Ausias March

AUSIS MARCH (1397-1459) when should be the death item no? That will be in your love when I ignite. Prior is having in very little by life and that by it she disparages it whole. Ausias March. THE voice excited of a great TROUBADOUR Ausias March was born in Gandia, in the Kingdom of Valencia, to 1397 and died in Valencia on November 4, 1459. He belonged to the Valencian branch of a Catalan family, the March’s strong literary tradition. In addition our poet, married Isabel Martorell, sister of another big Valencian author, Joanot, who wrote the novel of cavalry Tirant lo Blanch, but the marriage lasted only three years for death of wife; death that motivated a lawsuit against March by one of his brothers-in-law. March held the title of greatest de Alfonso el Magnanimo Haunter for long years. Something more than honorific title because it seems that he liked hard in this noble sport.

He married forty had approximately how many illegitimate children and loved, we do not know with what constancy to one or more loved ones impossible. One of them retained the taste of ash, the taste of death. Another, the disappointment of finding it too alive. The true beloved, was probably the invention. March is the best poet of ancient Catalan literature. His poetic work, consisting of 128 cants, paid either by three influences: that of the troubadours, whose verses he had found in the library of his father Pere March; the Aristotle and Scholasticism and the poetry Italian trascendentista. When March contemplates love, the woman is not the ideal that of the troubadours, but something human, real, which has contacts with the world and religion; that rapprochement is born the distinction between true love and false, between sensuality and wisdom, or full Lady of seny. The Cants d love that celebrates to Teresa Bou, who as Petrarch Laura met in a church the day of good Friday, combine love and religiosity.

Mexican Indians

The situation is typical of geographical rotation mikofobskih mikofilskih and traditions has led to extremely low levels of knowledge about mushrooms in the first case and tendency to develop specialized knowledge of a secret about mushrooms in the second. The sharp difference in respect of the fungi in different cultures (cf. Gr. The name of mushrooms as "food of the gods" or the Aztec as "God's flesh" and the interpretation fungi as the "bread Devil" or "dead food" among mikofobov) not only opposes the mushrooms as food "antipische," but also defines two types of mythological motivations value or harmfulness of fungi. There are many interesting theories of the emergence of mushrooms: in some cultures it was believed that fungi evolved from God's spit and excrement of the gods that this is heaven or urine, in others – excrement of the rainbow.

In Tajikistan, it is believed that fungi – is fallen to the ground the air lice, which shook out his robe 'Great Mother'. In one African tribe there is the theory that the earth and sky came out of the cap and stipe. I survived the following legend Ket: men and women rose from the ground. God planted them there Esey, scattering the ground with his right hand the seeds of women, and left – the seeds of men. Initially, and husband's and women lived separately, ie women lived in tents, and the men grew up in the woods in the form of phalluses, mushrooms. Baba went to the forest and came to see phalluses, when they have to then have the desire. Over time, a woman tired to walk far into the woods, and it just tore this mushroom-phallus, and brought to the tent, after which he turned into a full-fledged man.

Following these developments, wood phalluses declined and turned into a mushroom, and the men moved to the plague. The oldest archaeological evidence of the use of mushrooms is tassiliyskoe image found in the Tassili cave. It was created about 3500 years before p. H. intention of the artist is clear. Dancing shaman holding a magic mushroom. The recent discovery of an esoteric cult of fungi in the Mexican Indians allowed to re-evaluate situation and pay attention to other traditions in which there is such a cult (starokitayskuyu, Paleo-Asiatic, etc.). Already "Chronicle" Bernardino de Sahagun (16.) Reports on the use of the Indians during religious holiday magic mushroom teonanacatl, causing hallucinations, even earlier, at the turn of a new era in Mesoamerica, there was a sculpture depicting a mythical spirit in the leg, a few centuries later, there are mushrooms and idols, carved masters of the tribe of Maya – Quiche. In the Paleo-Asiatic mythology widespread stories about the "muhomornyh people." Over time, the existence of the Mexican magic mushrooms remained a mystery. The story of their discovery re-presented first-hand the remarkable two-volume work on etnomikologii 'Mushrooms Russia and History', its authors, American researchers Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and her husband, R. Gordon Wasson, played a decisive role in their discovery.

Publish Book Online

If you are a writer and want to publish a book in Spain or in any country where speak Spanish, this article offers a series of ideas about how to publish a book online, free. See also, how to approach the published work to a greater number of people. Publish a book online at present can be edited completely free books, even in Spanish. The Internet allows that the intense work of writing a book can become the satisfaction of seeing it published. Book publishing has changed and continues to change, gradually. New alternatives to traditional publishers and publication style of a few years ago, are present on the internet. But the writer who wants to see his book published must understand that edit books online goes beyond own literary creation.

It can be an excellent writer and a nefarious seller. The result of this can be a great work that the danger of completely unnoticed. It is necessary to know what to do to publish book online. And most important, not make. You have clear these two points are a guarantee that the experience is rewarding, at least, personally. What to do to achieve the first free publication is to determine the quality of the written work.

Understand if the workbook that you want to edit is ready to do so or even need extra work. This work, essential, is something you own writer can do. There is also the possibility of hiring a proofreading service. Before delivering copies of the work, to different publishers or agencies, for editing, it is important to register it. It is not yet clear if it is good or not, but it’s good to prove the authorship from the beginning. This serves to demonstrate the intellectual property and to check that the work that is recorded is unique; no figuring anything similar, registered previously. You can choose to auto-publishing. For this purpose, there are web sites specializing in the editing model known as publication by demand. If the book is ready to be part of an online library, it is time to know where and how. Web sites such as or they are examples of options for free online publication. The positive side of the self-publishing in print on demand mode, is that the investment cannot be zero and gain from sales can reach up to 80% (significantly higher than the percentages of classical publishers). The negative is that the writer has to also act as promoter and distributor of the book. This means a considerable investment of time. In this sense, social networks, social bookmarking as a Social Marker and the friends and relatives; they become a valuable and effective formula of promotion and sale.

Faculty Words

You see so I think, it is exploited (certainly with happiness more or less!) that irreducible and permanent game that exists between the language of which we have the Faculty and that sometimes baptize comfortably as the real thing. I remind, that the game of which I come from talk to them may be more or less important. In this game you can call it is maximum until we can bend the world to say with words what we have to tell him. It is at least until we get our words to bend to that same world to which we are going to say something. In one case, this dialog will have the manner of Raymond Devos:-the sea is stormy because well you have to soothe it!, in the other case we will discuss acid nitric, sulfuric, or clorideo, for example, formulations that try to fit as much as possible to what we think is reality.

In other words, the investment that we make for the real thing. The verbal structure is engulfed the two antagonistic visions that you know well: the mink that Jean Gagnepain called, the mythical one and the other, scientific, as you can see, that myth and science are also rational both one and the other, to the extent that arise both from the same Faculty of conceiving, other words that are the product of the same processthat is the same verbal rationality. If support that model mediator of verbal rationality, which I have just delineate quickly, important questions will receive a beginning of answer, starting with the famous question of purported animal language. In recent days I have seen in a very big city library a book published recently that he was exposed to the public eye and whose title caught my attention: do animals think?. I don’t need to tell you that I do not even ojee the book.

Occult Page

Beginning in the 1970s Page owned an jewish kabbalah occult bookstore in London called “The Equinox Booksellers and kabbalah string Publishers (” Sellers and publishers of the equinox “), which was closed due to the limited time that I enjoyed Page due to the explosion of popularity of Led Zeppelin. The the kabbalah library published the book The Goetia of Aleister Crowley, in creation center his edition of 1904.
Runes or symbols on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV, which correspond to each of the members of the banda. The Page is for beginning with the first left, which has the red string bracelet word “Zoso.”
However, what is more related to the occult with Page is the inclusion on the cover of the album Led Zeppelin IV Four Symbols representing each member of the banda. During the concert presentation of this work, Page used to go to the scene with zodiac symbols embroidered on his clothes with one of the symbols of the disk, named as “Zoso”. This attracted many fans of the band and feed their curiosity. Although the sign itself remains a mystery, is known to have originated in Ars Magica kabbalah bracelet Arteficii a grimorio 1557, whose author is J. Cardan, which identifies the symbol “Zoso” as Satan. los angeles center Previously, some speculation suggesting that the origin of the sign could have arisen from a book called border Speaks, red kabbalah Austin Osman Spare, distributed by Page in the former library. Another theory states that “Zoso” red string could result from a study center stylish 666, or Cabala. However, it is centre center largely accepted as the theory of grimorio true, so it is likely that the other two are incorrect. Has also been explained that the creation of the tree kabbalah sign is just a doodle of Page senseless specific. The guitarist never said anything about the meaning of the sign.
The logo of Swan Song, the company founded by Led Zeppelin in 1974 to edit mysticism your work, is a figure Amazon of Apollo, Greek god zohar of light and reason, although it is sometimes misinterpreted as if it were an image of Icarus, who died burnt by flying too near the Sun, or Lucifer, a fallen angel who was expelled from Heaven and which subsequently became Satan. The representation of Apollo is based on a painting by William Rimmer, Evening: Fall of the Day, 1869.
For its part, the meditation center interior design of the album Led Zeppelin IV is based on a Tarot card, called “the hermit.” Page transforms into this character during the film The Song Remains the Same.
Page was also invited to write the soundtrack of the Lucifer Rising short films shot by another admirer of Aleister Crowley, the director Kenneth Anger. In turn, Page rodasen cabalakabala allowed to film kabbala some scenes at The Tower House, his residence in London. As a kabalah result of the composition of the soundtrack of the short, Page wrote only 23 minutes of music, something that seemed to Anger inadequate, saying that Page had taken three years to write only 23 minutes of music. The principal charge against Page in statements, saying he had “trouble with the White Lady (in reference to cocaine),” which was “a pretentious occultists”, and was 72 names of god so hooked on drugs that he was tree center unable to complete the project. Page responded, arguing that it had completed all his responsibilities, and even helped to finish the movie Anger his own recording equipment. Page compositions in the film were replaced kaballah by the work of Bobby Beausoleil, a Charles Manson family and a convicted murderer who composed the soundtrack from his stay in prison. Recording the soundtrack of the unedited film was composed by Jimmy Page in pirated editions published by some fans of the spiritual center band on the label Boleskin House Records on June kabbalah 19, 1987. It is rumored that the beginning of the song “In the Evening,” which appears on the album In Through the Out Door by Led Zeppelin, was extracted from this banda sonora inedita, although most of the soundtrack was included in the composition of corresponding to the Death Wish II.

British Library

In their classic book management teams, the British psychologist Meredith Belbin used extensive empirical evidence to sustain effective teams require members who can cover nine key roles. These roles range from creative plants who generate new ideas, to disciplined performers who turn plans into action and big-picture coordinators who keep each one who works alongside opportunity galore. Much the same range of roles is critical to science. Unfortunately, the academic system tends to reward only some of these activities significantly which have easily measured outcomes, such as the publication and citation numbers so heavily loaded by promotion and tenure committees. In nature outlines a research group composed largely of what I would call Belbin fuller finishers perfectionists that lead to secure all the to fill all the gaps and defects to get the job done correctly. This particular group is trying to finish the human genome sequence of the reference, which is still full of errors nearly a decade after the first draft was announced in 2000.

It is essential work: modern techniques of sequence still used the reference to the new anchor data even during milling out genomes in a fraction of the cost of the original. But it is also work that he offers little academic rewards beyond the satisfaction of a job done well is not likely give rise to a prominent publication. The identification system could allow so that every researcher has a continuously updated digital resume. Such forgotten contributions to science may soon be easier to assess and quantify this month with an identification of the above proposed copyright system and backed by 23 organizations, including Thomson Reuters, the Group of publication of nature, Elsevier, ProQuest, jumper, CrossRef, the British Library and the Wellcome Trust in. The researcher and contributor to the open identification (ORCID) would be an alphanumeric sequence that identifies only the individual scientist more or less in the same way that a digital object identifier identifies only a paper, book, or other publication of student (more details and the full list of participants will be soon available in.) The system would distinguish between numerous Dr. .


It is interesting to discuss the debate generated to explain the presence of atypical anthracite in some regions, identified as lacking groupings of traceability; between two major currents of thought evolutionists and creationists these past defending the idea of a natural disaster of epic proportions, (deluge) determine the transport of trees of a region in which were not originating in another (where encountered them) as well as the presence of marine fossils embedded this mineral, in regions where the adjacent material does not have the same origin. The degree of a mineral coal measures according to the range (purity) is interpreted that those with greater range have concentrations of coal larger per unit volume, by determining first, as already stated to the anthracite, which among other things has no volatile which requires a special effort to cause ignition and generates little smokeas well as one called Blue small, the low volatile bituminous relocated to second place in this classification after the anthracite with a heat capacity close to 30 MJ / Kg, that is why the coal and the anthracite are very attractive in metallurgical applications used in filters multi-Media. due to its density relatively average, will remain on heavier mediums such as sand or Garnet that provides an excellent layer of pre-filtration. Anthracite media are a qualified crushed coal selected specifically for the treatment of water is one of the most commonly used media, is basically crushed and sifted with granule activated carbon ranging from 0. 5 m to 3 m. It is a good complement for filters of multiple media, in the company of manganese green sand or sand.

Anthracite filtering materials are selected specifically for deep mines which have the highest percentage of carbon. Drinking water filtration sand materials are hydraulically classified to reduce the presence of foreign minerals and ash content. Water filtration media are then filtered and washed to ensure its suitability for the purposes of filtering water. The anthracite is characterized by producing reliable improvements in the removal of turbidity, mainly thanks to its greater ability to retain solids. In addition, the media with low uniformity coefficients enhance flow rates. Andec S. a. Blogs related 7230 Nokia with Yoigo anthracite OMV trash Buenos Aires: City generates ever more waste going to Reflections on the Patristics Conferene at Holy Cross ‘ From My people of area that sound metals (CD 2010) Terminator asteroids could return to form after Grafton & Williams on origin, Eusebius and the library of Caesarea Pajama’s long sleeve “Wilma Chic” anthracite and white Outlets Ada Baptist Temple in Ada Oklahoma Reviews source Financial Inc.

Homer Simpson

You will see piercing for the most unbelievable sides of your anatomy. That same as in chiquito ripped from its bowels. That will force it to be questioned: does this is my son/daughter?. This-I know him or don’t know him?. I brought this up? I with this in the street, no salgo ni loca. To say at the end, is my son, eight quart and one out like red fire.

And convincing that all issues that inquire about their offspring, will not be more than rhetorical manifestations that nobody, absolutely nobody, far less the walls that usually listen to the rezongos one, because of her husband, boyfriend, or lover, directly forget expecting something that looks like an answer. They are always busy on something else. I tell already. When one stopped being the AMCHUD female version of Homer Simpson, feeling, not March, but one Homera either. And it intends to relax, also start to get used to the idea of erase it from memory. Because to him or her, they will go to dance. And they will return to the time of that will sing the Reverend WINS. It can be pulled until noon and again with a face of starved camel in permanent hunger strike.

And can to try snack when you are convinced, he or she, than gram plus you have your waist is strictly necessary to survive and is not that this obese, as they believe. SBI does not even attempt to convince him to any minimum thing because what they say will be fine, when EA does not say so That, among details, is that bore him, after all. Be prepared to listen to creative new insults. Several confessions. And be careful sitting, before that they susurren to ear, MOM are going to be a grandmother. Be taken by happy and warned and celebrate, if at least that fact occurs in adulthood and especially then. Finally, equal, I already think to that height we must prepare ourselves to be grandmothers. Total of mothers, already we will have received us. Brunette urbana_67 continue brunette urbana_67 original author and source of the article.

Recipes Easy Veal Parmesan

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for veal parmesan an excellent choice to learn to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients for the recipe of veal parmesan: 1 lb of scallops of veal (8) 1 cup wheat flour 2 cups bread crumbs 3 eggs 3 cups of tomato puree 8 slices of cheese fresh mozzarella 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese oil vegetable salt and pepper preparation of the recipe of veal parmesan: We season the veal on all sides. We passed by a dish with wheat flour, then egg and finally bread crumbs; We put them in a tray. Gilded the scallops in a pan with plenty of vegetable oil on both sides and we are taking them to a plate with a paper towel. We put the cutlets into a refractory or Tin to oven, we sprinkle Parmesan cheese, sauce tomato covering them and then at the top thin slices of fresh mozzarella. We Bake until the mozzarella has melted and begins to cook au gratin. We remove from the oven and serve with a salad of Arugula with lemon and pepper. Veal recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipes and delicious recipes easy to enjoy as desserts easy recipes and recipes of homemade muffins. Original author and source of the article