cellulite reappears. That’s why many women end up losing lots of money on treatments that don’t work at all and at the end end up disappointed. But you don’t have to worry more, since I will give you 3 simple tips to get rid of cellulite on legs and thighs without spending money on expensive and ineffective products 3 Tips for eliminate cellulite on the legs 1. The anti-cellulite creams are not recommended cellulite is just like any other fat in your body, are not toxins, it is no problem of circulation or excess water stored.

The aspect irregular (or many call it ricotta) is due to that the soft fat lumps through the connective tissue under the skin causing this. And as the skin is thinner in the legs and buttocks area becomes even more noticeable. I recommend not much you acquire anti-cellulite creams since as I mentioned previously these only cover the problem, not eliminate it completely, since they only cause inflammation in the skin which temporarily tightening the area of cellulite and makes the appearance of cottage cheese is less visible for a short period. 2 Focus on the causes, not the symptoms like I said above, the best way to get rid of cellulite is not with anti-cellulite creams. As soon as you stop using the product, you return to where you started.

To get rid of cellulite occupy focus on the causes, not the symptoms, so you should know that it is what causes cellulite: overproduction of hormones, eating wrong foods and lack of exercise as well as the lack of water and inactivity. To combat these causes, perform a training focused on cellulite program and some simple changes in diet, can do wonders.If done correctly, you can tighten and tone the muscles and the skin around the cellulite and reduce harmful hormones.This has a better outcome with a specific program designed for women with this problem.An effective program will put your body in combat to eliminate the cellulite forever, and you can reduce cellulite in a visible way in just a few weeks.You don’t need intense cardiovascular exercises. If you want to know about this fantastic program gives Click here 3. Get specific exercises do sit-ups and squat is a good compound exercise that works of several muscles in the legs and buttocks. Resistance like these exercises have demonstrated control hormonal problems and freed the human growth hormones in greater quantity. However if you want to eliminate cellulite forever easy and quickly recommend the best treatment that eliminating cellulite forever in only 8 weeks! Retrieves the beauty of your thighs and buttocks already! Do da Click here! Get rid of cellulite forever in a natural, easy and safe way in just 8 weeks? Retrieves the beauty of your skin and your self-esteem now! Da Click here!

Debt Consolidation

You may have heard a lot about debt consolidation, but you know what it means? The term may sound like financial jargon you, but the idea behind it is not really all that complicated calls of as consiguir credit report and clean it. Simply speaking, when you get a fresh loan from your current lender or a new lender, to cover all of your previous debts, debt consolidation is called. I.e. after the consolidation of debt you need to make only one payment large debt instead of making payments separated for each loan you have taken clean credit. People are opting increasingly consolidate their debts because many benefits of debt consolidation. Too many loans or debts created confusion and make it difficult for you as not lose sight resulting in possible dues defect. Consolidating your debts except you of a financial mess, including possible bankruptcy. Of course, pay the consolidation does not reduce your debt, only consolidates them into a single debt which makes it easier so that you don’t lose sight of your debts and make regular payments.

But keep in mind that all financial institutions do not provide debt consolidation services. However, you should ask your lender to help you out with debt consolidations. Even if they do not offer the services, they can still refer you to an institution that provides debt consolidation. You also derive the advantage of a lower interest, which means slightly few fees each month. Too much debt means too many different interest rates that tend to add up. When you go to the consolidated debt, you will have a single interest rate that is generally lower than most credit card rates. When you have several debts, becomes difficult to not lose them sight which can mean that you may not even know how much you owe to their lenders. Have a consolidated loan ensures that you are bien-enterado of your financial situation and avoids that your run up astronomical debts due to costs excessive, profligate.

Many debtors manage their money poorly and end up in bankruptcy courts because they are not even aware of how much you have worked the debts them up. It is therefore important that you should always know how much you are in debt. Being aware of your financial status helps in better management of money in future and to become citizens more responsible. Of course, there will be something that will see a single consolidated amount available to them as a credit as manna from heaven, and will find it difficult to resist the temptation of spending the. But such temptation should be resisted, if not his will is only composing their difficulties, as their debts kept pilling up, making their financial situation even worse. Debt consolidation only prolongs the time available for their original debts, does not eliminate all previous debts. You will still be faced with the schedule of fees regular towards the consolidated loan repayments and will ensure that you are paid full off. And of course, you can not ignore interest rates whenever you take any loan. Different lenders have different interest rates. You may feel tempted to choose a lender that offers rates him the lowest possible or very low interest, but these offers are generally for a limited period and after the expiration of the term, interest rates will be higher and increase responsibility in future. It is so better to avoid such lenders. Do your research properly and choose the institution services that better your need credit loans.


Published in the INI 2009 rutting, the new vestibule of the MEC, and one of the most beautiful works in Joomla. Diverse other blicos sites pu use the tool pra the management of conteu of, therefore these relate ncias and what they become the Joomla each time better and dina mico. Next to Direction of Comunicac’ to the one of the UFFS they had been defined relac’ you are enters it conteu of and the functionalities of the site. Localizac’ to the one of menus, links and distribuic’ to the one it conteu of it of the one in the layout of the gina Par had been focadas in the praticidade and the pido access frog what usua river searchs. Superior and lateral menus fara the o paper of the easiness of the access in set conteu with it of the literal appearance and in the center of the gina Par. 2,3 DEVELOPMENT PROCESS c r i c’ to d and u m s it and d i n m i c and n v l v and d i v and r s s p r and – r and qu is it the s and pr gone io r of s.

First and necessa river to implant a CMS for the development of the gesta system. Leaving of this the development can be initiated of functionality, as navegac’ to and the menus, and customizac’ to the one of the ginas style of the Par, as images and colors. 3 PHP (one acro nimo recursivo for ” PHP: Preprocessor” hypertext;) a language of programac’ to the one of computers interpreted, it exempts and very used to generate it conteu of the mico dina in the World Wide Web, as for example the Wikipe day..

Marlboro Produce

Parents who give everything to their children in order to see them happy, but not educate them, in the long run eventually in a world of conflict and without firm foundations to drive to maturity and mental growth. The couple, when they only enjoy each other in the good times, but do not respect or protect, neglecting the communication and without foster mutual growth, sooner or later the hen leaves them put golden eggs. The binomial of maintaining the productive entity and do produce is very important. A company can not be devoted to investing in machinery without producing, as neither should devote himself only to produce forgetting to the productive apparatus properly maintain. Surprised to see leaders who have great energy and ability to perform, although some of them physically do not correspond to the model of Superman or the Marlboro cowboy, but quite the opposite: resemble Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta 0 Francisco. I.

Madero, among others. Mystery today clarified scientifically, all of them have been addicted to a drug: endorphins, they were endorfinomanos, but do not imagine that they injected or they smoked something weird, but that they had the capacity to produce the substance called endorphins, secreted by our brain, and that is 120 times more powerful than morphine itself. The brain, like you or my own, can produce it unlimited. The formula is very simple and its practice is which is a real challenge: endorphin = expect the best. The mind works under two extreme paradigms: expect the best or the worst wait.

The second is the most common because it does not require anything. In counterpart, the autoyisualizarse as the winner requires an effort of an invigorating energy that encourages action and that will allow us to face every obstacle not as a problem but as a challenge. How to get it? The life habits to have a full life, and call them the supervitamina are: hope for the best, which offers us an optimistic and practical vision of life. Energy that give us the power of realization. Emotion that allows us a healthy psychological development and an affective means to relate with others. Evolution that drives us to change through permanent learning. Spiritual life that give us internal security to enhance our values and project us towards happiness. The secret to being happy is to be happy!

The Past

They do not desire more to be married. They want to have many men. They frequent bars, the environment esfumaado with linguajar of low calo already does not bother them. The stadiums of soccer, full of suarentos men, full heads of drugs, wordiness chulo, proper places of the men of the past are each time more invaded by them. What they would go to search there? Today they hear and they say palavres with the biggest naturalness. He does not have distinction between them. I am generalizing, clearly.

Pointing the trend of this century. 2 – They had become financially independent. They are not in house taking care of of the home and the children. They more than do not need the poor man who turned object pleasure. They need to have tanquinho. The values of character do not count. The old proverb: that he is honest and diligent does not exist more. The belly of tanquinho is the biggest requirement.

3-for another side the men had weakened. They are not more responsible for the sustenance and the maintenance of the family. 4-A woman cannot more count on it. Many had opted to the homossexualismo. Clearly that they exist of nascena. Nobody must condemn them. Others had inside lost its paper of the home. They do not search to grow as person. They do not study and nor if they prepare to exert a function better inside of society. The facultieses are full of strengthen women (80%) and a number very reduced of men. They more are accomodated. 5-As women without instruction catch in the heavy one. They are laborers of workmanship, truck driver, to chofer of Taxi, mechanics of automobile, being played wonderfully well these functions, therefore after all somebody needs to work. The men are sleeping in house, accomodated. Everything that desires is that the woman possesss bumbum and seios of silica, nor that she is of the TV to appreciate and to dream.